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  1. Hi Elroth, I am currently looking for a village and I was wondering if you still had space for one more? I only a small amount of money but I'd more than willing to contribute in any way possible to the village. I am currently near Greymead but I am willing to move if you are willing to allow me to join. I should mention that I am non-premium but I am new and waiting until I start hitting the 20 skill cap before I start spending money on the game. I have loved it so far so I don't see myself leaving any time soon. Thanks Quaffly
  2. Hi Louie, I am a new player on Xanadu near Greymead. All I currently have is a tinyass shed and a smallish farm but I'm looking for a village and yours seemed really nice. Is there a space for me? I don't have much money at the moment but i am more than willing to contribute in any way I can to the village.