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  1. 44 minutes ago, Angelklaine said:

    What about making corpses unable to be picked up, but pull/push/load/unload like certain furniture, and require a timed action to open, like a butchering action, interruptable by combat? This would prevent people from spamming take and avoid people from racing to their corpses and just re-gearing instantly.


    You can still recover/loot corpses on the battlefield but it requires you to strategize their recovery and makes it difficult to do in the heat of battle.

    Same thing I said but allows for quick loading to a cart

  2. I feel that player corpses should not be able to be picked up but drug like a cart instead. The gear should need to be removed with an action timer if enemies are within a number of tiles and if you are removing an item from a corpse you should receive some penalty to defending yourself from enemies. Spamming take on a corpse is silly in a fight. 

  3. Wrought iron is a different monster entirely. 


    Iron, cast iron, wrought iron, and steel each have different characteristics and uses. Hell I just learned about a process used on cast iron for the first time this week. Metallurgy needs some love and I had hoped the adding of electrum would be a useful addition to the skill. Sadly it is only for making a rune, and also gold plate with a slightly off greenish tint.

  4. 5 hours ago, HexD said:

    If you think of it like this, if it costs 1s per book for example and the most books any one account can make in a month is 4, but it costs 8 euros a month for premium then the cost of producing the books is more than they return 

    What this would do is add that 4s to any other way that an account is able to make silver. Yes it is less than a months prem.

  5. 3 hours ago, HexD said:

    Not worth spamming, there's a difference.

    But if it is worth selling, then more of it is better. Being of value to sell it is inherently worth the effort to sell more of it. If it isn't worth the effort to sell many than I can't see it's value in a lesser quantity.

  6. 41 minutes ago, HexD said:

    It's already pay2win. 

    thats why i said more.

    42 minutes ago, HexD said:

    I can't see people spamming alts to write books for money when the return won't be worth it

    if it isnt worth selling then how is it worth anything to an account with low skills that can raise its skill alone?