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  1. Hi Wurmians: I'm really not sure at all if this is the right forum to post this, and I might try another section of the forums if need be. I played Wurm Online years ago and deeply enjoyed the relaxing mining. I REALLY loved the sounds of the mining: the pebbles crumbling, the pickaxe scraping against the rocks, etc. I haven't had much time to play anymore at all, but I would love to have a file (maybe a .WAV file of some sort??) of all the relaxing sounds of Wurm mining on my headphones whenever I do hard studying or a little bit of coding. Is it possible at all to export the mining sounds so I can hear them on my headphones so I can relax to the repetitious rocks crumbling and scraping while I work on hard intellectual things? Just wanting to know what I can do to pursue this. Thanks if you can offer any suggestions or ideas!
  2. Odynn & Ricowan, thanks for your ideas! I will try Ricowan's approach first and Odynn's as a backup. Great suggestions! Wish I could add to your rep's, but sadly cannot since I don't post or come here as often as I would like. (EDIT: Well, you got some "likes" from me at the very least.)
  3. UPDATE: I carefully checked Wurmpedia and came across this page: http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Sounds#Work sound.work.mining1, sound.work.mining2, and sound.work.mining3 seem to be the files I was looking for. The page did clearly state that the files may not be copied since Wurm Online is the copyright owner. I have no interest in copying the files or using them for any commercial reason. I thought it would be cool to listen to the sounds on my headphones while working on difficult mental projects, though.
  4. Hey Wurmians: As my thread title suggests, for some reason I am not losing fat layers beyond "he has a normal build". I have fasted 6-8 times and still "he has a normal build". The starvation doesn't progress to "undernourished" like it should. Can anyone please try duplicating this on an alt maybe? Yes I know it slows down skills, but maybe that's why the lack of fat loss was never noticed since everybody wants faster skills? Thanks for checking this out and correcting if needed.
  5. Hey Wurmians: I am a returning player from a couple years ago and I always have a blast when I play. In so many ways it's hyper-realistic which makes it a lot of fun for me, yet I'm sure veterans know of the unrealistic elements, too. I was reminded of some of the unrealistic ones the other day when I thought, "Hey, let's grind a little locksmithing skill. Hmmm...all these locks are making a mess now. How can I destroy them and clean things up?" Should I gift-wrap and burn potentially hundreds of iron locks at 1 minute, 30 seconds for each individual lock? Very strange and time-consuming for such a simple task. Why won't these locks smelt in a forge or campfire? For that matter, why isn't anything glowing hot eventually smelting back to the iron lump heaven from whence the mold came? Even a loss in QL would be perfectly acceptable as an advanced glowing hot item smelts back to base metal. As much as I enjoy playing Wurm, nagging peculiarities such as these always leave me "on the fence" as to whether to keep playing or to stop once more. I did sub regardless of what happens because I still have a deep admiration for Rolf's project in many ways. Does anyone else struggle with such peculiarities? Does it deter them from play? On a more minor note...How can I get rid of a big pile of locks without being a full-time professional Christmas gift wrapper? (A recent test showed even that approach wasn't working.)
  6. OK I am sorry I brought up the idea of melting items. I just said it impulsively when I should have been focused on locks
  7. Hordern: I just post in bold to make my posts easier to read and easier to tell "who is saying what". It just makes it a little easier at a glance to see where the OP's posts are throughout a thread. As for metal items melting back to iron lumps: I wasn't meaning to suggest that they should melt back to iron lumps right when they turn glowing hot. I was meaning perhaps if they remained glowing hot for 5-10 minutes they would melt back to a lump. Please don't have the playerbase lynch me for this suggestion. I already have to see a spiritual advisor for the locks as it is and I don't want to make him too busy. Basically, I just think there should be a more realistic alternative for destroying locks and keys, that's it. My suggestion for items that are glowing hot for too long (5-10 mins.) melting was just an afterthought.
  8. Selvetarm: I forgot to answer that trash bins can't be used to destroy locks and keys. I already built one and tried that. Klaa: Thanks for the advice. I will do this if I must. Are there public altars available? Are they all on deeds? Kind of a hermit for now so I'm not sure if that's a problem. I still think it's strange that it requires ritual sacrifice to destroy locks and keys, but I can see that would be a topic for another thread (maybe one of Wurm's devs had a nightmare about a religious locksmith, not sure).
  9. Thanks mikeyyaya for the suggestion, but I haven't gotten into the religious part of Wurm yet. OK, I'll make sure to give my spiritual advisor a call the next time I need my locks changed then, thanks!
  10. picommander: There's no external reason for the experiment, really. I'm pretty new to Wurm (actually a returning player from 2 years ago). I was busy with other projects in game and didn't have time to bother with cooking. After a while I was noticing that I was fasting many times (6-8 times or more) without going below a "normal build" into "malnourished", so....it left me seriously wondering if it was a bug since it's pretty easy to gain fat layers...why would it take so long to lose fat layers (if it is losing at all)? So I was also posting in the interest of realism, etc. on top of a possible bug.
  11. Do we lose a layer of fat (change descriptions) every time we fast down at 8% or so? Or do we have to fast many times before being "undernourished"?