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  1. this sounds like it will be a lot of fun
  2. in other words your idea is to make the game harder in general and more dangerous. in effect ostracizing any person who is just starting the game. the newbie experience with these mechanics would be speculated as follows; say your newbie wants to get the .01501 skill ticks (typical amount of skill gain may not be accurate.) from a blacksmith grind, don't stand too close to that forge newbie, it will kill you with burns because you don't have cotton or farmers salve to heal with. going for that 50ql ore newbie to improve your tool? be careful the mine could cave in and kill you, oh and don't forget to eat every third strike or you will starve to death. to the person that finally purchased that lovely 70ql plate chest for 3s, don't ware it into battle because if it takes damage you cant repair it or improve it because the maker put a seal on it and they have been logged off for 3 months. the economy is based and fully driven by the players, some choose to be merchants and make the big gold and some are ok with paying for that service, and imo it works fine because everyone dose have an equal opportunity to make silver in the game if they so choose and put in the work on skills, grinding bulk mats, or whatever else they wanna do, i personally designed deeds for a living. if there is a need there is a person to fill it.
  3. fantastic i look forward to the new items looks like my fine carpentry shop will be working overtime to fill orders for food bowls and troffs for our breeder
  4. the hats are finally real I am ecstatic.. No one know how long I've waited for this it was even long before i ever made this post, a BIG Thank You I extend to the Dev team for putting this in
  5. one thing i wish we had was a you are here arrow, caricature position pip on the map. currently we use our wits compass and mountains to navigate but that makes traveling in vallys a pain not to mention a lot of deeds are on the water and have terraformed the shore drastically and can make water navigation difficult as well if we had the locator pip it would make it easier to navigate and know where u are exactly. if u wanted to make it an action of a tool like the compass, i guess when u open the map, right click the compass in that menu would be an option to use/get locate, or something like it, after so many seconds depending on compass quality would make the pip appear on the map and would then disappear when the map is closed. also spy glasses on northern cluster.
  6. count me and my deedmats in
  7. love the checkerboard so fancy too bad it wont fit on a small table or tripod would look much better WOlogic i guess lol. would also love to see an option for chess but baby steps right lol. love it all the same just played myself a game no shocker i won but i didnt make it easy for myself
  8. ty for the update retro, i look forward to reading more
  9. im excited about this. do i hear the sound of 1000 tailors start clapping their floor looms in unison? i soooo wanna be a part of this. P.S. dose that mean i may yet see my pirate hat become reality? \o/
  10. a sonnet, a shanty, a poem, a lymeric, or a full epic perhaps? what to write.... hmmm...
  11. Heart Broken Bay [3272, 1093] planned highway project from there to main town