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  1. maybe it will read the skirmishes posts and be the first fatality from autism
  2. I would be happy with even a row of hooks that could display what you had hanging from them on the wall.
  3. +1 to all animals including the children
  4. For added realism have it so you keep catching the same g!@$%^n fish each time until you move to get away from it.
  5. Thank you for continuing to add things we have asked for
  6. We have chain armour so Vikings are
  7. I am happy that in two months you managed to find players from 2 different kingdoms. now this is the suggestion thread, what is your suggestion?
  8. You are welcome for all of the traffic i have brought. Now make all of this relevant to the suggestions thread.
  9. Ok it's not dying, no one wants to play with you is all. I don't think that is a better way of putting it but it is also more true than saying epic is alive and recovering from a sickness to spring forth as a majestic butterfly from the dedicated husk it currently is.
  10. The player count does not reflect your statement. When epic is down to its last player it is still not dead, but it is very much dying.
  11. Lunalong 2019

    Dracaa should i come over?