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  1. Please close

    After completing a lodestone on our deed on Jackal, I realized I am unable to check the Jackal point shop. Before someone says I need points to see the option, [18:06:43] For helping to clear the area around the beacon, you have earned 20 Jackal Points. A friend was able to access the shop on his account immediately after it was created. His right click menu: Vs. Mine: *After relogging, menu shows up. Redeem rift points also shows up, but doesn't do anything*
  2. They are broken on Jackal as well, same issue. Even with a tamed creature (as in your example), no luck. We were able to bypass this once a tower guard or spirit templar got into combat, we were then able to fight it.
  3. I have definitely noticed this as well, but for me, it seems to be whatever was under the cursor on mouse down, rather than on mouse up. Its quite frustrating, and I have begun trying to use only Page up / down for looking up and down, and Q and E for looking left and right, rather than click and drag, which is significantly more of a hassle.
  4. As I logged on this morning, I got a notification that I had 6 items to collect from the mailbox. I went to check, and was greeted by the following screen. So, I checked to make sure that the notification did say 6, and I wasn't just seeing things: [06:13:51] You sense imps whispering your name and saying you have 6 mail waiting to be picked up. After this, I expanded the fishing rod to make sure the rest of the pieces were still inside, in case I needed to report them missing, where I see this: Somehow, the other items that I was sent, have been listed inside the fishing rod, which seems like an issue. I have not picked up any of the items yet, in case someone needs to come look at my account, but keep in mind, I do only have 10 more days on some of them. Beyond that, I will be forced to collect them.
  5. Thank you for the workaround. I will try that out this evening!
  6. [13:48:52] Cannot mix salty water with non-salty water. This error occurs when attempting to mix salty and non-salty water, which makes sense. It also occurs when trying to put any salty liquid into a container with a non-salty liquid, such as salted meat broth and olive oil. This makes it impossible to cook Herb Dumplings using stock / broth that has salt in it, as you cannot add salt to oils.
  7. Decor items inside other containers always have decay, same as if you put a barrel in a cart or a barrel in a raft on deed. Sealed barrels in the racks will not have any decay though.
  8. How are you filling the measuring jug? Are you using activate > fill, or dragging water from a fountain / well / other source, or some other method?
  9. The affinity system was only recently updated to let players get more by purely doing the skills. I do understand your concern, that if someone hits 100 in a skill, they could sell off all of their affinities for that skill. I am not sure how to address that one. Getting level 5 in any affinity, with this system, would still be incredibly difficulty anyway, as you would have to find someone who already has a level 5 affinity to give it to you. In no way would it simply be buy the affinities for 10s, especially with the added caveat from my above post that players cannot lose their last affinity. The market would initially be flooded with them from PvP, as there are many players who have dozens of affinities that they either don't need or don't want for their characters. This is not a downside, and the market would stabilize after the initial flood, since new affinities are not excessively common. Edit: Having an affinity in a skill that is already 100 is "useless" for that player. Why not let them sell it to someone who can actually use it?
  10. Jospicy - Anacondas can swim though, like bears and horses
  11. To address all of the concerns about new characters trading off their starting affinity for 2s, simply put in a restriction that a player cannot give away their last affinity using this system. By changing this, it alleviates all of the concerns that people will have with alt abuse. @Muse : Were there any specific disagreements you had with the system that the above change would not address? @Wulfgar : We already have affinities that can be transfered via PvP, this is simply allowing PvE players to do something similar, albeit through a few extra steps than simply stabbing someone. How is this anything like transferable skills at all? All the people leaving -1s, could you please give your reasoning behind your decisions, so that I may address your concerns?
  12. Transferable Affinities: The idea is to make affinities transferable to other players through a series of steps. Player puts in a chat command, perhaps /affinity. This brings up a dialog window where the player chooses an affinity they currently have. Priest casts a spell on the player (Lets say "Bless" for now, since all priests have it) Player loses a rank of the affinity selected Player gains a no-drop token with the affinity and rank For example, if the player had Rank 2 Cooking affinity, after the cast, they would have Rank 1 Cooking affinity, and a Rank 2 Cooking affinity token in their inventory This token cannot be mailed or dropped, and decays quickly (<1 RL day), so they cannot be hoarded or stored The player can then trade this token to another player When used, the token grants one rank of the related affinity, up to the rank of the token Using the Rank 2 Cooking affinity token from the previous example, a player could use that to go from 0 to 1 affinities in Cooking, or from 1 to 2, but not from 2 to 3. Players should only be able to use one token per time period (My gut says 1 per week, but could be longer / shorter based on dev decisions). Benefits of this system: Players who have affinities they cannot use (such as priests) can transfer them to other players PvE Players have the ability to buy / sell / trade affinities with others Having affinity token ranks limited by the player giving it up helps prevent abuse of the system
  13. Just tested this myself on Newspring Isle. I followed the wagoner the entire way towards the dropoff point, and the moment we exited a cave, the wagoner froze, dropped off their crate load, then travelled at a diagonal route away from the highway and vanished 3 tiles later. Definitely confirmed