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  1. Bring back uses for alcohol

    It would be very very nice if there was a way to see how drunk you currently were, and a timer for when it would wear off.
  2. Just happened here as well: [22:15:26] You can see signs of a single abandoned settlement here. Based on your knowledge of the area and small hints you can find, the settlement must have been called Asgard Bazaar. You feel confident you know exactly where Asgard Bazaar once lay, and complete the location details in the report. (2 copies of the report, because it was disbanded and refounded in the same area)
  3. Drag item to container

    I assume it was, since you can drag from the not-opened container and it moves all of them, and you can drag from the opened container to another opened container and have it move all of them as well.
  4. Drag item to container

    Reproducibility steps: Have a container in your inventory Open the container using right click > open (opens as a new window) Select multiple items inside the container Drag to any closed container in range Results: Instead of moving all items selected into the closed container, it only moves the first selected item in the list.
  5. (CLOSE)

  6. (CLOSE)

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  8. (CLOSE)

  9. Newspring starter deed voting!

    I noticed several things about Beardyman's design, including a Libila colossus, several archaeology statues, and lots of PMK tall banners. Would these be spawned in specifically for the deed redesign? My concern especially is the Lib colossus
  10. WTA Small Magical Chest, Steel

    A locked wooden small magic chest will also not burn in a heat source (HOTA, Oven, Forge). Steel also takes 20% less decay damage compared to the wooden ones
  11. WTS Rares, Moon metal, Gems

    1.5s for the dragon skull?
  12. WTA 2700 blue grape

    Auction ended 45 min ago, Ekib already won
  13. Not enough water (recipe not working)

    Not that you should have to in order to make a recipe, but couldn't you attach a volume rune to the helm, and fit enough water in?
  14. WTS potion - 1s each

    Ill take one of the Fletching potions please, highest QL