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  1. The suggestion of teleporting using karma is a very interesting idea. Too bad it was decided that such a thing needed to be removed from the game a few years back.
  2. Yeah but Snoo, none of that was clear and it fails to be persistent if it is removed.
  3. Doesn't anyone carry a statuette anymore? Any priest worth logging in should be holding one at all times in their inventory.
  4. I always felt that hate should have been the counter to insanity with both having equal permanent buffs that offset each other. +1
  5. I would like to see more of a warning for all players that a troll is near, maybe some sounds that change as they get nearer. This would be nice both for players trying to avoid them and those out seeking them.
  6. half of the mobs on the entire server are in the top 20% of it
  7. If there are thousands of new active players then the few old accounts don't hold the sway they do now.
  8. I also have a friend who went Mag for the disintegrate, only to find it was faster to mine.
  9. -1. No preferential treatment regardless of gang affiliation. Seriously though it could solve the aiming of a horse down the road.
  10. This is a better option than what I was asking for.
  11. i would go further and have locksmithing metalurgy and jewlerysmithing fall under blacksmithing as their parent skill.
  12. Could the loyalty tome be random from all the old sorcery options and not just the 7 tomes please?
  13. thank you for player god removal