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    Hi, please COD the following to Seelery: small anvil, iron 80ql BOTD84 - 1s5c large anvil, iron 70ql BOTD87 - 1s butchering knife, iron 70ql BOTD96 - 1s95c carving knife, iron 75ql BOTD92 - 1s35c fil e, steel 70ql BOTD82 + rune (description below) - 95c (i mpable ) fork, iron 80ql WOA87 - 95c hammer, steel 90ql BOTD88 - 1s15c hatchet, iron 90ql BOTD99 - 2s90c knife, iron 70ql BOTD79 - 75c needle, iron 80ql BOTD90 - 1s30c pickaxe, iron 90ql WOA90 COC76 - 1s80c r ake, iron 80ql BOTD88 - 1s 15c rake, steel 70ql BOTD88 - 1s saw, steel 80ql BOTD89 - 1s20c saw, steel 90ql BOTD98 - 2s90c sh ovel, iron 70ql BOTD7 6 - 65c shovel, iron 70ql BOTD78 - 70c stone chisel, iron 70ql BOTD77 - 70c stone chisel, iron 70ql BOTD78 - 70c stone chisel, iron 70ql BOTD82 - 95c tr owel, iron 70ql BOT D75 - 65c trowel, iron 70ql BOTD78 - 70 c trowel, iron 70ql BOTD85 - 95c small bucket, oakenwood 70ql BOTD74 - 60c cla y shaper, oakenwo od 90ql BOTD90 - 1s7 0 c fruit press, oakenwood 90ql WOA99 - 2s50c grooming brush, oakenwoood 90ql BOTD87 - 1s55c grooming brush, oakenwoood 90ql BOTD94 - 2s10c leg gat, oakenwood 90ql WOA91 - 1s55c s patula, oakenwood 80ql BOTD81 - 1s spatula, oakenwood 80ql BOTD83 - 1s5c sp atula, oakenwoo d 9 0ql BOTD 85 - 1s50c spatula, oakenwood 90ql BOTD95 - 2s10c spindle, o akenwood 90q l BOTD10 2 - 4s10 c rare spindle, cedarwood 90ql WOA95 - 3s50c studded leather set with cap, leather 90ql - 3s x4 (yes 4 full sets, need to equip my alts :D) If anything isn't in stock anymore just message me ingame for alternatives. Thanks.
  2. Oakheart's Smith and Enchants

    COD the two WoA Chisels from the picture to Seelery please. Items have already been delivered, super fast service!
  3. [Close]WTS High Vyn / Fo Enchants (updated)

    Shovel, iron QL_90 WoA_96 + CoC_95 2,5s Shovel, iron QL_90 WoA_96 + CoC_96 2,6s COD to Seelery please.
  4. Bronze Runes of libilla - It can be attached to any item. It will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%): 1,8s: 40,67ql(80%) 41,57ql(81%) 40,85ql(80%) COD to Seelery please. Thanks!
  5. Hi, please COD the following to Seelery: Bronze Runes of Libilla 36,50ql(74%) 36,24ql(73%) 34,95ql(70%) bronze rune of vynora 36,49ql(74%) Thanks.
  6. QL 99.77 potion of woodcutting (5.4s) COD to Seelery please
  7. BOTD Tools and Custom Libila/Fo Enchants

    Hi, please COD potion of woodcutting, QL81: 4s 10c to Seelery. Thanks.
  8. Goods received, smooth transaction and a friendly player! :-) I'll buy again when I need more.
  9. Hi, please deliver the following to Xanadu, E21 - Windy Shores Estate: 3000 Cotton 1000 Rice 1000 Wheat 1000 Barley 1000 Oat 1000 Rye 2000 Sugar Beet Please bring bsb/fsb with you, I don't have any spare ones. PM Seelery in game for more details. Thanks.
  10. WTS Crates, Bricks, Mortar & Fruit

    It was a pleasure doing business with Wingfoot. He is a nice and helpful player and the delivery was very fast Can only reccomend! Thanks again Wingfoot
  11. WTS Crates, Bricks, Mortar & Fruit

    Hi, 2000 Bricks 1000 Mortar 1000 Iron Lumps 60ql Please add the Crates / BSBs you deliver them in to the bill, don't have any spare ones. Deliver to E21 Xanadu - Windy Shores Estate. PM Seelery if you need more details.
  12. We need coffe in the game!

    I like the idea. There is alcohol and tea already, so why not have coffee too?
  13. Neotori Outfitters

    received, thanks for business