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  1. IFDGaming (Ill-Fated Devils Gaming) is an experienced gaming community and would love to share our server with you.The server is fast and hosted on dedicated hardware that we directly manage and features a 1Gb symmetrical connection as well as SSD HDs.Our server is considered light RP PVE and will soon have a PVP cluster available.. Our #1 rule is "Don't be a Jerk". We have several settlements looking for new players as well as plenty of room for new settlements.Our admins are very active. We do not allow admins to use their powers unless absolutely necessary. We accept suggestions from players wishing to help make the server better.Our website is located at: We also host a teamspeak at: - If your tribe needs a private channel, we will be happy to create one for you.Server Name: | PVE Roleplay | 4xAction/Skill | Teamspeak/WebsiteStill unsure? Check us out anyway and base your opinion off our players. I'm sure you'll stay.
  2. Hi, Simple issue, every time my server restarts, the alerts I have set with #alerts clears and I need to re-enter that information. Is there a more permanent way of applying alerts or do I just need to redo it every restart? Thanks, Cryptonat