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  1. He had a partially completed building elsewhere, and accidently added a tile onto a different building, that it would not let him remove.
  2. Was this a rare+ altar that you used? Also, it may help to put the logs in a spoiler, so people don't have to scroll 4 miles to get to the bottom
  3. Duplicate of this bug: Mission complete no rewards - Server Bugs - Wurm Online Forum
  4. I tested it extensively, was having issues on flat bridges too. Event message is: [13:03:46] You need to be on the same floor level as the large cart.
  5. I had a friend test this out, he also has 99+ mining skill. He mined several times on the same rock wall, the results: On the left is with imbue / rune / rarity, the right is a plain pickaxe. Could you post some details about what you were mining?
  6. As I stated before, the only imbues that were changed, were the Mining and Woodcutting (as far as I am aware). The runes, specifically the Bronze Lib (+10% gather QL) rune has been changed across the board. Edit: Presumably the Brass Lib and Bronze Mag runes (+5% gather QL), were changed similarly.
  7. The runes were changed across the board. There are no imbues for Farming and such
  8. As far as I am aware, it only affects Woodcutting and Mining. All other imbues were supposed to have been untouched
  9. Reported here as well: Animals disappearing, teleporting etc. even without server restart. - Server Bugs - Wurm Online Forum