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  1. We are not allowed to mod anything about the client? This brings another question I had: Is it bannable to mod the textures of things? For example, the moons and/or the sky (yeah, I'm a freak for glowing, starry night skies)? Should I assume that changing virtually anything about the game client-side or otherwise is frowned upon? I actually played Wurm Unlimited before I even touched Wurm Online. Couldn't I just get a copy of some old textures, replace the new ones in a current patch of Wurm Unlimited and go from there? My main problems would be acquiring the graphics jar from the old client, as I'm sure that no one just 'keeps' a copy lying around, except for the developers. I doubt they'd answer my pleas anytime soon though.
  2. Is there some way to access a client and downloadable map for older versions of Wurm Online? I always find myself browsing a screenshot or suggestion thread dating back to 2008. In some pictures, I can truly see how far this game has come. While I'm not particularly experienced and I haven't lived here long enough to really grasp how far it's come, I'd still like to see and feel what the game felt like during initial release. vvv Screenshot vvv vvv Personal info vvv (picture credited to "Metaldragon" in the Screenshots thread)