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  1. Will have another look at this - the way it decides the one person to get most of the rank gain and affinity is a bit weird and I don't like it (this is how its always been, not a new thing).
  2. Do you have a bug in my office or something? I was just talking about this sort of idea to Retro yesterday as we were building a spawn town on WU.
  3. The heal is cast power dependant - though it may be a bit low for the super low end powers. Based on your heal amount here it looks like your cast was a power of 7. Will add in a min heal to bring it more in line with LoF for low power casts.
  4. I found an old home video of Emoo's early years. https://i.imgur.com/Vqpie8A.gifv
  5. Other servers too - moved the topic to Town Square to make that more obvious.
  6. There's not a whole lot to show atm. The last year has seen a lot of other things take precedence over me spending as much time as I would like on the UI (though that is slowly changing now), so the majority of changes have been either backend changes to support the new UI, planning how we want things to change, or implementing the early versions of some of those things. Early versions are just that, early. I'd much rather not show off things that look terrible (even if they function fine) and they're still likely to change before their final version. Like Retrograde said, some of the plans and things we've been working on have already made it out to the live client, as they were things we recognised as not needing to wait for the new UI - and there will likely be more of those things before we finish too. When we have something that I'm happy to show (and Saroman has had his pass at making it look not terrible), rest assured that it will be shared. Edit: Having said that though, I am interested in any ideas people bring up in this thread - so please do continue in this thread with things you find silly or unintuitive that we could address with the new UI (or even things we could change with the current client).
  7. Might take a while for them to get there, but they _should_ prefer less deep water when they move, so hopefully they'll start heading back towards the land.
  8. Hoods, helms and hats not showing their dye when worn was an issue that was fixed in today's update.
  9. Just tested this and it seems to work as intended, lead doing more damage than iron. Can you double check this? Also in the future please report bugs in the bug section - I'm terrible at keeping track of random posts like this, nearly lost it in everything else.
  10. Sorry my bad there, was doing a check backwards. Fixed for next update later this week.
  11. Destroy damage, so mostly mauls (though you can mostly use any item technically).
  12. Normal wounds (bruises, cuts, holes) still have a chance to cause new wounds in the same position instead of stacking 100% of the time, as they always have. The bug fix is mainly aimed at other wounds that sometimes didn't stack as they should have, where the code wasn't checking for all wounds, but only one in that position. It is still a 30% chance to create a new wound (bruise, cut, or hole wounds) instead of stacking on an existing wound as it has always been.
  13. Will be fixed in the next update - that place option was intended for items on ground only, not items inside containers such as forges.
  14. That would mean all missions that don't gradually complete (i.e. missions that go from 1% -> 100% instantly) would never get a full chance to be completed. There is no way to track if someone is close to completing those sorts of missions so it isn't fair to just cut those off like other missions that can track properly.