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  1. bump because i just thought about being able to put more than one per tile its sort of frustrating for someone who uses them for bulk liquid storage.
  2. horrifically bloody like u riped the scalp straight off of the animal and attached it to your own with a bit of string LOL
  3. +1 grate idea maybe give vynora priests a lvl 10 cast snowballs spell like casting dirts
  4. the ears would be special spring gift from hidden Easter eggs. cannot be crafted. sort of like the troll masks and stuff they do for other holidays
  5. 10 silver and you can only do it once ever or has a 1 year cool down twice the cool down as a deed name change
  6. +1 grate idea i mean they already have the model, the wagonier drives a plain one, Sooooo......? craft-able plain wagon yeah
  7. don't u also get marks for silver purchase?
  8. YESSS i totally agree of some sort of warning of friend requests and making friend easier
  9. +1 love this idea making a glassblowing profession, and the addition of bottles glass beer steins, WINDOWS!! the list could go on and on
  10. a boat full of goblin marauders lol that would be fun
  11. or simply make a marker of where our caricature is on the map like i show below the arrow would show where your standing and the way your facing, these images are only to show what the idea would look like in game