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  1. Toolbelt Lag

    Thanks, will add this to the list.
  2. Interesting - thanks for the video. I haven't managed to reproduce the effect even following the same setup you have here unfortunately. Would you mind PMing me your settings file and your windows_sizexsize.txt file for the window size you most commonly use? Not at the moment sorry, I'm presuming you're getting the same effect that's shown in the video - so once I can reproduce it myself we'll get it fixed.
  3. No that was just suggested to boost his FPS, unrelated to the UI issues. We're still trying to reproduce this issue locally to fix it - if anyone else is getting this issue, please upload your windows_sizexsize.txt file for the window size you most commonly use.
  4. On Minimum and Low graphics profiles the UI FPS limit is enabled which would make the UI feel slower. If you're on Custom for the graphics profile check the UI FPS Limit settings under the Custom Graphics tab.
  5. Could you also post your windows_sizexsize.txt file for the window size that you're using too please? I'm not getting any issues with those settings so far. Also semi-unrelated, but if you haven't tried the new graphics profiles yet I'd suggest trying Low or Medium - I saw you have Ambient Occlusion enabled which will likely be eating a lot of FPS at the moment.
  6. Please post your settings file.
  7. The test client has some fixes for the window issues that will come in with the next client update. For "laggy" UI issues, keep in mind that there is an independent UI FPS option in the settings now, if you have that enabled then the UI will feel laggy compared to the rest of the game. If you're not using the Custom graphics profile and didn't enable that setting, both the Minimum and Low graphics profiles have it enabled and set to 5 and 15 FPS respectively (next client update will change that to 10 and 30). Medium and higher graphics profiles have the UI FPS Limit disabled, so you'll get the normal update speed of the UI with those - otherwise switching to the Custom profile and making sure it is disabled there will do the same.
  8. The test client has been updated with some fixes for these issues - I'd appreciate it if you could quickly jump on and try to recreate the issues you're having to see if they're fixed.
  9. Thanks for the video, I think I know what's causing this. Will be fixed for next client update.
  10. Which client are you using? If you're using the Old UI client, the latest journal changes aren't supported in there - claiming completed tiers will have to be done in the latest client.
  11. Can you please post your full console.log file.
  12. If scaling down the UI % is making compass and toolbelt too small, try toggling the size of each to their larger version - that should stop any distortion. There is a new option to disable the filter bars.
  13. Please post in the client bugs section with any extra info you have, including your client console.log file (FWIW we don't use DirectX, so it won't be that - but there might be something else we can find with your log files).
  14. We've edited the colour palette slightly for the maps to be more accessible - maps generated after the next test server update will have the new colours. For those that have been having issues with the colours, please let us know if they're better than previously. Edit: Next client update also adds a right click option on hint circles to hide them.