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  1. So.... this is the post that never ends? It just goes on and on? my friends?
  2. So sorry to hear this. My prayers will be for you and her family.
  3. I googled "mac hosts file" and found this link:
  4. See polarbear's echo above
  5. The only thing I can think of is that I have the "Professional" versions, not the "Home" versions. I do know MS dumbed down the "Home" networking protocols......
  6. That's odd, to me. I have both win 7 and 10 machines and it works on each of them. You are putting the line "" with no #, correct? There needs to be at least one space between the ip and jenn..... could use a tab as well.
  7. For Win 7/10... try drag and drop the hosts file to your desktop. Make the changes there, then drag and drop it back to " c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ "
  8. I know why I started playing Wurm: for relaxation. In the 5, going on 6 years I've been playing the aggravation has had it's ebbs and flows. At one time I had 9 deeds on Deli.... aggravation flowed and then I had one, now none. Aggravation ebbed.... I now have 3 (was 7) deeds on Xan and one on Indy.... but again aggravation is flowing..... perhaps you are right and I should just cut my losses.
  9. Good idea, Reylaark. Let's all make fun of wasted time and effort. But let's not forget to ridicule the frustration that goes along with it. I mean, what are a couple thousand hops from tiles that could be yielding 12-15 thousand cucumbers?
  10. Make the yield of a trellis comparable to a farm tile since it will require far more attention than a farm tile.
  11. I don't. Haven't. And won't. For those very reasons. As well as being overpriced. But this is Wurm, not Apple review.
  12. I see. So your business grew because your customers were dissatisfied with the services you were providing? How interesting. And of course, you explained to your customers that you would provide better service sometime in the future as you developed your business, right?
  13. I'm sorry. You mean that the people who spent their money on this game as it was being developed did NOTHING to help Wurm succeed? Just where to think it would be now if those who have been SUPPORTING DEVELOPMENT WITH MONEY for five or more years had not done so?
  14. If too many trellis' are an abuse, does this also apply to bee-hives? Perhaps there needs to be some other maintenance/cleaning/feeding done to manage a hive. And how many hives should be allowed per player?
  15. And again.... how much frustration shall I endure? So this is just going to continue this way? Regardless of customer input?