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  1. Some more screenshots of the great work done redesigning the starter deed recently.
  2. Maybe your deed wouldn't disband due to inactivity this time? No, it probably would.
  3. A few of us were having issues with this bot disconnecting then hanging the server on startup. I've updated the mod to use the latest version of the library and that seems to have fixed things. https://github.com/BuddaT/DiscordRelay/releases/tag/v3.1
  4. MailMerchants allows you to list and trade with player merchants from afar via enchanted mailboxes. Merchants must be connected to the network by having an enchanted mailbox somewhere on their tile. Merchants on permanent deeds will be added to the network regardless of mailboxes on their tile. Players will get a 'View Merchants' option on any enchanted mailbox that will list any merchant connected to the network allowing them to select one to trade with. Notes: This doesn't override the one-at-a-time trading that already exists for merchants, and due to distances the trade window will be cancelled out of if you move at all with it open. Source: https://github.com/BuddaT/MailMerchants Latest Release: https://github.com/BuddaT/MailMerchants/releases/latest
  5. Thanks for the feedback, will look into these issues. Warmaster is supposed to drop invul when all the turrets are killed, so there's nothing special that you missed - just sounds broken.
  6. Alright, here’s what’s happening over the next few months. As said in the last dev blog, we’ve switched to a different update cycle with monthly smaller updates and interspersed larger marketable updates, aiming for a few large updates a year on a predictable schedule. This month’s small update includes the client rendering distance changes that have been worked on for the past while, as well as some new creature AI additions, and the usual slew of bug fixes. These AI changes are intended to finish off the work started a long time ago on the Valrei creatures with the initial Uttacha changes, making them more interesting encounters in combat than the usual ‘target and wait’ that a large portion of PvE combat is currently. These Valrei creature changes will ideally make any fights involving the remaining creatures more interesting and varied than normal, and will lead into some content for the planned large update later on. The June and July updates are currently planned to include a few new UI changes for the preview client, as well as overall UI QoL features and general combat & combat UI improvements with some focus on giving more information to the player about what is happening in combat, as well as the usual bug fixes and possibly another new feature that I’m not ready to share yet. The first planned large update in this new cycle will be a large expansion to an existing set of content in Wurm Online which will see players exploring new lands and working together against a common enemy - hereafter codenamed Frontier. It will combine a lot of existing features and recent changes in Wurm into a big chunk of new content available to all players - old and new. The Valrei creature changes going live this month are a precursor to some of the work that will be involved with this update, and the reason they are going out early is to help us gather feedback over the next short while to lead into some of the planned changes for Frontier. As I’ve said in the past I don’t want to share too many details before they are finalised or well underway, so the most I will give out right now is that it will be a large update with new repeatable content that should entice players with a wide range of interests, and touch most parts of Wurm as a whole. Later in the year after Frontier is complete we’ll be moving onto extending the building options available to everyone, and later on after that we will begin working on plans for introducing another new skill to the game. Frontier will also be a precursor for big changes that will come to Epic in the future, and feedback from how everything goes later in the year will inform us on how we implement the current plans that we have. These changes to Epic won’t be anytime in the next few months, but when they do come they will involve a large overhaul to the cluster in an attempt to bring it closer to the original design for Epic years ago. We will be addressing the larger complaints of the Epic community in that update - but some smaller changes will be heading to live in the coming months as well. For those changes see the recent feedback thread posted here. More info about the exact plans we have for later on will be shared after Frontier is live. As always, more information about everything we’re working on will be shared closer to the dates that they’ll be coming in. Frontier will be accompanied by a marketing push to help make the most out of the new update cycle, and is where everyone will get a lot more info about what exactly is coming into the game.
  7. As stated in the OP part of the reason for these changes is to better have time before a release to give out information and testing periods for appropriate changes. There are a fair amount of things currently in the works, and there is a longer list that we're planning on for the near future, and an even longer list for what to do after that. Giving out all of those plans and ideas at such an early stage does nothing good in my opinion, we have years and years of instances we can reference back on where an idea or plan was shared well before it had been started in any meaningful way, and many of those instances lead to that project being delayed or outright dropped as other things popped up/took precedence - and that always leads to a ton of threads and questions about when X or Y is due because we announced it a year ago. Plans change a lot and our team is _very_ small. A project may be started and not touched again for 6 months due to the person working on it not having sufficient time for it, or abandoned outright until years later when someone else feels they can do it justice. I would much rather announce what is coming when I can for sure say that it is coming in a reasonable timeframe instead of more promises of Soon™. This isn't a matter of "no information until two weeks beforehand", but more of "I don't want to promise this new thing when I haven't even started on it yet." Echoing Retro, everything already goes through the test server. We have the immeasurably awesome Alectrys on there most days testing what is coming and confirming they work as intended, but as with anything sometimes things can slip through the gaps. We'll still be going forward with the public testing scenarios that we have in the past for larger changes and mechanic additions as that tends to do a lot for the stability of such large changes, but for 95% of the changes and updates we add Alectrys' testing is sufficient enough to the point where a couple of people who see a new set of upcoming notes and decide to test the one thing they're interested in isn't really going to add anything that we don't already have. That being said, I'm sure Alectrys would love the help of any dedicated people that are interested in helping out on the regular.
  8. Over the last few years the update cycle for Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited has been a bit sporadic to say the least. The goal in that time has been to stick to a fortnightly schedule with the odd larger update for big changes or new mechanics, but there have been many times where that hasn’t been effective or possible. There are various reasons for this, ranging from needing to push out bug fixes soon after a larger update to not having enough changes ready to go live in that two week timespan. With such a small team working on Wurm it can be difficult to get enough ready to go in that two week timespan to have something meaningful to show or have enough time to get sufficient testing completed. Starting with this week’s update and going forward into the future, our development cycle will be changing a bit, meaning that the update cycle will change to match. The new goal will be moving from fortnightly-ish updates to a more predictable schedule of the last Thursday of each month - plus any necessary hotfixes in the week afterwards. This should allow us more time between updates to better plan what new things are coming, flesh them out a bit more, and have sufficient time for internal (and public where appropriate) testing periods to nail everything down. It’ll also better allow for us to schedule and share information about upcoming updates and share tidbits of new things coming on the planned devstreams. This new planned schedule may not translate 1:1 to Wurm Unlimited in most cases, but we will be aiming for those to be a bit more consistent compared to the latest 1.9 update to WU. Included in this change to the update cycle we’ll be changing our planning and development cycle to shift towards a more predictable pattern of larger content updates, currently planned for a few times a year. Because of this the primary monthly updates might be overall smaller going forward, but will still include things like bugfixes, tweaks/changes, and smaller content additions as appropriate. The larger updates will be planned around a theme and should include additions or changes to a variety of things in the game, as well as introducing new mechanics and things to do. We hope this change going forward will put our development cycle back into a more predictable pattern, giving us a bit more time to get things right, and give everybody playing Wurm some clear knowledge on when new and exciting things are due into the game.
  9. Thanks, that's fine - you're well over 7500km.
  10. I'll look into something, but I won't be able to make it exactly correct due to the ~4 months of overlapping achievements. No promises.
  11. Looks like the trigger for that one isn't working as intended, will fix that thanks. The fragment one will also be fixed, that one isn't updating properly. As said above, some achievements were never tracked in the past so can't be counted towards the new journal entries. such as complete a colossus, mine out a vein, dye items. The slay creature one works off the newer journal achievement of slaying any creature that was added with the first tiers, which won't be counting any older achievements that track individual creature type kills. The mission related one was a new achievement added with the journal due to Epic Helper and Epic Finalizer not really covering the requirement (helper can trigger multiple times per mission, finalizer only triggers for the person who completes the mission) - which is why your progress for that might be below the older achievement counts. Same deal with slaying a legendary creature, there was no achievement that properly covered all uniques, only tracking the individual types - so that one was added with the journal as well. I did what I could to create the journal with existing records and achievements in mind so older players wouldn't have to redo a bunch of things that were completed in the past, but some new tracking achievements had to be added to make things work as needed.