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  1. Rake is SOLD Shovel is SOLD CLOSED.
  2. bump, price is added - cheap
  3. Iron, Rake 9ql 99COC - 3s (skiller) Iron, Shovel 89ql 98WOA - 3s (speeder) PM or just post in this thread.
  4. Good and helpfull guy, check his stuff.
  5. Awesome fight! *** *** *** ***
  6. I'll be there, aye!
  7. SOLD
  8. bump, now 3s for both
  9. Potion of Leatherworking 65,91 ql - 1,5s Potion of Leatherworking 68,27 ql - 1,5s Write to me in the game (Odinnn) or just post there / send the private message to me. Offering withdraws or another price is too available.
  10. My sword is waitin' for his blood. I'll be there.
  11. best enchanted items

    rare large shield, cedarwood 70ql COC75 - 3s50c longsword, steel 70ql NIMB81 LT80 COC74 - 3s25c (+any demise for free) with Animal's Demise COD to Odinnn Thanks.
  12. COD Shovel 68 WOA to Odinnn Thanks :}
  13. COD to me: 1 x Medium Axe (One-Handed Axe) 80ql - 50c You know which person, Odinnn. Thanks!
  14. Great stuff. If you can COD to ''Odinnn'': Great Helm, Steel 71ql - 30c (Dragon Market) Chain Jacket, Silver 80ql - 25c (Lumpy Market) Chain Pants, Silver 80ql - 25c (Lumpy Market) 2 x Chain Boot, Silver 80ql - 40c (Lumpy Market) 2 x Chain Gauntlet, Silver 80ql - 40c (Lumpy Market) 2 x Chain Sleeve, Silver 80ql - 40c (Lumpy Market) Sorry I don't have time to visit your's big market. (Send these items if this is still available in your market)