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  1. As far as I am aware, on PvP servers, the animal needs to be tamed in order to add / remove gear or access saddlebags. It does not work with just branding, as it would on a PvE server. Animals have to be branded or tamed in order to access the contents of saddlebags on PvE
  2. I would try removing all of them from the BSB, then put them back in.
  3. One thing that has worked in the past for things like this, is picking up the snowman statue, and making sure it doesn't have a snowball in its inventory. If it does, remove it, then put it back on the ground, and it should produce snowballs regularly again.
  4. From what I recall someone saying, is that Woodcutting would reroll any roll above the maximum, rather than capping it, like it does for things like Mining. That would explain why the QL is so diverse.
  5. Also reported here: Second time I am reporting this bug - PLEASE fix it ! - Server Bugs - Wurm Online Forum
  6. Just to confirm, you have 20+ faith in Fo?
  7. This is intended: Patch Notes 26/MAY/2021 - Page 7 - Website News - Wurm Online Forum
  8. Correct. I logged out in a bed, then logged back in immediately, and took the second screenshot.
  9. Tested again today, took some photos immediately before and after logging out. The quality definitely is changing, it appears to round to the nearest 0.0001. Before: After:
  10. @Xheth - Yes, it will glow blue when planted
  11. I can confirm this is still happening. The QL of my scale glove has changed when crossing server borders.
  12. Using the find on wurmpedia button on a left or right staircase (sandstone in this case), does not take you to the wiki page, and throws an error stacktrace into the console: [11:35:08] Illegal character in query at index 47: staircase
  13. If you press the Find on Wurmpedia button while the right click menu is still refreshing, it will take you to a page: