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  1. we sprint nonstop and end up carrying 100s of KGs of weight, this serves no purpose, plan your loadout better until you are strong enough to carry what you want, hell we dont even use plate anymore so actually all players using chain or leather currently are getting this benefit already whether they know it or not
  2. where is our heart emote? you dont like the trees are gone, then plant more, welcome to sandbox.
  3. +1 causing aoe damage
  4. lighthouses definitely came out no sooner than Thursday
  5. Champ octopus and basically everything on the server. Finally a suggestion that will please our glorious tentacled queen. +1
  6. Why are these needed in game?
  7. Play on the old servers. Plenty of food to be had. Also the existing player base would love to have you with them.
  8. +1 Can't wait to desecrate an altar and have to explain that to the wife
  9. yes give me SB on chaos for this inconvenience i didnt know about