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  1. I support all of the points made by Warg.
  2. No we want one worth playing
  3. What happened to GM Hall

    "Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past."
  4. Bonfires

    Looks at stash of wagons carts and furniture
  5. Bonfires

    Yes Also have it leave 1 ash for each log that was put in it.
  6. Large Backpack

    Holy necromancy! And also +1
  7. 3x server - Homeage to Wurm Unlimited

    This post is also making a good morning for me today. It's always nice when a suggestion makes a false claim.
  8. Epic Portals 10c Each Use

    This suggestion just made my morning, thank you for this.
  9. A rack to store bulk storage bins. No. I want a rack for the BSUs
  10. New armor Graphics...Please

    roughly 1 billion other examples to post here but I wont
  11. Real net fishing pls

  12. Real net fishing pls

    I would like nets to be set on a tile and then leave them for a Wurm day to fill and then you go out and collect it, repair it's damage from use, and reset it again.
  13. No Decay on Ground for Days

    to note, i had a pelt on my floor in my house underground on deed for over a year with almost no damage
  14. Coffee... should be a thing.

    needs a straw
  15. Making Wurm Feel More Alive

    $7.50 per month is less than a pack of cigarettes i didnt know that was where the line was drawn. What do other games cost per month?
  16. No Decay on Ground for Days

    been carrying mine for 3 years
  17. Rework Journal.

    i didnt have to pay to put on a friends scale set.
  18. Rebalancing destructive power of tools

    -1 because sledgehammer.