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  1. Patch Notes 04/OCT/18

    Since I've shared this elsewhere, for those on the cache hunt: QL of the report and skill have an equal part in determining the number of fragments you get from a cache, and is modified by the 'value' of the deed (how long it was around, how long its been abandoned for). And by ql of the report, I mean the actual ql of the item, so the initial ql of the paper/papyrus you use to create the report.
  2. Dirty Bulk code issue

  3. There's a bug causing these to not trigger when they should, will be fixed with next update.
  4. Personal Goals Reset

    Presuming I'm checking the correct character as you didn't actually list it in your post, your two diamond achievements before the update were "Become the ruler of a kingdom" and "Create 5000 liters of wine". The ruler one was swapped out for repair 6250 fences as you have not completed the ruler achievement. Your two gold goals before the update were kill 100 lava fiends and mine an exquisite gemstone - both of which you still have. If I'm checking the wrong character feel free to either reply here with the character name or PM it to me and I'll send you a screenshot of your goals list before the update to confirm. Edit: I'll also just note here for everyone else that there is still a bug with goals lists and crossing servers that should be fixed after the next update. If you notice different lists on the same character after moving to a different server, generally the list that you have on the server where your character was at the time of the last update is the correct list.
  5. Patch Notes 14/JUN/18

    The anchor change was more of a bugfix from the metals update - they should've been available as all metals back when that was added, as there are specific modifiers on the effectiveness of each metal type as an anchor: https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Metal_lumps#Special
  6. Personal Goals Reset

    Sorry, looks like your initial image is from after the final hotfix, not before the updates as you said. I see before the update you did have the ruler goal and the first image shows you still having it after the final hotfix last week - but the second image is taken from today? Were both screenshots taken while you were on the same server? I think this may be a side effect of this bug (https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/163296-bug-personal-goals-not-showing/) which will be fixed in the next patch. In the mean time, if you go back to the server where the first image was taken, you should have the ruler goal there and completed. If its still showing at the 10000 items goal after the patch, let me know so I can follow it up.
  7. Personal Goals Reset

    Again, the first photo is not from before the update on the 5th. Please only compare to your list before the update on the 5th.
  8. [Fixed] Personal goals not showing

    Thanks, I've tracked down why this is happening and fixed it for next patch.
  9. [Fixed] Personal goals not showing

    For missing tome and title I'll add a check to give that you you on first login after the next update. As for the larger bug of the goals list being empty (or goals not triggering as complete) - has anyone had this occur when cross-server (or cross-cluster) travel was NOT involved? By this I mean, since the update have you stayed on the same server and seen this empty goals list bug? As for goals not triggering, I think it's for the same reason as the missing list bug though I haven't pinned it down yet. For anyone that completed an achievement where it didn't update your goals list or award you any rewards, did you transfer to a different server in that play session?
  10. Personal Goals Reset

    Retro has already tried to explain this, but let me expand on it. Personal goals rerolled completely due to the 1.3 update in late 2016. Personal goals rerolled completely again due to an achievement bugfix in Feb 2017. After this point all achievement changes and bugfixes were left alone till we could find out why the reroll was happening, and fix it to not happen. The initial update last week on the 5th was supposed to do the following: Not reroll anybody's full list of goals. Only reroll goals that were deemed impossible, or far too difficult. This includes tome related goals, pvp related goals, and goals for killing epic-only creatures. Not reroll goals from the above list if they were already completed by that player. Not take anyone back to previous lists they had from early 2017 or pre-1.3, but only to replace goals on the list that they had before the update on the 5th. The initial update after the first hotfix actually did: Attempted to replace goals from the above list during generation of each player's list. Messed up the numbers involved with the generation due to the above, and cause most of every player's lists to reroll. At this point is where a lot of you are taking your smaller lists from, and it is where the screenshot in Iberis's post is from ("Kill a wild wolf" - that text was only changed in the update on the 5th). These were not the intended list for the update - the update was ONLY supposed to reroll single goals of tome/pvp/epic relation. The final hotfix rolled back that goal list generation to what it was before the update on the 5th, and after generation went through that list to replace any bad goals so to not mess with the numbers needed for the overall list generation. This is what was intended by the initial update, and why we put through the fix as a hotfix as soon as we had it figured out and fixed. Currently everyone's goal list is exactly the same as it was before the update, with only the goals that were supposed to be replaced being replaced. If anyone has any serious claim that their full list has been scrambled from what they had before the 5th, or that completed goals have been replaced - please do post here with your character name so I can check it out. I have the old code available so I can quite easily print out what your goal list was before the update on the 5th to compare to what you have on live currently.
  11. Valrei International. 060

    Just an update to the goals part: The other 3 tome related goals (mage, magus, diabolist) will also reroll - as well as a few pvp specific ones (HotA, deed draining). Other (currently) incomplete-able ones and bugged ones will be fixed.
  12. Valrei International. 060

    If you complete it before the update, it will remain as your personal goal as completed. Only those that have one of the above ones as incomplete will have it removed and rolled as something else.
  13. Having to build epic structures AGAIN

    That code is unused after the valrei update.
  14. [Fixed] Generic Mission issues on freedom

    More of a bug than anything else, moving to bugs section.