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  1. Fileting a fish now takes a number of seconds equal to the number of filet produced, at a rate of one per second. However, after the first 10, they stop giving butchering skill, even if the filet falls within the standard 1.01-39.99 QL range. If a player stops the action and then starts it again on the same fish, it will start giving butchering skill again, for the next 10 filets, and then stop again. This should be fixed, either make one fish give no more than 10 butchering skill ticks (which would be strange, why should a large fish not give more skill over more time), or change it to not stop giving skillgain after the first 10.
  2. Poofing meat!

    Speaking of meals vanishing quickly, I had some wrapped, 99.05 QL herb dumplings take serious damage within a couple days, where they used to last literal months without damage in my boat. This batch of 4 had taken 2-3 damage ticks each within 4 RL days.
  3. Auctioning iron supreme scythe, runed and CoC91

  4. Auctioning iron supreme scythe, runed and CoC91

    I'll open this up with an 8s bid. I assume it is Iron?
  5. WTS Super Cheap Mailable Items

    CoD one of the Rare meditation rugs (Regular, not Fine or Exquisite) to Shydow please
  6. [Fixed] Goals Completed

    This is because the F4 counter does not count the same things for actions as the achievement / journal. It counts things like examining an item, or when you're queue is full and you get the too busy message. For a real count on actions, look for the Ambitious achievement in your list, you need 5 of those (100k actions each).
  7. Bardings were already reported in this thread:
  8. Alcohol making - bugged?

    Again, splitting water causes the new water to become unowned, leading to this issue. If you have the cauldron in your inventory with all the ingredients, including the water, it will work. If you split off the water into a separate container in your inventory, then move it into the cauldron, such as a measuring jug, it will work. Splitting the water directly into a container outside your inventory WILL NOT WORK, as the water will not be owned by you, and every single time you cook it, it will become exactly 20.00 QL outcome.
  9. Alcohol making - bugged?

    Was the water "split"? As in, did you move it into a new container without moving the entire source, and that container was outside your inventory? This can happen with any liquid you split, causing the item to become unowned, making it come out at exactly 20.00 QL every time, regardless of ingredient QL or skill. *Edit: Reread the post, just to confirm, you picked up the cauldron with the ingredients, including the water, before cooking it?
  10. Locked SMC burning in Hota statue

    I have had one in my HOTA for the last year+, and it has only taken minimal decay damage in that time.
  11. Meat Stew Recipe error

    Duplicate of
  12. MOI with no possibility of benefit

    Making Transmutation Liquid and getting an MOI does not yield rare Transmutation Liquid.
  13. Iron coins do not count as items, if I remember correctly. They do not count against the 100 item limit inside containers / piles
  14. Ballistae broken

    They are still bugged, in that the estimated firing distance is showing up wrong.