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  1. Have you considered trying a PvP group? The JK Kingdom is one the closest knit groups you will find, and we all work to create and build for the good of the kingdom, not rely on slave labor of a few individuals. Give us a shot, more details such as where to sign up here:
  2. The Kingdom of Jenn Kellon is one of the oldest and largest kingdoms on the Chaos server, and is home to some of the greatest builders, crafters, and fighters Wurm has to offer. We pride ourselves on stretching the boundaries of what is possible, defying all odds. We fight fiercely against our enemies, and lend assistance to our allies. We hold our flags high and wear our tabards with pride. How To Apply Register an account on our forums, and feel free to browse the General Discussions Fill out an Application Patience! This is not an overnight process. While we would like to take everyone immediately, this philosophy is spoiled by spies and would-be traitors so we must be thorough. After acceptance, your forum account will be promoted to JK Citizen, allowing you to get up to speed with the latest news and changes. With dedication and time, anyone has the ability to fly up the ranks, maybe even becoming one of JK's War Advisers! Kingdom Recruiter Contacts )> JKRecruitment here on the WurmOnline Forums )> Ciray on the Kyara Forums )> Necroe on the Kyara Forums )> Smackeddown on the Kyara Forums