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  1. Yeah I noticed that yesterday that the default rotation when placing isn't north-up. I can fix that at least, not sure about having it visible when placing though, I'll have to have a bit of a look at that. That one is a bit harder, and might be a post-release update. Thanks, will add something to the examine to get more info about the current state.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback so far - server and client have been updated with a few changes: Direction indicators for surveying will stay up for a maximum of 5 minutes, and start their usual 30 second fade out when you're within 10 tiles of the indicated location. Map images will confirm they are the correct file the server is sending, if not they'll be redownloaded (new maps after this change only). Added an option to surveys to toggle contours between 3 options, Local, Off, & Global. Global is only available on surveys over 50ql. Added a confirm/warning message to the map combining window. Added opacity to the currently dragged map in the combining window. Combiner window will close itself if the action is cancelled. Updated examine messages for stamps and ink pots. Will now check more than the first found ink pot for dye/ink when needed, if the first is empty. Lowered the action time for the stamp eraser. Fixed font sizes for treasure maps with text. Fixed survey messages being the wrong order
  3. Opening the stamped map and hovering that stamp will show you either the set time or a countdown timer (depending on what you had the stamp set as). You can link them to any map, it doesn't have to be the "correct" one. Once linked and stamped to a map, you'll get a right click option on the map (while in an atlas) to show on world map, which opens the world map to the correct server and shows the stamp icon where the map is. You can also click the icon on the world map to automatically open the linked map in your atlas. Yes, it does. 1. Thanks, will check. 2. Yes - you can activate the map and use it on the table or stamp box to stamp with multiple, or activate the stamp box and use it on a map for the same effect. 3. Scroll wheel while stamping to change their size (explained in the "?" button in that window) 4. Thanks, I thought I had added that previously, but apparently not. 5. Maybe...
  4. Community maps are great, and we're not aiming to replace them or get rid of them. One of the main upsides of cartography is moving the usefulness of community maps in-game and in-world. As Darklords has said, if that doesn't interest you and you'd prefer to continue using community maps, that's fine - not every skill is going to be enjoyable for every person. We've kept the details light for this testing thread purposefully to get feedback on the discovery process of the skill, but for a quick list of things it adds beyond the community maps: Map the same area over time, create copies to give/trade to other players, display them in-world, combine multiple maps to show a larger area, embed information about various things via stamps, directly link to locations on the world map, and link maps to other maps. It'll be up to players to decide how they use these features, but as an example of how I foresee them being used: Easy comparison against treasure maps, mapping larger areas for decoration, keeping a history of a village over time, event countdowns & directions, local information maps (like mapping your village and annotating anything useful for new visitors), and player-made treasure maps. I'm also looking forward to them being used in ways we haven't thought of yet.
  5. I'll have another look at the duration of these and see if I can get something a bit better. Having an ink pot in your inventory will act as a backup source of ink for reed pens (so if your pen is empty, it'll automatically pull from the ink pot). You'll be sent up to ~37 tiles from the starting location in any direction during the survey, so having to go out into the water is expected. This is kind of intended since the contour intervals are determined by the map location (and quality of the map). I get the issue though, so I'll have another look at it - it might be something like over a certain skill or survey quality you start recording global contour intervals instead of local ones. Thanks, we'll have a look at this. For multiple surveys that are around the same spot: you'll gain skill for that, but at a much reduced rate to doing things properly. It tracks locations on where you're surveying and scales down gains based on time since you last did that location and any nearby surveys that you did there.
  6. 100% agree, added that to my list to fix - thanks. Yes
  7. Please see Keenan's edit of the OP if it's been missed.
  8. Your settings look fine, and with a 1070 you should be getting much more than 15-20fps. Can you post a screenshot of your GPU stats from the Performance tab of the Task Manager while wurm is running? Curious to see if your GPU is pegged at 100% or not. The only other thought I've had is checking if you have something like GeForce Experience installed and capping FPS globally.
  9. Farewell Old UI

    The client issues thread is the best spot - apologies I've been rather busy on other soon-to-be-announced things so haven't had much time to clean up the remaining issues that I know of - but will be jumping back to that soon. For others, please post any client issues you have in this thread:
  10. Toolbelt Lag

    Thanks, will add this to the list.
  11. Interesting - thanks for the video. I haven't managed to reproduce the effect even following the same setup you have here unfortunately. Would you mind PMing me your settings file and your windows_sizexsize.txt file for the window size you most commonly use? Not at the moment sorry, I'm presuming you're getting the same effect that's shown in the video - so once I can reproduce it myself we'll get it fixed.
  12. No that was just suggested to boost his FPS, unrelated to the UI issues. We're still trying to reproduce this issue locally to fix it - if anyone else is getting this issue, please upload your windows_sizexsize.txt file for the window size you most commonly use.
  13. On Minimum and Low graphics profiles the UI FPS limit is enabled which would make the UI feel slower. If you're on Custom for the graphics profile check the UI FPS Limit settings under the Custom Graphics tab.
  14. Could you also post your windows_sizexsize.txt file for the window size that you're using too please? I'm not getting any issues with those settings so far. Also semi-unrelated, but if you haven't tried the new graphics profiles yet I'd suggest trying Low or Medium - I saw you have Ambient Occlusion enabled which will likely be eating a lot of FPS at the moment.