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  1. Sorry I double post, just making it easier for quoting me. Guys the facts are these. Epic is empty. PvP is stagnant both on Epic and Chaos. Having a land /world of higher difficulty adventures and missions and HOTA is not affecting anyone badly. An open world where anything happens. Freedom players don't HAVE TO go if they don't want to, and Epic players don't HAVE TO leave. But both can benefit. It's easier to take a portal to go to an event than sail around Freedom Isles (or travel inland Xanadu) Sentiments like "I want Epic to be repopulated into a living, thriving world of its own" are considered 'romantic' at best. They have also been expressed 4 years ago when it still had a chance. These times all Wurmians we must find ways to live together. Having played for a long time on both clusters, I know Epic players think Freedomers will come with higher skills because they play 'long' or don't lose skills by dying as much. And Freedomers think that Epic players have better skills because of the Curve and the ease they gain them with. -Both are not true. These are facts. Not points of view. We all want a new influx of players into Wurm, but it isn't a new game -not for many years now. Without major changes or rebranding, it is hard to even get old Wurmians back. From a developers point of view, it isn't easy to make big game-changing choices at this state. We must do what we can with the population we have and hope for one thing only: that the random returners from time to time will love all the minor changes and want to stick around once more. Tell their friends Wurm got better, invite them to join. Start a little buzz of how Wurm changed in the latter years and maybe then new players might want to give it a try. Even this is difficult as all games have a declining curve. So let's take a hypothetical example... You have stopped playing Wurm and moved on to another game. Your memories are bittersweet of what Wurm offered you and what it couldn't. Suddenly you hear you can log back in with your old toon and play wherever you want. Freedom and Epic. New mini sieges have been added, something you can do within an afternoon with your 4 friends. Also, missions from the gods just for you to do. Weekly and monthly events that don't need you to be in game every. single. day. And Epic, has a new face, a bit more anti-griefing, more open frontier adventure kind of land. Would you check it out? -I would. That's what I'm thinking -and the ideas I present up top are just examples of how this could work.
  2. Well... yeah, ok I KNOW you're right on this, for a Freedomer's point of view. Epic villagers have known Spirit mobs for a long time and Eagles or Drakes are even worse to be on your deed. I just don't want to stand on a single off-my-head example. The point is to evolve missions into group activities. And engage ppl. I also mentioned it being just one rare scenario.
  3. Still working on Druid's Rest so it will be a good time out for me. Keep us posted.
  4. Not with your skills, it wasn't You both seem to stand on a simple example for a mission -and consider an Utacha griefing? It's the easiest of all Valrei mobs. Ok?
  5. The Epic cluster was created with the idea of being easier to jump in and play competitively, fast, for players with no interest to grind, build, and grow animal farms. Yet for years, tweak after tweak, it failed to be anything special but a playground of grief. I was one of the players that considered Serenity my home. Never a hardcore PvPer, never well known or competitive. My only wish was to have the ability to a more "real" life, being able to kill someone who wronged me, an unwanted neighbor, a guy who comes right next to your deed and cuts that nice forest down that you considered your lovely landscape view. I wanted to have the option to do what I want. Do I want to steal a ship? Sure. Attack a merchant? Why not. Be a helpful and kind protector of my realm? Yes sir! Not PvP for the sake of the fight, just the choice a sandbox game should give me. It worked for a bit, but then Kingdoms got the wrong ideas and it all went wrong. By mechanics, there weren't any safeguards on raiding a Kingdom's homeland. On any other game with NPC Kingdoms, the King would have guards protecting his citizens. On Epic our King was the one attacking us. JKE (Elevation) was soon just a different Kingdom than JKH (home) -and Home was left without hardcore PvPers to defend them. Home had no super-fortress deeds constantly defended by 20 high geared, highly skilled and vastly experienced guys. It was the target of them all. (Still, the kingdom's coffers filled from our transactions). Soon, many of us tried to join Elevation, wishing to join the 'strong ones' and keep progressing ourselves. -Only to be treated as 2nd rate carebears from a Home server. Spend our time mine-hoping, building stuff for the deed, grind up certain skills on demand to be "useful". Living behind walls for months on end because "we were too weak to roam outside" and be excluded from HOTA rewards or Kingdom titles. How is that any fun? How is that a semblance of a virtual life? Why wouldn't we move to Freedom? Why would players from Freedom join Epic? However, the Epic cluster has cool landmasses, beautiful home servers, and offers the option to BE anything you want -instead pretend it. I mean, you can paint your caravel black, but it doesn't make you a Pirate. Assaulting other ships and harbors does And I Do still hold a special feeling in my heart for Epic, so I'll try a few proposals to Game devs and the community as a whole. Ascension to Epic Epic shouldn't be a set of islands with different rules within the game. It should be considered the EXPANSION of Freedom Isles. The higher ground, where more seasoned players go to have fun and get rewards. I consider Ascension the proper word for it, even though in Wurm it means becoming a Deity in Valrei. The ways it can become a thrilling and challenging place are several: 1. Higher hunting grounds. The relatively recent ability to teleport back and forth Epic -Freedom Isles has a -yet- unrealized potential. Hunting on empty servers. If only the skill gains can transfer, step 1 is done. Step 2 would be to upgrade all Epic mobs with their "conditioned" versions. How often some Freedom player roams the land looking for mobs able to give him a sliver of FS gain? I bet that guy prays to all gods to happen on a secret greenish troll spawn amongst the trees or a couple of Fiends in a cave. Why not make all Epic a hunting ground with harder versions of the mobs? I'm sure the Epic residents won't mind either They surely don't need so many pigs, or cows or seals -am I wrong? With a proper spawn tweak, the cluster becomes a heaven for adventuring hunters. Before anything else, we need those first. Then maybe some of them decide to setup a hunting camp to stay over on their trips and slowly, share their time spent on both clusters. Even if not, the hunters in Epic lands on any given day will surely be a welcomed population rise and maybe some other 'hunters' get to work... (plays Def Leppard -Die Hard the Hunter) No, really, it's a rather safe hunt (you'll know why further down). I should also point out here that the old disbanded deeds on Serenity alone could grind your Archeology in GODLY levels. ^^ 2. Proper Missions for the Gods A 'proper' mission should have a demand, a reward, and a followup. If the followup also has a better reward or a penalty, it becomes an epic quest -of sorts. Lemme try an example: Mission: Your God asks you to rid the land of the Sons of Nogump that (enemy faction deity) has spawned. I go out and find the Nogumps (12 -not 700!) within a 100 tile area. I kill them and get reward a moonmetal and a shoulder pad. -Mission now changes. The enemy Deity decides to conjure a Spawn of Utacha (tweaked, we can solo those easily and they're too big to spawn in numbers). The Utacha moves to attack the nearest settlement and break walls and fences. If I join that settlements villagers and help kill it, I get rewarded another moonmetal and a Potion of Carpentry (for example). I have a timer to attack the Utacha. If I don't, I am considered a traitor by my God and Eaglespirits spawn to hunt me wherever I go, until I return to Freedom or enter Kingdom's capital. Now, I sneaked in something nasty to unsuspecting settlers, right? Well, having a village on Epic, they should be with friends in the first place and not leave their village undefended. But they also get moonmetal drops from the Utacha, and the situation forces everyone involved to work together. It's also NOT a common scenario to happen too often, but a possible one. The succession could be also Deathcrawlers looking for me. Or to kill a Sol Demon. As missions progress, my chances to receive a Tome increase. Meanwhile, once I took up a mission (and killed the 1st Nogump) the Mission changes for everyone else and only 'I' have that mission. If there are available missions like this on any given moment for a player or a group of players to pursue, things start getting interesting. Missions on Epic should be about Gods fighting each other and they do this by using as pawns Valrei creatures and players. So maybe another player on another mission can become the last thing I need to kill. The champion of 'this' god against the champion of 'that' god. Some could also be reconnaissance missions, like sail to Elevation and check (examine) X tower. I'm really just thinking aloud and coming up with examples, but you get my point I think. Rewards for missions are the same I could get in a Rift participation, except I can do this alone and anytime I want. The difficulty is the same really -if not harder- as killing Rift mobs with 20 other people. 3. Hunt of the Ancients -literally. HOTA is a really boring "capture the flag" game. Basically, every 36h various pillars spawn in a designated area and the first kingdom to conquer four of them wins. Then HOTA statues filled with moonmetals and jewelry spawn at the token of that kingdom's capital for the King, Mayor and their "pals" to split among themselves. Why would anyone from Freedom take part in that? If it's a reward meant for the few that inhabit those lands, then that's what they'll be -a few inhabitants. Sorry guys, gotta give some to get some. What if Freedom players could join a Kingdom temporarily as mercenaries by using a choice menu when HOTA starts? What if -instead- this thing was in the middle of HOTA area? (A Portal locked for use only by the Kingdom that won HOTA) The Kingdom that conquers the pillars gains access to the lost city of the Ancients. Then that Kingdom (and the mercenary allies) can teleport to an underground dungeon that leads to the Sunken City of the Ancients. The Ancients are really the Rift mobs and a Champion Battlemaster (randomly named) is their leader. The City is basically a shiny marble fort inside a huge cave, that we must lay siege on (nothing too complex as designs go). As we crawl the dungeon and prepare our engines, the Ancients send waves of mobs to stop us. Once inside we have to kill the Champion Battlemaster and sacrifice his heart on the altar to win the event. Participation points work just like Rifts but King gets some bonus points. The top scorer gets an Ancient Artifact item (weapon or armor), named after the Battlemaster who died. (Great Sword of Bazool -for example). The rest all get similar rewards as Rifts and 3 HOTA statues are given randomly to participants (appear in inventory with lowered weight until dropped on ground for 1st time). Also, for the duration till the next HOTA, that Kingdom can use the Ancient portal at any time as a safe hideout, and the next Rift (that supposedly sends Ancients to avenge their defeat) spawns within Kingdom territory. This allows for safer Rift hunts within familiar and protected land within the Kingdom. The Rift will still be open to all, but obviously, the Kingdom that won HOTA has an advantage of playfield. The same Portal can also be used to send everyone back to their homes after the event is over. Mercenaries end their "contract to a Kingdom" once they teleport out of HOTA area. This way HOTA becomes a major event (maybe turn it weekly) that involves a lot more people, way better rewards (you didn't forget the named Ancient Artifact, right?), and is way more "epic" and fun. A worthy event to cross over and take part in. 4. Kingdom Vs Kingdom -Resources and Favor, a prestige that can be earned and shared. Throughout Elevation there are 2 Special mines. The only 2 mines that have Utmost veins of metals. All other Utmost veins are removed. Each mine is secured by 6 Spirit Guards and 10 tower guards (what any small deed could have). In the center of the camp is a Kingdom flag. The Kingdom that destroys the last flag and plants their own controls the mine. They can mine the best Q ores with quantity bonuses X2 and either trade with other Kingdoms or starve them from resources. Another Kingdom may have stored large amounts of these resources to last them a while, but eventually, they will deplete. Besides, control of these mines is a sure proof of Prestige. It's no longer "I killed you" -"Yes, but I killed you last week" trash talk. We Own the mines -period. Deal with it and pay up if you need imping ores. (I don't have to mention the need that will arise with the new metal's properties coming to game) Likewise, 2 Shrines guarded by 10 spirit guards offer favor bonuses to priests of the kingdom. Controlling one shrine enhances Favor regeneration. Controlling both gives bonus to all priests similar to the King's Priest (no need for linking for difficult spells). Effort and reward. Reasons to fight for. Consequences. Team play. Do your best with it. If you grab a group and go out, you will do something. Be it PvP or a camp conquest. Or both. 5. Server Raids and the Watchers. No matter how it sounds, Home servers should be somehow protected. They are supposed to be governed by a milder PvP ruleset, one that involves going hunted if you kill another member of the same Kingdom and where your home can't be randomly raided overnight and razed to the ground by enemies you can't defend against. At least not without a warning. It's also supposed to be a hunting ground for all kinds of players. And they have the need to -at least- know when to bail out. So in order for any Kingdom to raid a Home server, they need 1st to attack the 2 HarborMaster towers (Archery towers) at the shores of Elevation before crossing that border. The towers give out server wide warnings to both Elevation and the Home server, so that citizens can mount up defense forces or go into hiding. Furthermore, all guard towers in the land act as Watchers. If an enemy comes within 80 tiles of a tower, it gives off a server-wide msg "Enemy forces are spotted near..." So name your towers properly. Naming a tower by map grid is a nice way to locate enemy presence. Similarly, a raiding force cannot just sail next to Strongbox undetected and start bashing down walls or stealing ships so easy. They have to plan ahead, scout, plot a course and maybe even prepare a hideout in case the Kingdom's citizens give chase. A raid on wildlands is supposed to be quite different than raiding the capital of a Kingdom. If there's a semblance of reality in this, Home servers become rational frontier lands. Calculated risk and reward. This isn't the wild west. Elevation is. And you can't expect people to start over or move to epic without some safety measures any organized Kingdom would have. Furthermore... isn't JK on elevation supposed to be the same Kingdom as JK Serenity? If not, with all the PMKs going on, then a new King is supposed to be appointed at Home. And a new JK area must be assigned around HOTA. Right? Because that part became confusing for a time... If JKE players attack JKH they must become hunted enemies of the Kingdom, can't be both JK and JK-PMK. (setting an old record straight) 6. The Night of Enki -the Lich King Once a month, on a full Jackal (so to speak), the night fills with terrors. Worgs, Liches, Skeletons and Fog Spiders replace normal creatures of the land. (wolves, crocodiles, trolls, and spiders respectively). Every other aggressive monster is replaced with its undead version. That's just an event night, enhanced FS can be gained by killing those mobs, but GMs can also run competitions on that night. I truly believe an event like this is reason enough for people to hop over and join the killing spree- err the fun >.> 7. A new Epic player born. New accounts that decide to just start on Epic cluster and accelerate their PvP oriented game, should get 50 skill upon Prem on all the following: Fight Skill Longsword Shields Archery Bow and 30 skill on all Body Stats. No more skills crossing on 1st time for anyone, ever. They get this boost just to play on Epic. If they choose to move to Freedom, they can do so after 1 month of playing on Epic and 10 points are removed from all the above skills. This will help players that just want to PvP as soon as possible, reach that point faster, but not imbalance anything else. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are just a few ideas that can work individually or combined. (maybe the HOTA dungeon is filled with utmost veins and for a week the winning Kingdom can mine in them) and we don't need the Mine Camps or Shrines (4th suggestion). But they are ideas that elevate the whole cluster into an end-game playground. A theme park of adventure. And I feel that players from all over would love to -at least- visit it once, if not move to live there. I see no reason why we should leave the old things as they were and try find ways to "send new meat" to Epic. It shouldn't be about this. It should be an advanced demanding land that anything can happen. A frontier that we can visit whenever we want (or move there) and find something to do for every taste. That's my opinion anyway, I'll monitor for opinions of the community. I will provide clarifications if needed on ideas, but I must disclaim, these are all rough ideas. None of them is something I been thinking for days. I will not engage in debates and arguments about them. Just hear you all out and see what you think of the OVERAL concept. PS. (sorry for typos and bad formatting. I'll be trying to remedy, but my browser doesn't work well with post editing and I lost 2 very large posts already. Expect editing)
  6. Great news! I think this update might mark a new era (at least for a while). Suggestions for metals: Gold -No natural decay, more dmg from use. (gold is forever, but a soft metal, easily dented) Silver -Normal use and decay but faster to repair and imp back (bigger imp ticks) Copper -dmg from use but repairs don't need lump (just tools) and can be repaired on the road (like ancient Greeks did) Brass -lower dmg from decay and use. Hard to repair and imp. Bronze -bronze armors take less, almost no dmg from use. Zinc -now zinc could be the decorative metal. Being white, easy to dye and have colored gear. Fragile in use. Tin -should be the joker of the metals. Whatever created, takes immediately the ql of the lump. No imping. But each hit reduces it by 25% dmg. No repair available. One-time-use paper items XD Lead -Heavy and soft metal. Great for arrowheads +2 to dmg Steel -As is, needs a bit less dmg taken. Still takes too much in comparison Not touching moon metals and their bonuses -it will make a lot of ppl angry fast. As for Epic. I think the main "balancing" idea is itself a wrong footing. Epic has good land masses and can support anything. It should be considered an awakening. A step up in difficulty and reward alike, a land of adventure. Reverse the mission outcomes and instead of having nogumps spawn after a mission is done, make their demise the mission itself. Add physical rewards from the missions (just like Rifts) and allow these rewards to cross back to freedom. All it takes really for anyone to cross over, is a reward. Also, freedomers believe the 'curve' is so much easier skill grind, when it isn't that different. On Epic you can create higher Ql with lower skill and that is the difference. The skill ticks aren't bigger or faster. Even with that misconception, they still don't cross over to "grind". The incentive only works for people who want to skill fast and want to sacrifice safety with easier skill up. The reward should be fun, hunting grounds and the ability to get loot.
  7. I read your post and watched your video in a sincere and positive way. It rubbed me so nicely, that I found myself hoping it would be true and at same time wondering what would affect if it was. Certain issues jumped to my head and I thought it was nice to mention them and consider it all a "bundle post" directed at any and all Wurm devs that might read it. I wrote my comments politely, but -yes, I was sarcastic and disappointed. Many players would understand the feeling and sympathize. Those who have never known Wurm-fatigue can never understand. But I never attacked you personally. I never called you names, or claim the NPCs are a bad idea. I merely called them a vanity demand in my own words. But calling me toxic? A Toxic PvP player? Really? Well, I guess the voices on the matter are a bit one-sided. Let's see what never ceases to amaze other people... -Hmmm.. -So do tell us KatsPurr, what else you want customly made for you? So.. more UO eh? Note to Forum mods: I will gladly take a troll-post warning for this. But this whole situation was a personal insult to me and to others like me who are not vocal or enthusiastic enough to post on forums. I believe I have made my point, so I'll be leaving now this thread for good and not return. *drops mic*
  8. Please COD shovel, BOTD80: 30c to Gavarron
  9. It is possible but 4 and 5 cant have different materials. Make 3-tile bridges, I think 4-tile can't work also. Don't forget the 'walls' your bridges will create for you. Get on wurmian view and walk under to see. Past 5 tiles your bridge is also gonna give you a pillar. I have done this with 3x3 bridge-ceiling Also, the adjacent bridges will give you different curves underneath so it might not look good.
  10. I'd like my participation silvers, please. For no other reason than the time I spent to post my submissions. I PMed you but got no response. I hope it isn't intentional and you have been preoccupied IRL.
  11. Well if I thought I'd have to go paragraph by paragraph defending my opinion, I would have thought twice before posting. Be it as it may... My opinion of you and your ideas isn't demeaning nor sarcastic. And I do love Wurm, probably more than you. You see, you represent the people who find no wrong with the game. You like what's there and want more of it. -Myself, I'm with the people who find it leaning towards a vanity-box rather than a sandbox. And yet.. Since 2013 I STILL can't quit it. My words aren't meant to be sarcastic. It's a matter of fact that our community consists of both carebears with flowerbeds outside their door as well as fanatic skillers that just need to reach max ranks. Nothing wrong with that. But there was another playerbase among us, that of players who found Wurm a potential battleground, a world that could be shaped and conquered just the same. Many of you might recognize the playerbase I speak of. Back when whole kingdoms didn't disband as a last resort to protest to our GMs. Those who -to this day- run around looking for reasons not to quit. Some of them were the reason Wurm got worse, others made it better. Now, what I did in my response wasn't to counter a good idea. It would be great if we could have the NPCs you speak of. I don't even agree with those saying "don't ask for stupid things when devs could be working on important stuff". No... Every good idea is worth its own spotlight. I just want to say "Yes, this is a great idea, but we won't be content just to play in our own little dollhouses, we still want content. We still think the Valrei should be reworked, the missions suck, the mob spawns are flawed, the animal crates are important, Rifts could have a backstory and some impact if left open. We want priests worked, sorcery possible for everyone, and a reason to PvP." Why do I mention these in your post? Exactly because I find it such a good idea that it may steer interest (of players) into other things and ultimately change the future of Wurm. Once we have NPCs, the next step will be to code them to do our chores. To "hire" them for bonuses -as you also mentioned. I disagree on that. You see.. (and -again- I'm not trying to look down on you) I come from Epic cluster and I know how it is to have Valrei spirits spawn in your spawn city and people not coming out to clear them. I know how it is to have Rifts open for days because there's not enough population interested to go close them. I know how it feels to be alone on your deed not seeing a soul in local for months. I still live on such a deed -in Xanadu. The population has dropped and keeps dropping. I don't want new incentives for people to stay in their bed. I want them to have reasons to visit a capital, a neighbor's deed, another server. I want the King's coffers constantly EMPTY for them until they realize -they never actually helped their king with anything. I want spells failing until they realize they didn't do enough missions for their deity to be asking for this power. And I do disagree strongly with you on the "added benefits". Benefits for who? Those who pay for extra NPC helpers and "Dockmasters"? Those who want to leave the game for months and return without decay on their ships? No, I'm vertically against you on that. What about the sense of accomplishment? You get that by slowly grinding a skill to 100, but many of us don't. Even you create a village you like and want to share it with the world. You want others to see it. Why would I come? To pay an added bonus to something? That's the same superficial thinking the community had so far. If my NPC tells me of a tale that his brother in law NPC on your village knows where the Rare large oak shield of X warrior is buried, -there! I have a reason to visit your village and a quest on my hands. Anyway, I'm bored typing. I just want to say -don't just ask for new dolls to play with, consider a bigger picture of what Wurm world could be. (and don't be the typical forum dweller defending his post paragraph by paragraph Sometimes it's nice to let other people state their opinions too)
  12. I laughed so hard at that! Trolls will be running away from you is more likely. I hope you have a fun time and if you happen by Aranith Sanctuary, I'll be happy to provide food and shelter for as long as you want mate. (Though it's hard to find it in the wilderness I'm located in) Just give me a holler -Gavarron
  13. If you come by Aranith Sanctuary, I'll be happy to shelter you for a while mate
  14. I love it. And I love your sense of decorations. Style and finesse! I often try to do simple and small things like covering the flower pots with a cauldron for a different look or use herb planters as decor. Sometime back I tried enchanting young fir and lemon trees and place a planter under them to look like potted trees. I thought enchanted they wouldn't grow. Sadly, they did so I abandoned the idea Wurm has so much potential if only someone would play around with the stuff already designed and add more game items. Now to the matter at hand. I've always felt like Wurm was created as a java clicker. (some of us remember the old right click menu crafting repetitions, at the borders of carpal tunnel syndrome) A game that makes money by the time you spend on it. So everything had to be time wasting. So it takes time to make a pottery planter even if it's the simplest thing. But the endgame content was abruptly cut off and not worked out much. You make rings and bracelets from day one in jewelsmithing but years later with skill 90 there's nothing new to bring into the world. No more complicated and intricate design you picked up as a lifelong master jeweler. It was the same with kingdoms, PvP, Valrei gods, sorcery tomes (later) and more recently Rifts. Roughly tossed in game without detailing and thought out mechanics. The main idea used to be "the secrecy effect". Don't talk about some things, don't explain how they work or what they do, and gamers won't be disappointed or ask for more tweaks. Eventually, we learned and we did. But time was already gained and when the subject finally came up, there was still more time to work on it and apply a "fix". So there are no quests or missions in Wurm. There are no PvP scenarios of commerce or war. No PvE content within a lore context. No Lore. At all. It was always easy to brush this too under a carpet by declaring Wurm a pure sandbox game where "we let the players create their own content". But the purpose was never "the Fun". It was the spending time. The recent -brilliant- cooking system was so easily adopted as a coding project because it adds more to that. More time to click around and do things. But will we ever see orcs setting up camp and working together? No. Will hungry bears go out of their way to attack villages for food? Nop. Will cows stop spending their lives up on steep rock cliffs? Or chicken spawn in farms instead of everywhere else? Rats spawn in harbors and run on ship ropes? Better yet, will we ever see a reason for a war or trade between kingdoms? Is there some content that would reward players to play on a "PvP" server? What would the players want? The players are what ruins the games. I've had this talk with some friends from Gamasutra some years back. In other games, players were happy if nobody spawnkilled them. In Wurm PvP they want to be left alone to skill up, build a base (preferably the 'perfect' fortress atop impossible dirtwalls) and gear up and THEN come out to PvP when they want at their own leisure. And then, if they die, the rage on forums about how 3 enemies ganked up on them and how lame Wurm PvP is. So what would the players want? -Ideally, to win. Be a super awesome hero unlike anyone has seen on the land. So Wurm gives them WUnlimited. Be whatever you want in your own "hacked" world. Now, would random NPCs be good and give depth to the world? Depends. In your own private world or Wurm Online? In another discussion with beta testers, we wondered what was it we loved most in the old Dark Age of Camelot mmo. Sure, over the years passed and with the mmo flops that followed, many talk about the RvR PvP. But back then we knew what made us all enamored with that game. It was the lore. It was the premise we were given. NPCs we could only find at night, factions that would hate us if we did this or that and factions that would love us for it. The consequences. The smart dialogues with the NPCs. The "epic quest lines" firstly introduced back then. The vague lost lores of older civilizations long gone. Things we were given. Not asked for. We are all spoiled brats that want everything. But an interesting game is one that gives a context and a frame. If those are linked to lore -all the best. We build taverns and harbors. Nobody visits. Do you wonder why? Because we have the freedom to eat and moor anywhere. If ships could only moor in harbors and when not moored they could drift in the water, your harbor would be used. If you needed a campfire or a tavern to eat your food, people would use your tavern. If you could only logout by sleeping in a bed or a tent (and these tents are a joke btw), your Inn would be visited. If there was a rule saying you can't wear armor and weapons in town -by some town marshal- and the clothing system was also reworked (maybe add hats, scarves, dresses(!), various shoes and boots, capes,,.) there would be reasons to wear clothes. It's restrictions we miss, not freedom. As things stand, should I be content with what the game is? Would I like human NPCs to pretend my village isn't a barren waste of time? Do I want to pretend these villagers are my friends and name them Bart -the InnKeeper or Molly -the ######? Meh sure, why not. Since there's never a reason in game to become a villager myself and live with others, I might as well be a mayor of my own ghost town and live with my dolls... PS. Yes, I do have ideas and suggestions on all things mentioned above. But Wurm has taught me: Devs don't listen to ideas, they listen to the masses of players and then compare the time used Vs immediate revenue gained. Apparently, I'd have more success pitching ideas to WU moders.