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  1. There was a bug a while back, where tiles that sandstone tiles that were mined out, then collapsed again, would revert to sandstone veins after a server restart again. I am unsure if that was ever fixed. Perhaps this is related?
  2. Quick summary of above: People are able to attack and kill hitched hell horses. This did not used to be possible. Is it an intentional change, or a bug?
  3. It used to be that every 5 seconds an action went on, it had a chance to lower the power of an enchant. Now, any action can lose it, with shorter actions having less of a chance than longer ones. It is also affected by Rarity and Enchant power, the higher each of those is, the less chance it goes down. With a low QL shovel, and doing dig actions, presumably without any WoA, the actions will be quite long, and given its not a rare shovel, it is not surprising to see enchant numbers drop rather quickly.
  4. What sorts of things were you doing with it? If you are doing Leveling, it will decay much faster than if you were doing individual dig actions
  5. From what I recall, it should be a 5x5 area (as Gwyn mentioned), with 13+ grass tiles, containing 5 or more flowers, with at least 1 water tile in any cardinal direction, 20 tiles away.
  6. After further testing, it seems to be related to actions taking EXACTLY 5.0 seconds. These actions use substantially less stamina than actions taking more or less time. A 4.6 second action timer took about 8% stamina, while 2 back to back 5 second actions afterwards took 1% stamina each. The final action (now 5.7 seconds), only took 6% stamina.
  7. When checking the weather, if the wind direction is East, the sentence does not end with a period, where all other directions do. This happens with all wind speeds, but I have included gale below to show it. [12:38:13] A gale is coming from the east [19:38:25] A gale is coming from the northeast. [10:11:12] A gale is coming from the north. [17:58:24] A gale is coming from the northwest. [06:47:12] A gale is coming from the west. [06:21:04] A gale is coming from the southwest. [17:50:14] A gale is coming from the south. [06:07:01] A gale is coming from the southeast.
  8. With 63.5 Mining skill, a 50 QL (rare) pickaxe, and full stamina, full CCFP, my 4 action mining timers were 4.6, 5.0, 5.0, 5.0. After getting my pickaxe improved to 62, my mining timers are now 4.4, 4.6, 5.3, 5.4, taking a total of 0.1 second LONGER than it did with a lower QL pickaxe.
  9. Please close

    After completing a lodestone on our deed on Jackal, I realized I am unable to check the Jackal point shop. Before someone says I need points to see the option, [18:06:43] For helping to clear the area around the beacon, you have earned 20 Jackal Points. A friend was able to access the shop on his account immediately after it was created. His right click menu: Vs. Mine: *After relogging, menu shows up. Redeem rift points also shows up, but doesn't do anything*