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  1. I love the bit about remove death tabs so the other team doesn't know you died, as if discord doesn't provide voice comms.
  2. Socks

    +1 boots without socks in uncomfortable. and also gives me the chance to hang up a stocking so it can be filled with coal on X-mas.
  3. Damn. I was hoping for a five year prem bundle.
  4. +1 Been buying year at a time for 7 years now.
  5. walk across xanadu and see how conveniently spaced the deeds are, then how many of those arent locked down
  6. Make a road in the wilderness and see it is still there years later on mapdumps.
  7. When I walked across Xan I would have loved a camp to setup at each stop. I only ever ran into a few players (They are still in my friends list) and even fewer deeds with an "inn". Requiring a bed to accrue sleep bonus is forcing a play style for a thing that is intended to bridge the gap between players who are able to spend a lot of time in game gaining skill and players who have less time to devote to playing. For this reason I believe that the need for a "bed" be inclusive of play styles that don't involve the player being on deed each log out. For this same reason I am also opposed to any suggestion of modifying the sleep bonus rate for any reason since it will only benefit a player who is able to take advantage of such a benefit. TLDR: sleep bonus for all equally regardless of skills, quality, or location.