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  1. Beautiful village, everexpanding and full of kind people who are always ready to help. I r8 8/8.
  2. Uhm... i was out gathering wood when suddenly chopping down a maple tree caused 4 felled trees to appear. After cutting one, the other 3 disappeared and left on the ground a pile with iron keys and a log (i suppose the keys were already laying on the ground and that might have caused the bug). It's not perfectly clear in the screenshot but you can see 2 felled trees laying right in front of the stump, one beind the stump (the one that looks like a bent tree) and the leaves of the fourth one on the right, clipped into the pile of logs). This is the resulting pile.
  3. The horseshoes are all non-rare and have no enchantments whatsoever.
  4. I want to start off by saying that I'm brand new to the game, as I started playing only by a week. Keeping that in mind, I am not 100% sure if the testing I did is completely accurate. Anyway, according to the wiki the Horseshoes ( do not increase the moving speed until the QL of every individual horseshoe is 50 or above, or until the summed QL of the wore horseshoes reaches 70. Total Shoe Quality Speed of the Horse Unshod 13.69 kph 1 - 60 QL 13.69 kph 70 - 130 QL 14.40 kph I did some short tests and I noticed that my moving speed while commanding a cart with hitched horses changed whenever I removed or put horseshoes from my horses. As you can see in the top left corner my speed is between 12,99 and 13,00 km/h when both my horses are wearing horseshoes. It drops significantly to 12,23 km/h when removing the 46 QL horseshoes from one of my horses. It remains at 12,23 km/h even when decreasing the summed up quality of the remaining horseshoes below 70 by removing one of the horseshoes. With no horseshoes on at all, my speed decreases to 11,48 km/h. Sorry in advance if this topic has already been brought up by somebody else or if my testing was not made correctly.