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  1. more often than not they turn out to just be autistics with pointy objects
  2. maybe it was included in the update today that has no notes.
  3. So all PMK, village, and player pages will be removed as well? "The Main namespace is reserved for current accurate information about Wurm Online, not for player history and stories." Will a space be made for these to be restored and archived or are we now abandoning our history?
  4. Hehehe. Thorny thoughts. +1
  5. little interior decorating after a recent mission.
  6. I had to run from the last champ whale i tried to solo. had a good first half but after that it seemed like i stopped hitting.
  7. There was a point when arch was well received?
  8. +1 To everything Wipeout and Flubb suggested.
  9. Since the topic has come up again I would like to bring up the fact that the combat manual doesn't prove that a sickle is a viable weapon. If fighting a person who is not wearing armour then any object is going to be an advantage over nothing. The point is not that a sickle has never been used. The point is that it is not a weapon of war. If the only factor was an object's ability to cause damage then we should be able to pick up rock and just drop them on each other or swing felled trees. No army has ever armed their soldiers with sickles. It is what is known as an expedient weapon meaning it is an object that is able to do damage. Sadly all historical accounts of it also show that it is used against unarmoured opponents. If an object is only good at being lethal in very specific cases it is not a recommended choice when better options are available. In no way is a sickle ever going to be the preferred weapon over something that is specifically designed for war. It is a tool of limited reach with the blade placed on the wrong edge to be able to slash and is poorly suited to penetrate any amount of armour because of its weight and length.
  10. Right, that is the reason i said a 2x2 area would be good. Walls not interfering but a decoration like a rug being under the catapult is something else that makes this a silly mechanic. If a decoration is going to block the use then it had better damn well be an item that would interfere Larders FSBs and the like. On the same note walls and fences should also need to be a small distance away. A catapult pulled up to and facing a multistory building should also get a block message.
  11. I agree with things being 2 tiles away interfering is an issue, catapult should need a clear area to function. more than a 3x3 needing to be clear was not information that was known to me when I first replied. A balance should be found. I feel an area 2x2 would be fine to consider moving around to "use" the machine. but yes having things piled up all around the catapult impeding its use is absolutely an immersion thing. If I were to pull a catapult into my living room then by all means my couch is in the way. I ran into the issue with using rams in a house but those were able to function with the single tile being cleared out. I admit that I believed catapults to work the same way. needing more than a 3x3 is excessive and should be adjusted to a realistic area.
  12. +1
  13. I would love to see what my CR is during a fight.