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  1. Animal conditions, such as scared, greenish, or champion, can cause the corpse to be significantly larger than normal.
  2. You need to harvest from 1 bush, 1 trellis, and 1 tree. If you have already harvested from a different bush, it will not give any progress towards the goal.
  3. The moments of inspiration from coins, is not a "real" moment of inspiration; it works on a separate system. Those will not yield treasure maps. The acorn and food item have a chance to, but at a 1/5, it isn't terribly surprising that it didn't give you one.
  4. Whiskey has a base alcohol power of 35. At 80 QL, this would go up to roughly 42. Each sip would then give around 8.4 drunkenness, or a total of 42% drunk for 1kg (half a bottle) of whiskey. This seems perfectly in line with expectations.
  5. I think there is some confusion here. There is a goal under "hunting for clues" which requires farming / harvesting. This is the one that was not triggering with harvesting from a tree. There is another goal under "basic training: nature", which requires harvesting from a Tree, Bush, and Trellis, which the others are referring to.
  6. You can only turn on sleep bonus once every 5 minutes. If you only had 3 minutes remaining, used it, then ran out, it is logical that it would not allow you to turn back on sleep bonus again immediately. If this is not what happened, then yes, I agree, definitely a bug.
  7. Animals have a weight limit of 175kg for all gear, including items inside their saddle bags. 162 fragments at 1kg, plus the weight of the saddle bags, saddle, and horseshoes, would be right around this limit.
  8. [19:38:45] Recipe "fruit tart" added to your cookbook. Didn't count either
  9. You can also get octopus ink sacs from octopus that you've fished up as well, not just the creatures. They require a special fishing tile and pretty high skill, but it would likely be easier than trying to find, kill, and butcher the creature.
  10. Spent a couple hours on the test server today playing with the treasure maps. First the Good: I love the ability to show miniature map dumps for the maps, that is really cool that is shows the terrain as it is, instead of what it initially was. The rewards are also varied and interesting enough that I would love to get them on Live. I can't wait to see all the new toys revealed. The Bad: The in-game map is completely useless for this task. There is no way to zoom in closely enough to get any sort of meaningful detail, and the "hint" is an absurdly huge area. This lets me focus on the correct part of the out of game map dump, but I dislike requiring alt-tabbing to see that. There are many people who are unable to use the out-of-game wiki pages or community maps due to issues with alt-tabbing; they will wholly be unable to participate in these activities. My suggestion here, if possible, would be allow the ability to zoom in further on the in-game map. Additionally, there should be some alternate way of getting hints. Examine was simply too easy, perhaps as suggested above, have the hint shown each time you dig unsuccessfully, so there is a time cost involved. The "hints" that involve a disbanded deed, are worthless. Unless you've lived on a server and meticulously mapped and cataloged every deed that has ever existed, you won't get anything from them. Requiring a player to do archaeology to get a chance at a hint at the direction of an abandoned deed, is far too reliant on RNG to be useful in finding the location. Again, a different method of getting a direction and / or a distance is required. Shovel enchants do not seem to affect the "dig up treasure" action timer length. While not a game-breaker, it would be nice to have WoA and runes work for that. The Ugly: Some of the maps shown in this thread lack any recognizable details or are damaged / smudged to the point of unreadability. Even ones that do have those details, having some sort of legend showing is sand and is steppe would go a long way in helping decipher the clues. I've also talked with a colorblind player, who is going to have extreme difficulty with any clues that involve multiple similar colors.
  11. Sure, people want treasure, not trash. But to me, opening a treasure chest, and seeing a single item inside, would be disappointing, regardless of how good the item is. The filler (when awarded WITH the good items) gives the treasures character. As if some ancient Wurmian pirate squirreled away some valuable animal skins, some gold / silver nuggets, and other random items. The maps aren't about just getting the filler, and I agree, a treasure that was just filler items would be not worth it at all, but without filler, the main loot doesn't feel as special.
  12. I am pretty sure this is correct. Not every item is going to be the high-end items. The filler gives the chests some character, plus the post said they'd be of generally higher QL, which is useful. I don't think it is a bad idea to have these.
  13. My understanding is that taking them across server borders, will mess up the types, and show Iron instead of Metal for example.
  14. If the forge is still cooling down, it will act as if it is still lit (have to snuff the forge to relight it; cannot collect ash), until it finishes cooling. Once it is cold, then it will act as normal.