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  1. I noticed it last night at the Exo rift. Thank you for saving me from needing to stay up late.
  2. wind

    Good suggestion +1
  3. How do you convey how hardcore Wurm is?

    Wurm is easy. Dedicating yourself to achieving what you desire in Wurm is the only hard thing in the game.
  4. Volume Indicator

    +1 but it needs to have the terrible colors
  5. Why is transmutation so horrible?

    Children vs adults. Sounds like Minecraft is calling for you.
  6. I have been diseased twice now and my journal has not updated. I have the black tome which gives disease resistance too, in some way has this caused the goal to not be achievable?
  7. [Bug] Become Diseased not counting

    My achievements is actually tracking my last time being diseased as well.
  8. [Bug] Become Diseased not counting

    I would love for a dev to chime in and confirm if the tome interferes with completing the journal goal.
  9. It does. You can't block access to a building not owned by you.
  10. Scrap item limits on cargo

    Ask Elwood about his woodscraps sometime if you want to hear about piles crashing servers. The 100 item limit is a good thing trust me.
  11. were are the good maps gone
  12. Red Fish Blue Fish

    10 kg catfish 75 fishing 50ql pro reel 83 ql rod no bait
  13. Love in Wurm

    Don't make me hold all this in. I have so much love to give.
  14. Love in Wurm

    +1. Armyskin for trophy wife 2019. Make polygamy great again.
  15. Suggestions for fun pvp

  16. So your issue is the art? I think two styles of ship would be needed to separate the current functions the knarr fills in game. We would need a Drekkar added.
  18. +1 to the bandaging
  19. I like how it didn't count the 5000 liters of wine I made.
  20. I knew Elwood would be all over this one.
  21. The Screenshots Thread

    [10:04:54] <Astarte> have a great wurming time and happy getting in troubles! [10:05:01] <Armyskin> always
  22. Make snowman statue dyable

    +1 to making my snowman yellow
  23. What happened to the Wurm Uni Kingdom Graphics?

    Those aren't old and new. They are template and PMK.