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  1. Oh by the way guys, the Macros for Ultima on Abyss server were regarded as legal by the admins itself and the program was provided by the server itself, lol I know in 'normal'/newest games it's considered botting. It was rather impossible to play without the macro program, because the game in its 'virgin' state did not have any shortcuts. For example, if you wanted to cast a spell, you'd have to open inventory, find your magic book in a chaos of items, open it, find the right page, double click, plray you didn't forget to buy any ingredients in the alchemist, and then target what you wanted to cast on. Basically, impossible without the macro program that created personalized shortcuts for you. ps.: For those of you who don't knwo UO, here's a small cut of a screenshot of the WONDRUOUS, HIGH TECH GRAPHICS! lololol. I'm really amazed by the amount of great replies here. Thank you all so much! It's clear the community is tight and dedicated. I'm usually used to see older players just trolling threads where newbies pose questions... Which is kind of sad and represents the game badly. What I'm really tired of getting is the old MMO questing model. All the stories are the freaking same. "Ohh our land is cursed/at war/had a big radioactive hole in the middle and you're the CHOSEN ONE! Here, follow this path to retrieve your memory of a past life/before you were found in a fawaray village/etc to become who you are meant to be!" *yawn*. That's what first hooked me up in Granado Espada - you play with 3 simultaneous characters, and you're exploring the New World. And in Granado you would collect characters, each of them unique, while back in UO there was no difference between characters unless what you chose to make of them. So I'm kind of absolutely unable to just into go "here, you're an archer gnome, good luck!" system. So it's pretty satisfying to get these answers about the game raises the expectations a lot. I'm heartbroken about GE to be honest. I played the darn thing since 2008 and the adminsitrators and the players themselves have smothered the game to the point its unplayable, pay to win, and new players feel a hostile environment where it's really hard to reach the top of the game. I love the fact the game isn't too pvp-heavy. Back in UO Abyss it was insane. Like, HATE level, really. Players would torment anyone, anytime, anywhere, and they'd even try to invade into your house's frontyard to hide in invisible mode to kill you. And hevaen forbid your enemies ever figured out your house's location, or you'd have to pretty much go searching for intruders in your own darn garden all the time. The pve mode being separated form pvp is very clever, and I love the fact Pandalet pointed out, that you have a couple days to retrieve your stuff in your corpse. In UO it was impossible to go to dungeons alone, you'd have to go at elast in a group of 3 people, because if you died and nobody was there to ress you, 99/100 soem scumbag would be nearby to loot you and teleport away *hisses* I also really like the fact there's no auction system, I have a bit of hate for that. Open market is the way to go :3 @Fawkes I like pvp, but it's not really something I can't live without. In most MMOs, when you reach high-end game, the ONLY thing left to do is pvping, which makes up to a very blood-boiled, filled with flaming community. The sandbox setup sure counter-attacks the pvp dependance of high-end, but pvp is surely something I'd like to try once I'm settled About Wurm Ultimate, it doesn't really seem catchy to me. The idea of losing all your crap because someone was too lazy to keep the server running ont heir pc sends shivers down my spine, lol. I'm a hoarder, and in some games I've played, my accoutn and all its stuff still exist there, and I log once a month to make sure it's still there, even if i haven't truly played the game in years. The only other game from all i've researched that seems as good as this one is Shroud of The Avatar, where actual developers of UO are working on, but it's still developing, as it's been since 2013. Seems the game won't be completely finished any time soon. I find very interesting that Wurm shares roots with minecraft. Tho I tried minecraft, it never really hooked me up, because to me it feels a little too lego-y and too immature. As I've seen on a review on Youtube, "Wurm is the mature version of minecraft" I'm still so happy this thing even exists! Seriously. Every friend I made in Ultima had the same daydream: An open world MMO with the same mechanics, but decent graphics, and a less chaotic, less pvp-obsessed community. It also amazes me that I've got the reply of a mod AND of a developer in this thread. I guess I've been in the dark side of mmos for too long, in servers where the admins look the other way, ignore players, and just suck our blood for money, lol. Thank you all so much for the replies! I'll probably be bothering y'all in some next threads asking newbie questions. The game is almost done downloading. See you all inside!
  2. Hello everyone! Right now, I'm downloading the game. I hope you guys/gals could help me out with some questions regarding the game. Back between 2001-2009 I was a heavy Ultima Online player, back in Abyss russian server (tho I'm not russian. Most of my teenage memories are related to the classic "bIbIbIbI>>>> go go 1x1" phrases in bright white on the screen, lol.) I've played a number of different stuff, but there were only 2 online games I ever truly loved: Ultima Online and Granado Espada. I was hearing a lot about how new, great 3d sandbox mmos were rising, specially on kickstarter. I've made myself a list and am trying the ones who are available, and trying to sign up for some open betas. I have a bookmark list that includes ArchAge, Crowfall, Shroud of The Avatar, Landmark, Shadowfall, Wurm and Pathfinder However, upon researching and watching some youtube reviews, I come to believe Wurm just might be the closest one can get to their dream of seeing Ultima go to 3D perfection. My main expectations are: - a game with no classes, where you can just pick up a weapon of choice and go stroll the world with it - hopefully, unlike Ultima, a game where you won't lose everything down to your underpants if you die - a game with permanent characters (the reason I crossed Chronicles of Elyria from my list was the character aging factor) - Lots of exploring in a very UO way, where you can do everything, from mining to blacksmithing, lumberjacking to making furniture, the whole ordeal - a better skill system than UO - when looking back, we used those macro programs to make the game playable, and the amount of shortcuts one would have to memorize was INSANE - a better skill levellign system than UO - back there, we'd set macros rolling afk with one character practicing healing and the other practicing fencing with a butter knife for days until the skill was maxed, because normal attack vs mobs made levelling impossibly slow - lots of personalization, maybe even more than what UO used to have, with good character creation, weapon/armor setups, building houses in The Sims style My main questions are: 1. how many of the expecations above does Wurm fill? 2. what's the difference between Wurm Ultimate and Wurm online? Are they the same game? 3. How is the player base? Do you guys have lots of people? I've just pretty much quit Granado Espada Online because the player base is shrinking to death. 4. Is there a market system? How does it work? Are there auctions? 5. Are there big main cities players tend to gather in? 6. Is there any sort of teleporting in the game? How does it work? What are the main transport methods? 7. How hardcore is the pvp in Wurm? Thank you all in advance for reading, I appreciate any answers!