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  1. Looks like fake gameplay. That has been done already.
  2. i fast multiple times without eating, if food was worth anything I would eat, so no it is not worthwhile unless you count personal enjoyment from doing it.
  3. no one is going to state the obvious arrow to a knee reference that could be made?
  4. All hail the Mighty Seedlings.
  5. haybales dont get tied by hand anyway. I already play farm simulator, dont need tractors here too.
  6. I climbed Dragonfang with sandwiches. It was fine.
  7. congrats on the post. +1 always wanted some sort of fertilizer system.
  8. +1 Wurmhole made the point i was going to bring up about them being lore friendly iconography.
  9. I have never been part of a deed that wasn't dictatorship so I dont see why anything other than democracy is needed. That has voting doesn't it?
  10. Because it didn't involve casting lol.
  11. -1. I already fast multiple times between eating, this would introduce a new mechanic for me to ignore. Dont force playstyles on others.