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  1. I had such a hard time getting diseased for the journal that I made a post about to see if the disease resistance from the black tome was preventing me from getting the status.
  2. [10:48:51] <Grumpled> [16:47:37] The bees get angry and defend the wild hive by stinging you. [10:48:09] <Grumpled> we have to do the smoker thing? [10:48:30] <Armyskin> what, they made it a requirement? [10:52:17] <Armyskin> [10:52:02] You heat the air around the birch tree. [10:52:41] <Armyskin> now why would that not remove the bees? Just wondering if having the tile engulfed in flames could remove a hive.
  3. I was not going to give this support until I read point number three. +1
  4. +1 to all of these, and Jackalopes too
  5. +1 to pseudoscience. Let Elwood feed us sawdust.
  6. its in the game already, hit someone with a hammer and watch them puke. note the column under blunt labeled "PUKE"
  7. -1, portcullis sound is cancer, bad example of a thing to add more of
  8. Use terrain association. Like in the real world. You have a map use it. Don't ask for GPS instead of learning a skill.
  9. I never understood why these were separate. +1
  10. Only if its random on what item it picks
  11. it does snow in winter, its terrible, i stay in my cave because it looks so bad