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  1. Make Scythes A Better Weapon

    Farming tool is not a weapon just because you can use it as one. A brick is a weapon too then and should bash harder than mauls since they weigh more.
  2. What a misery :(

    +1 its why I am here still after 6 years
  3. New Type of Unique Spider Queen

    +1 to new uniques and bigger spiders.
  4. Make Oakshell an armor enchant

    You have never been in a pvp kingdom eh?
  5. For Auld Lang Syne

  6. CLOSE Heartbroken

  7. CLOSE Heartbroken

    I hope I am able to continue seeing the community come together to help its members when something like this happens. Seeing the offers of help are the reason that I feel Wurm has not betrayed me.
  8. Sledding

  9. CLOSE Heartbroken

    Is there a way that this is a positive interaction with players?
  10. CLOSE Heartbroken

    if they are saying that they cant fix this then they need to explain why others were helped. I had Enki come and count my wine. He verified all of mine from pre patch and post.
  11. CLOSE Heartbroken

    put in a ticket, they have fixed this for multiple players now it shouldnt be a problem
  12. Magranon's Rest - Recording my descent into madness.

    Guess I better get my shovel sharpened for all the dirt you will need.
  13. Add PvP Abilities

    +1 swapping armour out in a fight is silly and should be time consuming and dangerous if attempted
  14. Make Oakshell an armor enchant

    Remove all speed restrictions to every armour and make plate great again
  15. Wurmiversary 2018

    i abandoned this event when out of game resources were needed for the clues.
  16. remove all speed restrictions for all armours
  17. Anaconda Size

  18. +1 And have it ignore the concrete slope limits as well please
  19. +1 even though they would be empty barrels, I would have one.
  20. Small Bell on Fishing Rod

    +1 to more bells
  21. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    An ambitious GM would now use our new buoys to mark off the dangerous server corners as a warning to sailing players.
  22. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Looks good so far
  23. +1 to passive NON-feral house cats.
  24. Ban character selling/sharing

    The word to describe this is communism.