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  1. We're headed there: The size of Knights Of The Grizzly is 90 by 224. On Cadence
  2. How do the Northern Isles get to the Deliverance Impalong?
  3. Dang... I subtracted the Y instead of adding.... last time (hopefully) Bluebell Creek @ 2695,3746
  4. Added. S.b.? Are two deeds named Bluebell Creek? No. s.b. = should be I counted the tiles. The correct location for Bluebell Creek is 2695,3724. Thanks for the work!
  5. Bluebell Creek s.b. @ 2693, 3735
  6. Knights of the Grizzly 2649,3735
  7. No. The only thing that resolves the error is to exit Steam and reload.
  8. After quitting a session, the client doesn't exit (shutdown) properly and when I try to launch the game later it won't. I have to exit the Steam client and restart it. Error Message Bos
  9. Either here, in Steam, or I monitor
  10. The map seems to be working well now.... just needed to kick a few variables around.
  11. Time is my biggest enemy. The map is a re-work of one I found. I am in the process of rewriting the calcs for getting it to fit within the smaller container rather than full page. It will start centered when I figure it out. This is a work in progress... As we discuss what we want to have and listen to any suggestions.
  12. Got in touch with Nightfall! All's well that ends well. Thanks for all the suggestions.