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  1. Although the town is GM run,  players may join.  Send me a message if you want to be a citizen. 

     Im a citizen of my settlement. Can I be a Cit. of more than one? If yes, count me in. If not, 

    I can make an alt. What you think?

    (His name would be "AlexVII")

    1. AlexanderCrunsch


      No, I confirmed, it is not possible to be a citizen of more than one settlement.
       If youd like help building I can make an alt named "Flint".

      "Alex VII was my old UO char/home owner name. Apparently a space in names on Wurm is not possible so the "Alex VII" character wont be created

  2. I thought it would be a "settings issue" causing the sprout problem from "no tree spread". Not so much a server issue? Could you set tree spread to 1% ?
  3. Does that mean planting sprouts wont work? Ive planted over 50 sprouts and about 5 of them remain. Ive not seen that before on other servers.
  4. Ill take notes next time Im out adventuring to prove my initial point better. This wolf and sheep scenario has a large part to do with it. Sheep arent going to hang out in a field with wolves. Period. Put wolves in the woods. The sheep in fields. I saw a Champion spider and his 5 some odd minions hanging out in a field with about three horses standing right under the Champ (Spidey was 10 times larger than the horse). Theyd have been lunch. Mainly my idea I guess was to create biomes for types of creatures. Or seclude them to certain types of biomes. Just this part of the game when all types of aggressive and non aggressives hangin out on a hill ...together, is kinda...BORING.
  5. Wolf and Sheep having a conversation (likely scene!!) ...I walk up and the wolf attacks! (why wasnt he chewing on the sheep?!)
  6. - Website - Map Just do a search on Wurm server client for "Brittania Reborn" I saw six people there while I was on. Its just getting started. Im an ole school UO fanatic so, if you played UO, this is it!
  7. SE of Landfall, Skara Ruins, I saw a "OOOooooOOoOo". Is that an ancient language?! Jus kiddiing. Great server so far. For those looking to venture' further. There is a camp NE of Skara on the isle, soon to be...a "crossing" hopefully set up permanently, where you can get to the mainland.
  8. I see crocodiles in woods miles from any water source. I see Pigs stand next to a hungered aggressive croc. or a chicken stand next to an anaconda. Example: Id like to see marsh area where crocs spawn. Pigs in "mud", (dirt or marsh) to thrive. Put scorpions in sand. Put goats in the mountains. Aggressive and non aggro be in "like areas". Aggros, eat non aggro. Therefore they spawn and dwell apart from each other. Basically, diversify creature type spawn areas.
  9. - Remove player gods. - Introduce an "Unknown God".
  10. Thought of the need for this today (Fairly new to Wurm). Glad to see it here. BadahBUMP.
  11. Hey.. Ive been on IslaMasona goin on two months. I tried other servers and came back to this one. But since this recent patch/update I cant log on to the server. The admin is awol... ...any ideas?
  12. Jus sayin "Hi". Left you an app.

  13. AlexVII, Pacific. From times of Felucca to Trammel. "Fare thee well traveler..." Hope to see you in Wurm p.s. There is a likeness of skils in Wurm to UO that no one has mentioned. I'll leave that one to mystery. Happy hunting!