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    I am happy to discuss my side of the story with anyone interested. You may contact me on the forums or on Discord at any time.
  2. The wagon QL only affects how much the wagon slows down from heavy load; it is not like boat QL which affects its base speed.
  3. It certainly did in the past. That's how many players got the RoS benefits, by just barely crossing the server border, and praying on the first time they could see straight down.
  4. The formula for planning a building recently changed, allowing you to do 5 more than normal (a 1x1, with 4 walls and 1 ground tile, was 5 skill required. It now takes 0). This new skill requirement is not taken into account when removing tiles from the building, causing the issue you've shown above.
  5. Were the other priests who were doing sermons also Lib? If I am not mistaken, WL priests give 0 alignment to BL followers and priests and vice versa. Only listening to sermons of the same "light" as you, gives alignment (either positive for WL or negative for BL).
  6. In the meantime, you can right click > copy text from the clues, and paste it into a chat window.
  7. One more for tonight 1308,5601 Ygritte 258
  8. 1520,5496 Dracumarvelous 946
  9. Crossing servers clears all affinity foods that are active, but the status effect will stay on (the 10% bonus is NOT active) until you relog.
  10. Did you cross to any other servers while the food affinities were active?
  11. Couple new ones today: 7299,3828 Khador 714 5406,4882 Mattown 842 1699,6179 Winter Walls - Temple 751,5817 Thiagokingbr 594 (Brazuca's Tower) 798, 5763 Finist 266