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  1. Fishing rod Lost COC enchantment on upgrade

    So, am I understanding correctly that the rarity is not intended to transfer from rare fishing pole to rod upon creation? Only a chance?
  2. Fishing rod Lost COC enchantment on upgrade

    The rarity is absolutely supposed to transfer. The QL and CoC won't, unfortunately, but you should definitely have a rare fishing rod.
  3. Clean option vanishing

    I am nearly positive that the forestry harvestability does not reset until the first fruit / nut is harvested.
  4. [No Bug]Harvesting Hop Trellis

    Trellises have to be planted, up to 4 of them per tile, in order to be harvestable. If they are not planted before the season starts, they will not produce Hops (or grapes / roses) when the season hits.
  5. [No Bug]Harvesting Hop Trellis

    Just to make sure, they are planted / secured on the tiles, they are not on a tile with 4+ other trellises, and the age it shows on mouseover isn't "old and shriveled"?
  6. Journal catapult goal

    About 6, if I recall correctly
  7. Journal catapult goal

    The way we did it, was have one person stab a cow down to roughly 10% hp, then lead it in front of the catapult and use the catapult to finish it off, and it counted for the journal goal
  8. Fishing rod Lost COC enchantment on upgrade

    The rarity will transfer over to the new rods. Just make sure you use the correct wood type (willow) shaft when upgrading from a pole to a rod.
  9. Jikuu - The horn / twisted horn thing is how it has always been in a BSB. Twisted horns come from Unicorns, the other horns come from Rams. They are both labeled as "horn" when placed in a BSB though
  10. [Bug?] Cleaning forge

    From my logs: [06:29:47] You have a moment of inspiration... [06:29:47] You found some ash! [06:29:57] You have a moment of inspiration... [06:29:57] You found some ash! [06:30:06] You found some ash!
  11. [Bug?] Cleaning forge

    Its one action that produces 3 items, which is why all 3 came out rare. It has happened to me twice since they implemented cleaning, both times all 3 rares.
  12. [Resolved] Bridge not able to be destroyed

    Have you tried using a siege weapon (catapult) to damage the remaining piece?
  13. Unfortunately, that isn't something I can answer. There are many veggies that are quite small, including Pea Pods, Carrots, and Cucumbers.
  14. Pumpkins, Cabbage, and Lettuce all have a volume of 1 (you can place them in an FSB and see the volume). A potato has a volume of 0.17.
  15. Very complex meals don't give any affinity at all

    If you go over a certain amount of ingredients (total ingredients through all steps), or complexity in a meal, you will actually get a negative affinity timer, I believe it was 127 * 127 before it rolls over.