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  1. Very nice server, skill gains and timer are well balanced and not overdone like other servers. the map is good and large enough Come and Visit us and make sure you visit Haithabu :)
  2. most animals at the moment can be hunted by bow very efficiently, also traps are, as far as I know, close to useless in a PVE environment. My suggestion would be to introduce small animals, like rabbit, raccoon and such. Given them a small mound (rabbit hole) to which they run when a player comes too close, making melee hunting impossible. Those animals could be hunted by bow (give them very low HP so they can be one or two shotted but are probably harder to hit due to size) or by trap (each trap close enough to a mound has a x% chance per day to trapping an animal.) These animals could give 1 meat, and perhaps a low ql pelt. that pelt could mostly be used to craft decorations (rabbit paw as a lucky charm, raccoon pelt to make a hat etc.)