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  1. im working on a spot just for lib setup but its not ready, but please don't let that stop u from coming down
  2. that's going a bit extreme don't you think i was just saying that concrete is already hard enough to make without failing and losing the materials use to crate it and possibly not even making it anyway. im not saying make everything no fail.
  3. all see like good and fair changes, i like them, love the shield and saddle racks hopefully the saddle can hold more than just one with saddlebags too. i love that traders are gonna be on xan finally i agree that mortar should be added to no fail as well as concrete. we also NEED Tricorn Pirate hats plz.
  4. i have updated the post to reflect the new ideas of being able to load or take the wooden spirit house, and wooden alter.
  5. i have been thinking about this and the simple answer would be to make the wooden alter and the wooden spirit cottage able to be taken, or loaded. this eliminates the need to "make a new model" and may be the easiest to accomplish with a change in item status or however its done, i am not a programmer at all. but that way its probably just changing a few lines of code. i do agree about the fences u mentioned but i think the hitching post takes care of that. but if u need the fence for the "safty box" at fights then change the crude fence to decay 60% faster when not on a deed
  6. your welcome to come down now im getting them going once more
  7. the sermons have begun once more come join in the praying fun as of tomorrow
  8. so people can rant or cheer depending on their stance on the subject and really there is nothing anyone can do it has been decided and will not be changed no matter who cries about it.
  9. this has been the most heated debate.. i am happy for the changes i see some may see it as a step towards a brighter future of Wurm, and i only see a few who think its a foot in the grave for Wurm, the fact remains that this has been a hard decision on the devs part, and even harder legalese currently being written for the terms and conditions contract update to come. my thoughts categorically removing RTM for silver, goods, and services its a good thing for those of us who don't buy silver from other players and instead choose to support the ones who actually make the game i love, not to mention i absolutely hate "buy my silver" spam in trade i hated it in WoW before i found WO and i hate seeing it in this game too. The only draw back i see is that it will make a few of the "whales" leave the game i'm sure there are others willing to take their place anyway, and tbh that's really a petty reason to quit a game, and Wurm is better off without the pettiness. removing account trading/selling, this is one of the very few MMORPGs that i have ever seen with this allowed so it honestly makes sense to remove this however if people would of read the whole thing instead of latching onto the denial of the sale of, trading of, and public use of account/ alts, they would of seen this, " We will be adjusting our stance towards shared accounts. Your account may be shared on a personal basis (i.e. a family member or a close friend)" so being able to log onto a family members priest alt to enchant a item for yourself or someone else, logging a friends main to help maintain their deed while they are away, or having someone trusted do that for you isn't a part of this change. i'm sure they have ways to monitor this or the other type of account activity even with the IP issue I've seen brought up, it is just a tighter leash on the true "pay to win" aspect of the game, and the way a person can instead of working on their own toon and earning their skills they can just buy a "WIN" toon and not have to work to get the goals and achievements that so many of us have had to work years to get. the trader mechanic update, to this i say yes for one reason i have never had a trader since I've began playing i have lived my life entirely on Xanadu i have however always wanted one of my own and am excited to see them come to my home server it will make my deed that much better. the store update, i have always thought that the prices were fair in general if only slightly high from a USD standpoint, but with the update, and price reduction it is now on par for what i would expect to pay. i can now look forward to spending more of my money on the game since the changes have made it more affordable for me to be able to purchase my silver and premium, since i tend to buy the bundles anyway, and with the loyalty system i am even more encouraged to use the shop. my one and only complaint is the price of the 2 month sub is still a bit high i think if it were reduced to something like 13-14 euro that would be right about where it should be... the Steam server addition, i like it and i understand why this one is being done, this is more about consolidation of resources and integration of both systems, making it easier for devs to work on updates for both games without having to separate resources or time, so yes i'm sure money was a huge motivator for this one, both for new player exposure and reduction of production development costs internally. final thought, this was a tough decision for everyone at that table i'm sure, however the only negatives i can see with these changes is the people complaining about them, to them i say sometimes its the hard choice that is the right one, everything here is well within the realm of what other mmorpgs are like and what is expected and i have wondered why this hasn't been done long before now... and as far as my Wurm forum credit score i am a lurker most times so im not active on the forum however many of you know i am a active member of the Wurm in-game community and if your basing my credibility on forum activity and now a few ideas to leave a post on a good note, an auctioneer contract, this would be a purchasable contract from a trader, like a wagonier, merchant, or trader it would follow the same rules as the merchant and trader needing to be placed in a building or merchant booth only on a deed (or even a special auctioneer podium) if the deed the auctioneer is a part of is disbanded the auctioneer would disband with it and return the contract to the purchaser. upon opening a trade window with them they will display a large searchable tabbed window one tab for smalls(i.e. weapons, tools, rares, armor, ect.) these items could be stacked up to 50 units of the same small item, one tab for bulk items (i.e. stone, dirt, bricks, ect.) this tab would only show things in full large or small crates, and a third tab for posting items for sale. the auctioneer would have a listing of items put onto them from players on any deed that has a auctioneer or any starter deed auctioneer anywhere on freedom server the auctioneer would work in congress with the wagonier for bulk items and would use the mail box system for small items it would not be able to sell horses or anything that cannot use either of those automatic delivery systems. the auctioneer would take a small portion of the sale of any item like 10% this would be in-game revenue to either the deed the auctioneer is a part of or the contract holder this would be chosen during placement of the auctioneer. as well as sale price if it will be a buy it now type auction or a timed open bid auction. mailing/shipping would be free "included" paid for buy the seller during auction posting in the cost of posting said item(s). to post a item for sale in the auction it would be a tab in the auction widow that a person would be able to drag and drop items into either from their inventory or in cases of bulk items from a wagon or cart in crates (yes the auctioneer has huge magical pockets that can accommodate large/ small crates), the crates could be inspected and openable (or even have details of the contents) for view by the perspective buyer as to insure everything is in order with the contents of the crate, the price for the crate would be added to the price by the seller. upon the purchase or closing of an auction the money spent by the buyer would be deposited into the sellers account. the auctioneer would use the closest wagonier on the server the buyer is on and accepts the delivery on. Money management update, this is a quality of life update, one that fits well these new changes that are being talked about here. one thing that has frustrated me more times than i care to count is how the silver and money is used and managed in this game, i.e. if im going to a merchant or trader to buy something i have to go find a deeds token to make a withdraw to make a purchase from a npc. that's not mentioning if i'm far into the wilds i should be able to deposit my discovered coins without having to move my bank account to different deed the money management should be its own option at any token where i could withdraw or deposit freely anywhere. it should also be possible to mail silver to alts and by alts i mean toons that share the same email like i would like to be able to send my priest silver without having to use the cod scraps this could help the control of "post update" possible suspicious transactions. to this extent if there was a visible line, box, or window on the inventory window that would show current silver in your account, the ability to withdraw money and trade money to players would still be the same there would just be a few accounting QoL update, is this a cure-all no it isn't but it will help with the management of certain money management issues i've found in my years of playing large item wagonier container something that will allow us to ship large items i.e. forges, ovens, tables, bulk storage units, large chests just to name a few off the top of my head.
  10. i love third person, i just don't care for it on wagons, however if it expanded to include the wagon it would be much better.
  11. im down for a dev powwow sounds like it would be good times the may need it after this next update...:)
  12. the messenger chicken XD i love the idea just the mental image of a chicken with a messenger bag the wooden alter would be the best candidate for portable one agreed, just make it so it can be picked up, planted, loaded or fit into a large chest, or alternatively if a golden or silver bowl could be blessed and said blessed bowl could be used as a portable alter, however could only be used to sac stuff by placing it on the ground or table, stool, etc.
  13. New:  You can now craft bedrolls, similar to the 2019 Christmas Gift version.

    Bedroll requires tent owned by player within 2 tiles.

    Bedroll can only be slept on by the person who dropped it, also only picked up by the person who dropped it.

    A player will get 75% of the normal bed sleep bonus gain for the crafted bedrolls..

    The Christmas Gift version allows full sleep bonus and has a unique texture.

    Bedrolls (both crafted and festive) take damage on use, decay as usual, are repairable and impable.


    wonder if they used my ideas?...