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  1. Sometimes, when you get the first tick in a skill, it can go up, then down, then back up again. I've seen it commonly with Butchering. It should not happen again after you've begun getting skill, only the first skill tick.
  2. Reported here, and considered not a bug:
  3. It takes me roughly 100 minutes to harvest all 200 racks. I would expand this further, if I had more time and space for it to go. As it stands, this uses up almost all of the open area I had within my warehouse, and ~2 hours per night after work is a bit of a slog. Unfortunately, the new plants are not great for gardening skill (yet), so I've not gone up very much from the 92.5 or so I had prior.
  4. My previous gardening operation was too small, so I expanded: Now 200 planter racks, 6000 planters in total
  5. This can happen when gaining an additional action by gaining enough ML skill. Relogging will typically resolve it.
  6. Currently, many players have several sorcery items (resistances and weakness), food affinities, armor penalties, caffeine, and meditation buffs, all listed in the status effects. This makes it frustratingly large, cumbersome, and hard to notice when something is nearly expired. My suggestion (mockup): We should consolidate similar effects together into a single icon (and have the timer show for the one that will fall off soonest). This would cut down the icons from Timed affinities, Weaknesses, and Resistances, down into 3 icons, rather than having one for each sorcery item and food.