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  1. That would mean all missions that don't gradually complete (i.e. missions that go from 1% -> 100% instantly) would never get a full chance to be completed. There is no way to track if someone is close to completing those sorts of missions so it isn't fair to just cut those off like other missions that can track properly.
  2. This will be addressed. Locking this post.
  3. Just FYI for some of these reported ones - only those that can actually have progress added to them will be cancelled after half of the time - so build missions etc won't cancel. The give and create item missions listed here should be though. Will look into it.
  4. So the old timer code for mining had a minimum timer of 4.5s before bonuses are applied, with an absolute minimum of 2.5s. With the change I made it so your base timer is calculated based on your skill/ql and bonuses, then that is added onto the base 2.5s time (so there is no 2s buffer that bonuses take out of). What you're seeing here is the diminishing returns you get at these very high skill and ql levels. With 99.999 skill and a 95ql pickaxe (no enchants or anything), your timer would be about 3.06s, and swapping that for a 97ql pickaxe the timer would go down to 2.83s (due to how ql comes into play when getting skill for these checks). Removing the base 2.5s timer we get 0.56s and 0.33s to work with on the bonuses. 100 WoA or BotD would make the biggest difference here, cutting those down to 0.28s and 0.165s, but other bonuses like runes and rarity only do about 10% each, which isn't much when you're getting this low. We could change this back to the minimum no-bonus timer is 4.5s to give the bonuses more to work with, but I think it is a more fair system like this - where bonuses matter more for those that haven't maxed out their skill or item QLs. Edit: Some more numbers now that I'm looking at it - previously if the average of your skill + pickaxe ql was over 93.3, you were wasting your time as it would not lower the timer any further. Now over that mark you'll still see timer reductions without having to use any bonuses.
  5. *slips on keyboard and adds a new pierce weapon*
  6. Then everything is working as intended.
  7. No, 10% less on the speed penalty compared to normal material.
  8. Just wrong reward text, it should say 10 per kill.
  9. It was meant to be a 10% modifier on the penalty, not an overall 10% bonus - patch notes were wrong on that. Will correct it to be 10% instead of *0.9 though.
  10. Thanks, will double check it.
  11. Ah nevermind, found the issue. The % calculation just doesn't take into account the new influence code - will be fixed for next update.
  12. Post update was different to post hotfix? You're sure about that?
  13. Thanks I'll look into it.
  14. Sorry that nothing seems to be good enough for you Jake. Missions and mission rewards will be tweaked over the next few weeks as we go and fixing things like this that come up- unfortunately not everything can be tested for every scenario leading into a large update like this, especially a mission system with so many possible variations. I suggest in the future if you have a bug or suggestion to report, keep it to the proper section and with civility. This type of post helps nobody.
  15. Whoops forgot about chickens.