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  1. sounds like you need to use the mapdump and write up a Frommer's to go with it.
  2. I would rather just be allowed to wear my historical kingdom's tabard.
  3. xan is the only freedom server at the moment with any living uniques
  4. good reason, i wasnt for this until these points were brought up. +1
  5. I will +1 with the caveat that wagons carts and unfinished ships go in it as well.
  6. Thank you for catching the implications of having the ai tweaked in such a way. So many times things like this aren't considered when a suggestion is made.
  7. Even better if it were coded for the enique to actively seek players and deeds and destroy any means of containment.
  8. i thought we were getting a different client for login that was going to handle some of this?
  9. I ran in full gear in Afghanistan. It is possible, and it drains you very quickly.
  10. tanto and shield would be pretty funny