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  1. Crossbows!

  2. Archery Bug?

    the problem is if both quivers are equiped and one runs out of arrows or even full it says theres no more arrows to shoot, however, if you got only 1 equiped and it goes empty, game assumes the quivers you got on your inventory and use those.
  3. Archery Bug?

    So you mean this happens when in a pvp server?
  4. Archery Bug?

    Been practicing Achery with two quivers equiped, 1 in quiver slot and another on backpack slot. and many more in inventory It happens, when one of the quivers runs out of arrows the game doesn't assume the other full one, instead, it says i got no more arrows on me, no matter if i got any in inventory. So i need to unquip 1 of the quivers (the empty one) in order to be able to keep firing arrows. Is this supose to be this way or not? Cheers
  5. This spiders are becoming a problem!

  6. I'm looking to buy a small sailling boat on indy. If you got one, please contact me here or Ingame. Cheers
  7. Good services and prices! Recomended by me Goodluck
  8. Stop Punishing People For Server Restarts

    That's why Rolf kindly provide you 5 hours Sleep Bonus You didn't burn all your SB before server crash/restart? Well you should have it done so. If your complain is about the time you lost ingame, which you have payed for, you should contact the boss Have fun!
  9. Stop Punishing People For Server Restarts

    So you rather not having any bonus at all ( and to everyone ), just because you don't fully get it on you? Dude...
  10. Stop Punishing People For Server Restarts

    If there was a notice board ypou wouldn't have free sleep bonus compensation. Move on, i know it sucks sometimes, but as someone said, sometimes you get the bonus, sometimes you don't. Least, you got your own 5 hours sb garantee Cheers
  11. Wanted

    Wurm most wanter guy! You're my hero x) Goodluck;)
  12. Jenn Kellon Recruiting On Chaos

    Awesome place and friendly community! Just join a week ago and i'm loving it! Don't be afraid of being slayed, you'll have your chance to slay back your enemmies Long live Jenn kellon!!
  13. Wts 50K Dirt

    Greettings! I'm looking to sell 50k dirt, pick up only. The dirt is on Independence. For more details and price, PM me. cheers
  14. Blacksmith Looking For A Home

    Where are you from?