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  1. quit all afk systems

    leveling mine floors I can AFK a weekend
  2. Improving Tents

    +1 My beer tent is about to poof.
  3. Make Scythes A Better Weapon

    +1 to a separate model whether the historical or fantasy type
  4. Make Scythes A Better Weapon

    So we are in agreement that as nonideal weapons they are working as intended. If a new "war scthye" were added that would be fine and not silly. ttps://
  5. Make Scythes A Better Weapon

    [18:58:26] You prepare to perform a High number on mature hell hound! there is the special move you can do using a hammer. special moves dont make things weapons
  6. Make Scythes A Better Weapon

    Sickle also isn't a weapon.
  7. Make Scythes A Better Weapon

    Farming tool is not a weapon just because you can use it as one. A brick is a weapon too then and should bash harder than mauls since they weigh more.
  8. What a misery :(

    +1 its why I am here still after 6 years
  9. New Type of Unique Spider Queen

    +1 to new uniques and bigger spiders.
  10. Make Oakshell an armor enchant

    You have never been in a pvp kingdom eh?
  11. For Auld Lang Syne

  12. CLOSE Heartbroken

  13. CLOSE Heartbroken

    I hope I am able to continue seeing the community come together to help its members when something like this happens. Seeing the offers of help are the reason that I feel Wurm has not betrayed me.
  14. Sledding