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  1. Every time I start a fire the crackling of embers noise doesn't fad away as I walk away from it; can hear it 20 squares straight deep in my mine even. How do you fix that? If it can't be done away with, ho do you kill the noise without killing anything else?
  2. I never actually traveled to those for I assumed they were just marker navigation aids.
  3. I'm playing the stand alone creative wurm world and was wondering if that world contains the Altar of Three and other alters to open up religion?
  4. I guess Wurm Online is different from the Unlimited version. I'm out over a half a dozen veins and I never really pulled much of anything out of that mine.
  5. Apparently there is a volume limit but I seemed to have hit a time limit as well.
  6. When an ore vein is exposed is there some kind of time you have to get that mined out? I was under the impression that an exposed vein will last indefinitely in so long as it's never tapped. In my world, I have a very large and extensive mine with details on every ore vein discovered. Yet, as time has passed, Veins I rarely if ever never actually tapped have now turned to near depletion. After a brief test mining of those 'exhausted' veins, I have now lost three gold veins, 1 silver, 1 copper, 4 lead and 2 iron veins, with nearly 50% of my entire 'special reserve' mine wiped out.
  7. Cotton Towel

    True; and it does require a bit of skill and effort to secure the sheep and loom for that end. Other than the Hitching Post, is there a mod that changes a recipe to something that I could study?
  8. Cotton Towel

    I think wool as a secondary component would be more desirable to just cotton. Actually Cotton cloth requires the construction of a Floor Loom. Perhaps Wool cloth combined with Cotton Cloth can be the recipe for for our pelt so as to heighten the rewards of effort. The Creation Entry Code you provided appears to me that you were correct in suggesting that it's easy modification, but since there are no tutorials or guides sufficient enough to explain away the interface, I think I'll leave it to you to bring to light these and other changes.
  9. How do you enable flight as a GM in WU?
  10. Cotton Towel

    How skilled of a programmer ( I assume is all Java script) would one need to be in order to do this 'easy' mod?
  11. Cotton Towel

    You don't understand the pacifist path; Paying someone to kill a creature to get a pelt or bringing in spirit warriors to do the same thing is not my way. Deeded land encourages creatures to leave it which is fine by me, but I have zero such spirits in my world; and waiting for a dog to die just to get its pelt is indifferent to your friends waiting for you to die just so that they can get your stuff. In other words, it's not an attitude that encourages a form of respect that you would come to expect from someone you call - friend... The way of the pacifist is by no means easy for it is so simple to slit the throat of a creature to get its fat to make candles. Yet, there are no bee's in Wurm. I can't find wild bee's to create a bee farm to harvest honey and bee's wax so that I can have my candles.
  12. Cotton Towel

    I'm the only player in my world. I suppose I could just wave my magic wand but I tossed it in the trash. I think a pacifists alternative is in order for there are plenty of games that expect a hack and slash attitude to success. Besides, if it is as simple to do as Joedobo suggests, then clearly anyone should be able make such a mod with the right tutorials. Where might they be?
  13. Cotton Towel

    If it is easy to make a mod that allows you to create a pelt using other components, where would I go to learn how to make such a mod?
  14. Cotton Towel

    Okay then; well I am grateful of your offer to make something like that should nobody come forward and I'll just monitor the forum.
  15. Cotton Towel

    How do you do that then?