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  1. Some interesting ideas. If similar versions of those ideas pop up in the future, I totally thought of them myself and give you no credit.
  2. Thanks for the reports, I'll be looking at the grouping near water issue and the half way through fences stuff.
  3. The new skill is actually Raccoon Luring and adds a new use for trash heaps.
  4. Ah you're right sorry. Thanks for that, fixed for next update.
  5. That code is for item cooling, not fuel usage. The rune is taken into account when the actual fuel count of the item is ticked down.
  6. This has been thought of - it won't mess with affinities.
  7. Can anyone confirm if this is just champs, or are non-champs doing it too?
  8. "I love the entire dev team." Pfft, damn diplomats.
  9. You can find the 3 albums on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/search/albums/wurm online
  10. This hotfix didn't have any changes for them sitting inside fences, that'll come next week.
  11. Just their hunger. They have the same sort of hunger bar, nutrition and usage that players have, when they get below a certain threshold they'll look for food. They gain about 15% food when grazing - we could probably change that to give a bonus for eating from enchanted grass, currently there is only a bonus to their nutrition when grazing from anything but steppe.
  12. It only runs that check when they actually graze, so when you get the message in event saying "Soandso grazes.".
  13. For what its worth, the current chances to turn enchanted grass to dirt when eaten by a grazer is: 1/1600 off deed. 1/2400 on deed with a bad creature ratio. 1/4800 on deed with a good creature ratio. Compare that to the 1/20 chance to reduce the grass height on normal grass tiles, and you can see how it can be called a 'tiny chance'. (Also just as a nice comparison to something in a similar range, getting fantastic roll is generally a 1/10000 chance when doing an action. So when a creature eats from enchanted grass on a good ratio deed, it has about 2x the chance that players have to create a fantastic item to turn that tile to dirt.) Also as noted in the creature movement feedback thread - enchanted grass cannot be packed at all via creature movement. The only way that tile can be packed is from the enchanted grass being eaten to packed dirt. then packed via creature movement.
  14. We'll be doing a hotfix for Cele in the morning with two changes: Reduced how often fleeing creatures pack tiles when moving. 20x less often off deed, 50x less often on deed. Changed fleeing creatures to be less afraid of aggro creatures that are bred/branded/cared for or dominated (tamed). With the creatures poking their heads through fences, there's no worry of them actually moving through the fence, they'll just be as close as they can get to it while still being on that tile. I'll have a look to see what I can do about it.