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  1. Pelts...into storage places. PLEASE?

    if a large pelt being split is the issue just make it so all smaller pelts combine to the larger size in a bsb then none can split
  2. The letter K

    certainly been called worse body parts.
  3. Question about graphics.

    there is a trailer?
  4. New Map Maker Needed

    You aren't planning on leaving us are you?
  5. Restoring Tundra Project - Mt Tundra

    It would seem that you are reading into my comments more than I intended. Don't think that I am invested into the topic enough to garner any personal feelings.
  6. Restoring Tundra Project - Mt Tundra

    Fixed that for you
  7. wtb Yule Goats 1s/each

    Will the outcome be silly?
  8. Restoring Tundra Project - Mt Tundra

    So why make threats about getting GMs involved if someone alters it to their personal aesthetic? If it is not deeded then there is no reason for getting mad when it is changed back.
  9. What Is Wurm?

  10. Restoring Tundra Project - Mt Tundra

    Tundra is ugly. The entire project is founded on an objective pretense.
  11. All Servers: Short Term Premium Ability

    About the same It uses the pay to dress up model
  12. Feature Creeping Ad Nauseam

    That feel when you remember starting back in the day and all those big accounts were miles ahead of you but you played anyway and now they are only feet ahead of you and everyone alongside or behind you has stopped the race.
  13. Lead animals never unlead

    +1 to wiener dogs