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  1. Celebration Map

    Hey everyone! I have recently decided that I will continue the dump map, that once once started by Tpikol. If you want your settlement added to the map, use the follow: Name of village coordinates Any special features (i.e. merchant, mailbox, etc) Once you leave a comment, I will try to have your settlement up within a few hours. High res (Current as of 5/22/13) Low res (Current as of 5/22/13)
  2. Celebration Map

    Ankhnefer: Alright, I will add the two settlements and remove the other. The two settlements were added, and the other one removed. Thanks for the info. Cheers!
  3. Celebration Map

    Yaga: Alright, thanks for the info. I removed and added the settlements. Rerolled: Added your settlement as well. Cheers!
  4. Celebration Map

    Alright, I will remove it very soon.
  5. Celebration Map

    Alright, thanks, good to know. I'll change that here in a few.
  6. Celebration Map

    I have them blacked out, but they are in a seperate layer. Meaning, that if a new place takes over there, I can simply remove the black "mess", and rename it.
  7. Celebration Map

    Haha, thanks.
  8. Celebration Map

    Heh, thanks.. I'll get to those later today. Cheers!
  9. Wanting To Sell Fishing Rod

    I only have a fishing rod that I want to sell. It's a 50ql, made of maple: Quite frankly, I don't want much for it, but I'll take anywhere inbetween 10-20c. Otherwise, we can negotiate the deal. Would prefer if you would pick it up at Jacob's Ladder, which is on Celebration, and is located x11, y8. If you're interested, message me ingame, princeofperiabyte, or here on the forums.
  10. Celebration Map

    Alright, I'll remove those as well, and add your settlement.
  11. Celebration Map

    Thanks for that, I'll attempt to remove it.
  12. Celebration Map

    Heh, thanks Silakka. I plan to keep up with this project for a long time.
  13. Celebration Map

    Haha, it's alright, no worries. I'll update that real quick. Yup, it's updated.
  14. Celebration Map

    No problem, and sorry. The link is fixed now.
  15. Celebration Map

  16. Dump Based Celebration Map(Discontinued)

    Fair enough, just the only issue I have (which is simple), how? In terms of posting. I assume just posting a thread saying that I'm going to continue you map?
  17. Dump Based Celebration Map(Discontinued)

    Hm, several people have also said this, but I am currently homeschooled, and have alot of free time during the day. And I can easily updated the map, and continue it. I have full Photoshop, so that wouldn't be a problem.
  18. Wanting To Sell Fishing Rod

    Derp. The fishing rod has not been sold yet, and I'm still willing to sell. Contact me on here, or ingame. Name is same as forum name.
  19. Want To Buy Stuff?

    Thank you
  20. Want To Buy Stuff?

    Hello and my name is Nicholas, or known on Wurm, princeofperiabyte. I have recenetly decided to start making items for people, but they are not free. Normally the price will not be much unless depending on the product. To place an order, simply PM me. Please note, that if you order a large quanity of items, it may take me much longer than average to complete. If you request an order and I do not have it fulfilled in the said time, your product will be completely free! -princeofperiabyte