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  1. BOTD Tools and Custom Libila/Fo Enchants

    PM sent
  2. Valrei Invasions

    Was fun to try out the changes with an event. Thanks so much!
  3. A New Elevation

    What will the Offices look like? Will there be Champions?
  4. lurker in the woods, gold, 30 ql, 83 LITW, 90 c plz cod to chai - ty
  5. [CLOSE] WTT Red Tome for Green Tome

    Trade completed. Please close.
  6. [CLOSE] WTT Red Tome for Green Tome

    Mailing the tomes is not a problem. Will contact you in game.
  7. hammer, 71 ql, 80 coc, 80 c pelt, mountain lion, 73 ql, 83 coc, 60 c whetstone, 74 ql, 89 coc, 60 c plz cod to chai thanks!
  8. fruit press, oakenwood, 28 ql, 88 coc, 60 c cod to Chai plz - thank you!
  9. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    Large selection of pre-cast items. Received order so quickly! Shatter insurance, discounts and the option to pay with labor or materials. Great value!
  10. cheese drill, oakenwood, 50 ql, 89 coc, 60 c plz cod to chai thank you!
  11. Looking to trade one Red Tome charge for one Green Tome charge.