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  1. Jolly Rogue Monastery BL/WL Sermons

    us eastern/ central, but I will have people there idling 24/7
  2. Valley Hold Tunnel

    ill be headed that way too, if u need help with a deed design I offer my architecture designing skills
  3. Xanadu Community Map

    deed name changed to Jolly Rogue please update tyvm
  4. Valrei International. 088

    I'm looking for new neighbors in south xanadu S15 area... Secondly I would love to design a house, building, or something for your deed when you finally find a spot though. this is what I do I am a wurm architect
  5. Wsa silver sales and safety

    totally agree with this however I believe the buying and selling of accounts to an extent, or maybe the sale of deeds for real-world money, is ok, but on the other hand, I know from my experience in WoW of these exact problem can get ridiculous and its a shame that we are starting to see it here. there they even had scammers who would promise to level your caricature and skills to the max for rl money too. not to mention account hacking issues. these are some reasons i came to wurm.
  6. Wurm Back to Nature

    a friend and I are working on doing the same thing around our area on Xanadu
  7. Valrei International. 086

    so are we officially calling it "Frontier"? just curious because I love the name. and I look forward to seeing some sort of teaser "trailer" or pics or something for what we have to look forward too. I have a few ideas on my forum post about some things that might be handy for the frontier.
  8. Devblog: The Rest of 2019

    Can't wait to see some teaser images of the frontier, I also look forward to planting an outpost deed there. I really love hearing about new construction options wish that was planned ahead of the frontier but I really dig the idea of exploring a new land. ok, I have a wish list of construction items I hope are coming. (hopeful wishing) more roof options, materials, and types (i.e. gabled, and half gabled that is an A-frame and half A type) interior ceilings to cap room walls under roofs a canopy door of all material types a wide window of all material types a balcony of all material types an oriel of all material types a timber portcullis a T wall with no down support leg of all material types. a tall iron decorative archway (this would be an arch over the tall gate, short gate, or no gate.) a tall stone wall archway (this is the same as the portcullis but without the gate.) I'm sure I'm missing a few but that is my construction wish list, I have other ideas in a different post here:
  9. that is one of the reasons I like the portability of some of the stuff, the "trash" like the alter and mailboxes would for sure be reduced. and thank you for the role-playing complement as I said I really do enjoy that aspect a bit
  10. ok, so I have a few ideas that I'm going to squeeze into this post mostly portable camping type items but there are a few other ideas too. I will explain what gave me the idea for portable items, I have attended a few rifts and slaying events at each one, I created a campsite, I also create them when I'm exploring, I know it may seem silly but I enjoy getting into the spirit of the role-playing aspect of the MMORPG and in my view camping is a part of this. anyway my list of items I would love to see in the game in no particular order A portable spirit house, as we all know the spirit houses can only be pushed etc. I personally think that all they would have to do is just add the load and secure option to a wooden spirit house. however, if they wanted to get crazy with it I guess they could make it a spirit tent, it would still have to be on the ground to be used. portable bed/ cot/ sleeping bag, this one has been suggested once a long time ago with a few good ideas connected with it. there is already a model for the sleeping bag/ bed that the wagoneer uses why couldn't that model be used as a portable bed for players to craft with around 20 skill in cloth tailoring the sleeping bag could be placed on flat ground or inside a tent, or have a cot version that can only fit in the military tent. it would not replace the tent it would just be a sleep option and would also be nifty to have A portable altar, for priests to be able to sacrifice on the go this could be as simple as the priest blessing a bowl or it could be created with a few materials like a brick and a bowl or plank and bowl, etc. to make the small portable altar. it would still have to be placed on the ground to use but it would be able to be picked up and carried by the priest it would not replace large alters but it would greatly improve the quality of life for priests. A walled pavilion or yurt, I like the military tent, however, if I really wanna wurm "glamp" this item is where its at, haha. the pavilion would work exactly like the regular and military tent it would just have a larger interior to decorate, the portable bed could also be used in it. The ability to set up tents/ allow camping perms on deed, this came about when I got my nifty kingdom tent and wanted to display it on my deed I spoke to a few friends and found out that the only way to set a tent up on deed is to use an unfinished one, I was sorely disappointed, so the idea is to have the option to allow camping on the deed. this option would be set in the roles for non-villagers and allow pitch tent for villagers, the tents would also be subject to deed decay rules. I feel that this would make it possible to display those cool kingdom tents or even to have "KOA" type of deeds along the roads. (for anyone who doesn't know a KOA is a type of public camping site we have around where I live in real life.) A portable fireplace/ pit, this one is more for decorative functionality this item would sort of be like a small brazier with the ability to be planted and fueled but with the functionality of a campfire, it would look like a larger flatter ground brazier or one of those portable fire pits in real life. A huge keg, imagine something like the wine barrel but like 10 times the size. It would hold double the liquid volume as the huge tub. could be planted sealed and loaded into a ship Knarr or larger, or a special wagon could hold water or fermenting alcohol. Keg wagon, this would be the vehicle to transport a huge keg (see image below) I really liked the image I found of this item when I googled barrel wagon. It that would be filled from a water source with the assistance of a large or small barrel, it would be pulled by one horse/ bison and can only be embarked as commander, sorry no passengers on this one. it would also follow default game speed rules for large cart. the keg would follow its rules as previously stated. when opened the inventory would show the barrel and liquid content, the inventory capacity is the huge keg (full), 1large/or 2small barrels(full), and one large chest. A large barrel and oil barrel rack, the idea for this item was born from the ridiculous amount of large barrels and oil barrels I have cluttering up my brewery storage area and since we have the nice wine barrel rack and the small barrel rack why not a large barrel rack or shelf or something also it would be handy to be able to seal those large barrels. A crude wooden bench, this idea came about when I was working on a building and was disappointed when the wooden bench was so opulent and good looking I was hoping it would have been just a simple wooden bench like the stone one but it turned out to be so nice looking it really didn't fit the theme of the room I was decorating, and I was forced to use the stone bench. those are a few of the ideas I can think of right now if anyone feels I missed something feel free to reply to this post.
  11. Jolly Rogue Monastery BL/WL Sermons

    BL/WL Sermons (Open as of 8/18/19) (Closing 8/24/19) Greetings everyone, My name is Leander, it's been a few months and I have gotten quite a bit done.:) Now I would like to reinvite all priest to rejoin my alt Leonder at my Monastery for a monthly Sermon Circle, I have decided to make these a monthly occurrence they will happen the last full week of every month. My deed is named Jolly Rogue it is located on Xanadu at S15 (Summons are available upon request). On the community map the coordinates are 3521, -7123 (Jolie rouge retreat) name change is pending. Sermons Sermons can be held every 31 minutes by a different priest in a queue list explained below. I have alters ready built and waiting to be finished with the addition of a bowl, that can be found in a box right by the gate to the sermon yard, there are two alters that need to be finished Nathan, and Gary. When done with your sermon update the queue in the local chat with the "/me chat command", in addition, post your faith gain with the "/me chat command." The "/me" gives you yellow text so it's easy to find. Example: [02:14:11]Leonder [02:13:35] Faith increased by 0.0459 to 68.5993 [02:15:13] Leonder WL @44 free free Dahlia free Khalifa free leonder WL (ALWAYS be sure to post your name at the end of the queue.) the at symbol is the Minutes on the hour of when to do the next sermon. WL= White Light BL=Black Light if on the Late night slow queue (fewer than 3) the queue will be almost the same just post next queue free time Example: [2:34:44] Leonder WL @06 FREE FREE Leonder WL For a preacher to gain faith from preaching, you need at least 6 valid listeners. Sermons reset the prayer counter for the preacher if 6 valid listeners attended. Because of the 30 min alignment cool-down, sermons should fire off every 30 min, but never less than 30 since the previous. Every time a priest preaches, his max prayers for the day gets reset and he can pray another 5 times (every 20 min) for faith ticks.´╗┐ Cool-down is between your sermon is 3 hours. so have something to do it that time (and pray). More info on https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Sermon#Sermons The Rules see the village message board by the monastery door in game as well Have fun be friendly. No sacrificing or Listening to confessions. If you log out while in the sermon queue for longer than 20 minutes you will lose your spot in the queue line and will have to wait for the next free spot. If you are afk and it is your turn to sermon someone will pm you to remind you after that the queue will wait for no longer than 5 minutes before moving on to the next person you will lose your spot in the queue and will be put to the end. if there is any question about the queue or you have any doubts pm Leonder or anyone not afk at the time. (probably last person to update the queue) if you have recently come back or logged on DO NOT assume you will be next to sermon. Look for the queue in local chat then ask if you may be added to any "free" spot or the end of the queue. once confirmed by the other attendees update the queue yourself with a queue correction with your name in the free spotor at the end. DON'T expect others to do it for you. Monastery Dress Code is No heavy helms, shields, or weapons equipped while on monastery grounds, wearing armor to help channeling skill gains is ok. (this is a place of peace, and I like to see people get into the role-playing spirit it just makes the event more fun.) No animals allowed inside the monastery yard. (they can be parked in the graveyard attached to the building.) Keep up on your CCFP nutrition and hydration. (to keep from getting sick.) there are CCFP meals in the larder DO NOT take them ONLY eat, please. DO NOT stack on people, in other words, Keep some distance between you and other people, please. Things to do while not Sermoning Beds In the monastery for rent for 50 irons, in each room you will find a wardrobe and a large chest to use if you wish I will attach a lock to them and allow you perms on the item to make sure your things are secure while your visiting. Meditation There is a love tile on the raised area behind the monastery, a knowledge tile in the sand not far from that. (i am currently looking for the insanity tile) Crafting I have a spot for crafting anything, as well as raw materials to do so, some things I am still working on gathering. Cooking cooking is very important, and is encouraged. (howeve i do try to keep the larder filled with free ccfp food and fillers mostly provided by donations.) Farming you're welcome to farm any of the upper fields on Jolly Rogue if you wish. Casting there are BSBs and Spirit houses to practice casting dirt and courier. there is a station with things for mend casting, and a couple of boxes with free shaterables for other types of casting. The Monastery Discord Server https://discord.gg/WQtXP9n Schedule Be sure to follow this post to keep up to date, and if there are any changes. Donations Donations are completely voluntary I'm not doing this for profit, however, they do help me provide you a facility for activities like this. anything can be donated, coin, raw materials, crafted items, and skills are the most valuable. Donating coin can be placed in the small bag on top of the coffer by the monastery door, or directly deposited into the settlement upkeep at the token. (this is what the coin will be used for anyway.) If you donate a large amount of something or a high ql something will receive an "Elder" benefactors credit here and at the monastery in game, and a small token of gratitude. Elders Thank you to the following people
  12. Valrei International. 077

    Second lol i took the time to read
  13. lemon grove- dead / replaced with upland brewery

    castle darkhold- dead

    clerics hollow- dead

    add raven forge @3495, -6920

    thank you very much

  14. Xanadu Community Map

    please add Jolie Rouge Retreat @ 3509,-7129