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  1. Makers mark to fencing and walls ..

    im sorry this conversation has become so confusing to you.
  2. Makers mark to fencing and walls ..

    Settle down there Hashirama.
  3. What do you look like

    how did you get that much tattoo without a chest?
  4. Ship Building Legend Title

    boaty Mcboatface
  5. Makers mark to fencing and walls ..

    If it was a waste of time for you to deal with it then why does this post exist?
  6. Makers mark to fencing and walls ..

    +1 no need for any changes
  7. Makers mark to fencing and walls ..

    if someone wants to build a fence, they can build a fence. If someone else wants to bash it, they can. Can we stop limiting the sandbox? this is the oak trees on deli all over.
  8. Makers mark to fencing and walls ..

    Troll club to club a troll fence lol
  9. Camels

    In light of further research +1.
  10. Oakshell convenience: Override light armors

    +1 but can I still look trashy while naked?

    i dont see why the bees need to have their own event spam anyway.
  12. Human Mobs, Human Blood

    we already have lairs and the guard towers spawn human npcs so in what way could the 2 not be combined to have human npc spawning lairs?
  13. Creating an ongoing market in WURM

    Never got a coin from foraging or hunting eh?