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  1. Valrei International 013

    * Caption~~ "I thought the update said we could put them on a boat!, Sorry Dude i`m not paying for this Unicorn now."
  2. Dyeing colorful carpets please!

    +1 Great Idea Seri!!
  3. Buildings to add to deeds

    Tavern with upstairs Inn , Dairy, Love tile garden, chapel ~ just some i have that wasn't listed.
  4. Notice after the restart last night that this is happening . I farm one tile and que the next to harvest and it just stops and does not complete the next action. [09:47:30] After you finish sowing you will start harvesting. [09:47:32] You sow the tomatos. end of actions doesn't harvest.
  5. Valrei International 008

    Oh my I need these horses on my pink cart !!
  6. Same happened to me..lag....crash..can not connect.
  7. Supreme Larder *New Reserve* Time Extended*

    I have Hotas..they do not keep the food from fact seems like they decay faster now..its just a nice decoration now days. Bump for Larder!
  8. Zombified Cake ?

    it had the option to light or blow i thought its too hot for larder. this is what happens after i wrap it ..but this one didn't change Sorry i cant get the image to take in here.
  9. Zombified Cake ?

    This didn't happen until i blew it out to add it to the larder, also sent it to a friend. Nothing changed through the mail either.
  10. Zombified Cake ?

    Nothing happens i just get Affinity
  11. Zombified Cake ?

    I am on Xanadu and after making a regular chocolate cake turned into this was wondering if this is a normal thing or is this a bug which was suggested in help window. Zombified Clotted chocolate cake
  12. WTS Recipes (Over 300 to Choose From!)

    Please send: Bacon Buddy Corn Dog tomato crisps to Ally please
  13. Perlianas Recipes for sale

    Carrot cake Lemon Drizzle Cake Pizza Marghetia doner meat kabob fermenting mead fermenting Cider Chocolate toffe Black forest Gateau hot dog spiced apple Free: Ginger beer Thanks !! Send to Ally!