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  1. I mean a reason that it needs to be changed is a start.
  2. Although with more people to spread the work around the load is lightened.
  3. Your first point is an opinion that it should not exist and the second point only brings up the fact that it is harder to maintain with a larger citizen list. So again what is the problem with it? And I'm playing on a PVP server now and have yet to see how there is a problem.
  4. I know how it is maintained, what is wrong with it?
  5. but if you gain other cr levels then it makes the war bonus benefit higher still right?
  6. so what is wrong with it?
  7. 70 in my mind has always been the point where I felt it was ok to mention that I possessed a skill.
  8. As I sit with my kingdom and our enemies on the oldest server.
  9. So it is a duel with flair added?