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  1. Wasn't this account up for sale/auction not long ago?
  2. Infact, I would say Wurm is CHEAPER than most MMO's out there today. Almost every MMO has some form of cash shop now...whether that's cosmetics only (still items you cannot earn ingame and thus miss out on...not to mention they are usually waaay cooler than anything else ingame) or OP items that are P2W. (Most games) With wurm, you're spending 8e a month on a subscription and 1-2s upkeep on a deed that can be bought with the silver from your first 2 months of premium. (The bare minimum to have fun in Wurm IMO...premium anyway, the deed isn't if you wish to be a villager of someone elses) Sure, you can theoretically spend 1000's of euros a year in Wurm (as I'm sure a few people do) but that's just icing on the cake. Assuming you wished to purchase some additional items/silver per month, you're looking at around 20e a month to play Wurm, assuming you buy about 10s a month on top of your premium/deed. That is more than enough to buy highly enchanted, high quality gear/tools or even run an alt. Especially in the long run...if you were spending it all on tools/gear, you would have 120s worth of items by the end of the first year, which is enough to have a drake set, rare highly enchanted 2h weapon and a full set of high coc skilling tools. As for other MMOs...well, if you are looking at the majority of P2W MMOs, you could easily spend 20e a day on them if you're going after all the boosts/upgrades available etc...or buying those 'upgrade scrolls' etc for weapons that have a 10% chance of working. Realistically, a typically 'F2p' MMO with a cash shop would cost you 20e+ a month if you wish to have fun with it. (Yeah, most you can play for free but you will be missing a ton of content, levelling extremely slowly compared to others and have many limitations such as low bank/inventory space etc) Hell, I've spent more than 20e in a month on a few 'f2p' mobile games... (Yes, I'm ashamed to admit that...but hey, I had some fun) There is also a difference between these 2 games.... In Wurm, if you're spending 20e a month on tools/silver can still sell it back when you're done with it or no longer play. Almost every other MMO, that is 100% lost money...unless you wish to sell via black market means, where you will either be scammed or get paid a few cents for every dollar you originally spent.
  3. That money has been spent whether they move or not. (infact, by moving they could recover some of the cost by selling the deed or even just disbanding it) Said person is either throwing good money after bad, or doesn't wish to be around other people. If they weren't still having fun living alone, they wouldn't be. If people aren't moving now, while they have free choice to do so, they most definitely aren't going to stick around if Rolf shuts their server down.
  4. Regarding 'Population Dilution'... I too once thought that spreading so many players over such a huge number of servers was a bad idea... However... If people didn't want population dilution, it wouldn't be there. If people wanted to live in large clusters, they already can choose to do so. It seems to me like people are 'voting with their feet' and choosing to life spread apart. Obviously, if people wanted it to remain that way, it would. People wanted new pastures and their own place....everyone wants to be the mayor...and everyone wants 'the perfect deed', so don't want to settle for living somewhere with no iron or clay and touching someone else's perimeter. The option is there, people aren't taking it...showing they do not want it. Those who do want to live close to others, already do. Another problem here is that there isn't much benefit to living with others once you have a decent base of skills built up...everyone can do everything and relying on others is only necessary for very high quality or bulk items you do not wish to create yourself...but I wont get into that...that's another topic for another day.
  5. 9s for 70imbued rare hatchet with 100woa and 97coc? Nty lol. All items sold.
  6. Selling a bunch of tools/items I no longer use, have upgrades for etc. Leave me an offer here or on forum PM, remembering to include the name of the character I should CoD it to...I will accept any reasonable offer for these items. Order multiple items = Discount! Want to take everything that is left? HUGE discount! Only 30s for the lot!
  7. Maybe if instead/as well as changing tower guards, we changed spirit templars? (Not thinking about pvp balance etc here as I have no experience with it) The whole permissions issue wouldn't be an issue...only mayor + approved villagers and altar their loadouts. Items could be kept on them after death. (Maybe take damage/ql decay) That way, you could dress them up (lol) and outfit them with better weapons/armor etc. Guard towers that are on-deed could work the same way. Maybe make it so only towers that are on-deed can have their guards equipped and outfitted?
  8. Wurm population

    Exactly. A lot of people want the security and longevity that a private server just cannot provide. Every game has it's ups and downs, and Wurm has shown that it can rebound time and time again.
  9. Yeah, I just looked up the specs on the K1....great specs for the price... Someone did a 3D Benchmark test and it outperformed ipad air 2 by a huge margin and rivaled the lower end surface pros (at least for gaming). Definitely going to look into upgrading to one, as the kindle really isn't very useful for much other than Netflix and books. (Saying that, for 50 pounds it did the job very well for a couple years..I'd just like a little more functionality now)
  10. *Nine words used by women you should avoid and ignore Seriously, if someone does this all the time, either ask them to just be honest or stop interacting with them. Why speak in riddles when being honest and speaking your mind would benefit both parties involved. (No misinterpretations etc) Pretty funny to read the list though
  11. Main problem with a tablet is that lack of mouse, never mind the lower end specs. (Unless you're spending 1k+) You could probably manage some things with the right keybinds etc, but it would be difficult and awkward to play. As for other games though and things like browsing the web etc, I wonder how good the K1 tablet is? I'm looking to upgrade my Kindle Fire but don't want to spend a fortune on an ipad/surface pro just for web access and mobile games. K1 is a reasonable price, assuming it has good software/specs.
  12. I don't know, I don't think this is true. Now, more than ever, people are becoming used to the idea of 'microtransactions' and 'in-app purchases'....WAY more so than when Wurm was released. Couple that with the theory that convincing someone to spend money is harder than convincing someone who is already spending money to spend more, there really isn't anyone who is going to buy 50ql items. If you're going to spend 30 cents on a 50ql item, that same person would likely spend 80 cents on the same item but at 80/90ql. Also, a 50ql item isn't going to give you much benefit over your starter items or that which you can craft yourself after just a few hours. What Wurm needs is more 'limited supply' items, where demand will remain higher than supply. Whether that is through sources like Ada/Glimmer, unique monster drops, rare items etc...these items will (almost) always retain some sort of value, providing what you can make with them is useful. Much for the same reason that bulk goods generally remain unaffected by price changes is somewhat limited. Not many people can/will pump out 20k bricks, however the entire supply of 90ql blacksmithing tools in Wurm could be provided by 1-2 players right now. I would like to see more limited supply items, like source liquid where you can only 'farm' so much of it per month. Adding other magical/rare items or placing restrictions on other items where you can only gather a certain amount per day would give Wurm a sense of scarcity, one of the most important factors in economics. Adding something limited, that even newbies can help gather would provide them with something that vets would desire and be willing to trade for. It would most likely have to be something consumable, like karma and imbue potions, where they do not stay in the economy 'forever' like drake/scale/rares, so as to maintain the demand.
  13. Just seems to be the browser plugin they are depreciating. Java is still used in tons of other applications.