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  1. Can you include logs with timestamps of the sermons and alignment ticks please?
  2. Have you tried planning it with both characters standing in the each corner of your respective tiles? There is a similar diagram on the wiki; it recommends standing on B while planning. In your screenshot, it appears you are standing in the middle of each tile. +-----+-----+-----+ |A B| | | | |North| | |C D| | | +-----+-----+-----+ W | | | | E e | | | | a s | | | | s t +-----+-----+-----+ t | | |D C| | |South| | | | |B A| +-----+-----+-----+
  3. I posted something similar over 2 years ago, where the mission karma rewarded and that listed did not match:
  4. Did you cross any server borders, use a portal, etc? The buff will still show on your status effects after you do, but it will not actually give the bonus, and will vanish when relogging. This also sometimes causes the buff to go to negative time left (cycling to -60 seconds, then back to 0). Eating a new piece of affinity food will overwrite the previous buff, and start it working again.
  5. When this happens, repair or rename the crate (even at 0 damage, just doing the repair action on it) will release the item from being "busy".
  6. I believe it was 70+ damage, or under 10 effective QL, whichever comes first.
  7. There used to be a way to "unstuck" a crate like this. If you repair or rename it (even if its at 0 damage, just clicking "repair"), would cause it to unstick itself and make it usable again. Did you try something like this?
  8. This happens when making any food item that contains a liquid, and you move a partial amount out of your inventory into the container. For example, a cauldron with 44kg of space left, dragging 45kg of liquid from a small barrel will cause a "new" unowned liquid item inside the cauldron. Taking the cauldron into your inventory before or while splitting the liquid will avoid this. If this happens while cooking solid food, such as an Herb Dumpling, the resulting QL will ALWAYS be 20, and receive no skill gain.
  9. Food storage bins open up the front when they are over halfway full (8000+ volume stored inside), similar to how the BSB model gets an additional box on top when its over halfway. It is just uncommon to see FSBs with that much in them, since most of the food items are very low volume (Whole fish, pumpkins, cabbages, and lettuce aside).
  10. As far as I am aware, since it is a new wood type, it considers it a brand new item, and tosses it out of the crafting window. I know some people use this behavior to intentionally toss it out at a certain point, so they can finish it in a particular wood type. This happens with many (if not all) wood items that require multiple wooden components, not just sterns or BSBs
  11. Body strength changes only seem to affect carry capacity after relogging. Its the same way if you use Forest Giant Strength spell, or gain a level in Body strength; the carry capacity will stay unchanged until you log out or cross servers.
  12. I can confirm that Xanadu does have meditation ticks, gained one last night (after 12 in a row without). Probably just bad RNG
  13. Happened to me today: [21:21:09] You stop leading a venerable fat champion tortoise. [21:21:09] The tortoise is pretty harmless but can pinch you quite bad with its bite. [21:21:09] It is being taken care of by Octoman. [21:21:09] She is strong and has a good reserve of fat. [21:21:09] A venerable fat champion tortoise acts loyal. [21:21:09] It has a mark of Valrei. [21:21:09] She will deliver in about 8 days. [20:03:35] The tortoise is pretty harmless but can pinch you quite bad with its bite. [20:03:35] It is being taken care of by Octoman. [20:03:35] She is strong and has a good reserve of fat. [20:03:35] It has a mark of Valrei.
  14. Make sure you don't have the recipe already in your cookbook under someone else's name. What server were you on at the time?