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  1. Bonfire

    +1 to fires just for the hell of it, not even hoping for a function.
  2. Animal feeding

    also +1
  3. Patch Notes: 10/JUL/18

    Is there a line to sign up for said touches?
  4. Belt buckle number adjustment

    The what?
  5. Tip - Emergency Stop

    Doesn't escape already do this?
  6. Patch Notes: 10/JUL/18

    Ha! He thinks it was only 10k.
  7. Thanks devs.

    +1 to Kraken release.
  8. The letter K

  9. Thanks devs.

  10. The Screenshots Thread

    that is horrifying
  11. Useless Unicorns

    -1 to mail order players
  12. They aren't opinion based. It's able to be tested and it is determined by you personal skills and equipment. Short sword would be the last thing I would suggest out of your choices. As stated above mobs have no stamina so using a dedicated defensive weapon has zero advantage over dealing more damage.
  13. Trapping/Tracking

  14. kill the opponent faster than it is killing you. If you are able to deal enough damage with a huge axe using aggressive then stick with it. if you need to block and parry, then I feel for you when that troll bonks you in the noggin the first time and you get the red tunnel. Best of luck to you