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  1. Give us nombers! Care alot of info!

    you are asking to have a drop of water explain so you can understand the rest of the bucket with this. there are so many other things that would need to be explained to even make the end number have any meaning if it was given to you.
  2. I support all of the points made by Warg.
  3. What happened to GM Hall

    "Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past."
  4. Bonfires

    Looks at stash of wagons carts and furniture
  5. Bonfires

    Yes Also have it leave 1 ash for each log that was put in it.
  6. Large Backpack

    Holy necromancy! And also +1
  7. 3x server - Homeage to Wurm Unlimited

    This post is also making a good morning for me today. It's always nice when a suggestion makes a false claim.
  8. Epic Portals 10c Each Use

    This suggestion just made my morning, thank you for this.
  9. A rack to store bulk storage bins. No. I want a rack for the BSUs
  10. New armor Graphics...Please

    roughly 1 billion other examples to post here but I wont
  11. Real net fishing pls

  12. Real net fishing pls

    I would like nets to be set on a tile and then leave them for a Wurm day to fill and then you go out and collect it, repair it's damage from use, and reset it again.
  13. No Decay on Ground for Days

    to note, i had a pelt on my floor in my house underground on deed for over a year with almost no damage
  14. Coffee... should be a thing.

    needs a straw
  15. Making Wurm Feel More Alive

    $7.50 per month is less than a pack of cigarettes i didnt know that was where the line was drawn. What do other games cost per month?
  16. No Decay on Ground for Days

    been carrying mine for 3 years
  17. Rework Journal.

    i didnt have to pay to put on a friends scale set.