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  1. I was always told that it was 8 diagonal slope was the max for farming, not 8 on an individual border. In your case, they would have been 12 diagonal slope during the first test, and 8 during the second and third, lining up with what I had heard.
  2. I am interested in the rare string of cloth (25c?) and the drake hide (20c?)
  3. Similar thing happened a few months back when I sent a rare white shark to Shrimpiie. It sat in the mail for 2 weeks, then was returned to me. When I sent it again, and he picked it up, it instantly decayed
  4. You are not normally able to target / attack your own mount (horse, in this case). If you try to, you receive an error in event saying "[19:46:26] You cannot attack your own mount." However, if you start leading the horse, then target it, you will not be able to attack the horse while it is lead. Then when you ride it, it will begin fighting. I believe this is an oversight, and the game should prevent you from killing your own horse in this method.
  5. Correct, but having the deed set individual permissions for him specifically, should bypass his own deed not allowing allied actions. In other words, it should not treat him as a non-citizen, if they have a role specifically for him. To put this yet another way, if I set deed permissions on my deed for a player specifically, it should not matter if that player is in my alliance, another alliance, or not in a deed at all. It should allow him to do exactly what I have given them permission to on my own deed.
  6. I was the GM on the case. They had an individual player role on the deed, but it seemed to be overridden by default non-citizen role. My guess is that the allow allied actions being unchecked was causing the deed to use the non-citizen role instead of the specific one, hence the bug report
  7. After they fixed the rod damage, the new fishing system is pretty good. I don't like how often the lines break, especially at lower skill (and losing the hooks in the process), but overall, I like it. I would put it solidly in the "Cool" column
  8. I just tested, the nail QL determines success chance. Try using a higher QL large nail and see if the chances change.
  9. [CLOSED] Faith

    Do you have your settings set to show all skillgains, or just 0.1?
  10. That is not accurate. The list provided above can be sacced anytime without a mission. All other mobs cannot (For example, Rift creatures, Fog Spiders, and Hell Horses).
  11. Grey is the most common color of horse, it is not a bug, simply how the color system works. Killing them will cause new ones to spawn, but as grey is so common, it will still take up the large majority. I am not quite sure what you mean by your second point, could you please provide a screenshot / video of this behavior? It might help tracking down the cause if we can see it. On your third item, there was a recent update that should cause creatures to 1: Not wander north as much, and 2: spawn in areas that have fewer creatures. These should both help alleviate the issues on the southern parts of servers being nearly desolate, where the north is overrun.
  12. Have you tried using the chat command /toggleccfp to toggle the CCFP bars? It might simply be hidden on that character.
  13. n/a

    Fish stew and stew (fish) are two different recipes. Confusing, I know. In addition, using a pottery bowl in a forge will not make breakfast, breakfast is only able to be made in an oven.
  14. Same issue reported here a few days ago: