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  1. After checking with the devs, this is intended. The premium eggs will only give the flowers if you use the "Open" action on them, else they will decay and give the standard egg gifts just like the found Easter eggs.
  2. Reported again here: crown of the troll king cant be improved - Server Bugs - Wurm Online Forum
  3. From my understanding, as soon as you pass 128 ingredients or "complexity", it rolls over to negative, and will actually reduce the current affinity timer of the associated skill. The maximum timer length from a single bite, should be approximately 44.8 hours, if made perfectly at 127x127
  4. That isn't weight, its volume, and that is entirely normal for individual bowstrings. It is not normal for bowstrings to go into 2 groups like this.
  5. The huge pop-up info window can be hidden: Settings > UI > Show detailed hover information The number of items selected does not appear in the new UI even with it hidden though.
  6. Yes, alloys are required. You can go into your achievements window and see "Bronze Item" and such to see how many of each item you have created.
  7. The same thing has happened in the past, when going between Freedom <> Epic, or travelling to or from Jackal. Your character will still visually have all their worn equipment, including light runed items, until you relog.
  8. Carry weight seems to only update when logging in, or crossing server borders. This is usually not very noticeable, given how rarely body strength changes. Next time you cast Hell Strength, try relogging, and see if your carry weight changes.
  9. Skill checks and skill ticks are two very different things. A skill check is to see if you succeed (or to what degree you succeed). A skill tick is typically any skill check that falls between 1 and 40 (not inclusive). The affinity roll happens on any passed skill check.
  10. There is only a 5 minute cooldown on activating sleep bonus. If you already had sleep bonus active 5 minutes prior, then turned it off, you could immediately turn it back on again. That's not to say there isn't a bug here, there very well might be; just wanted to let you know of that fact.
  11. He had a partially completed building elsewhere, and accidently added a tile onto a different building, that it would not let him remove.
  12. Was this a rare+ altar that you used? Also, it may help to put the logs in a spoiler, so people don't have to scroll 4 miles to get to the bottom