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  1. Love in Wurm

    Don't make me hold all this in. I have so much love to give.
  2. Love in Wurm

    +1. Armyskin for trophy wife 2019. Make polygamy great again.
  3. So your issue is the art? I think two styles of ship would be needed to separate the current functions the knarr fills in game. We would need a Drekkar added.
  5. +1 to the bandaging
  6. I like how it didn't count the 5000 liters of wine I made.
  7. I knew Elwood would be all over this one.
  8. The Screenshots Thread

    [10:04:54] <Astarte> have a great wurming time and happy getting in troubles! [10:05:01] <Armyskin> always
  9. Make snowman statue dyable

    +1 to making my snowman yellow
  10. What happened to the Wurm Uni Kingdom Graphics?

    Those aren't old and new. They are template and PMK.
  11. quit all afk systems

    leveling mine floors I can AFK a weekend
  12. Improving Tents

    +1 My beer tent is about to poof.
  13. Make Scythes A Better Weapon

    +1 to a separate model whether the historical or fantasy type
  14. Make Scythes A Better Weapon

    So we are in agreement that as nonideal weapons they are working as intended. If a new "war scthye" were added that would be fine and not silly. ttps://
  15. Make Scythes A Better Weapon

    [18:58:26] You prepare to perform a High number on mature hell hound! there is the special move you can do using a hammer. special moves dont make things weapons
  16. Make Scythes A Better Weapon

    Sickle also isn't a weapon.
  17. Make Scythes A Better Weapon

    Farming tool is not a weapon just because you can use it as one. A brick is a weapon too then and should bash harder than mauls since they weigh more.
  18. What a misery :(

    +1 its why I am here still after 6 years
  19. New Type of Unique Spider Queen

    +1 to new uniques and bigger spiders.
  20. Make Oakshell an armor enchant

    You have never been in a pvp kingdom eh?
  21. For Auld Lang Syne

  22. CLOSE Heartbroken