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  1. Premium suggestions

    +1 to the 8 week work month!
  2. New Server Hunting Only

    +1 to hunting server with no deeds
  3. Premium suggestions

  4. Bring back uses for alcohol

    I have 2 barrels of wine next to my forge for affinities
  5. Ultimate Battle/Event Area Via Portal

    No instances please. They aren't even using the challenge server anyway so what's the point of making a challenge rift server?
  6. Ultimate Battle/Event Area Via Portal

    Sounds like an impalong.
  7. people use auto fight?
  8. FLOWERS, SEEDS AND BUSHES I got you bro.
  9. Pave Tile Borders

    Turn lanes?
  10. Mining & Rock Slopes (pvp)

    I will always support the removal of the mining restriction set on chaos and the limits set on concrete there as well.
  11. Dying cloth Jacket and Sleeves

    then we can have wizard robes like harry potter
  12. New Animal Plus Use for Small Carts

    +1. Cross everything with champ octopus. The Tentacle Goddess would approve.
  13. New Special Christmas Gift

    [10:44:42] <Retrograde> Kidding aside, be good all, retroclause is watching, and if you want your super awesome christmas gift thats super OP, better be good [10:44:51] <Retrograde> else armyskin will have to share his coal
  14. We were making a pvp joke at that time. Also in regards to pvp and hitting your own horse, paying attention was the main argument made for the change that freedom got not also being applied to chaos.
  15. QOL - Meditation

    Each time I successfully move the needed number of tiles for my next meditation I like to look and my participation trophies and reflect on all the accomplishments I have achieved.
  16. Have you tried paying attention to what you are doing?
  17. New Special Christmas Gift

    I'm putting my bucket out in hopes of coal again.
  18. Makers mark to fencing and walls ..

    im sorry this conversation has become so confusing to you.
  19. Makers mark to fencing and walls ..

    Settle down there Hashirama.
  20. What do you look like

    how did you get that much tattoo without a chest?