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  1. +1 Erosion would revitalize old servers and create a much more welcoming environment to new players.
  2. I believe the following formula can be used to determine if a griefing event has taken place. You'll have to forgive me if my math is not perfect; I've had a difficult time using it ever since algebra murdered my entire family. A1 - B1 = g Wherein A1 is the duration player A has been playing B1 is the duration player B has been playing g is the severity of the griefing event Example APlayer A was quite fond of a tree which player B cut down. Player A has been playing 3 years while player B has only been playing 1 year. Using the above formula we find: 3 - 1 = 2 Any positive value for g means that player B is a griefer (a very bad griefer at that). Example BPlayer A has built an off-deed ranch with dozens of animals. Player B smashes the fences and slaughters all of the animals. Player A has played a for a month while Player B has played for three years (that's 36 months using math). 1 - 36 = -35 Here we find an inverse value of griefing which means that player A actually griefed player B by building his stupid noob ranch and forcing B to kill everything in it. Noobs can be so inconsiderate at times. Example CPlayer B enters the local area of player A and says "hello". Player A has played like, since pre-alpha while player B just started playing this morning. LSpA - FNG = ∞ Player B just griefed the hell out of player A and needs to be immediately banned. What an jerk. As you can see, unlike the subjective method of determining intentions, this formula is objective and can be used under any circumstance. Now you can use actual numbers when complaining about new players, be it whining in game chat or even throwing a hissy fit on the forums. Remember, your unwarranted sense of entitlement trumps whatever entertainment value other people may find in the game.
  3. Am I correct in assuming shifting a deed (while maintaining the same size) will still cost money?
  4. If you proved reliable, then I might be interested in your services.
  5. I'm glad Rolf & Company care about customers like me who enjoy some freedom in the game. I want to explore the world, not run a maze of permanent public roads and off-deed fences. The rules are unenforceable anyway. The staff probably doesn't have the time to investigate every minor change to the map, and the existence of real griefers is debatable (has anybody actually seen a griefer before?).
  6. I hope you guys take lots of screenshots for those of us who can't play.
  7. What is the point of Wurm Online? Is this supposed to be a pvp game with only one p? Throw your customers a bone here and tell us your development plan. Share your grand vision.
  8. Flying would be a pretty cool addition to the game. edit: deleted my ramblings
  9. Wurm doesn't have a real focus. That seems to be the underlying message of every complaint thread. People have a difficult time saying what's wrong with the game when the devs don't even say what is the purpose of the game. The game was absolutely hellish when I started, and I loved it. I thought Wurm was some kind of survival-frontiersman game, but after a couple months it ceased being a fight to survive and turned into a grindfest. Well, grinding all day gets tiresome, especially in Wurm.
  10. I haven't had much time for Wurm and just got around to opening my presents. Thanks!
  11. Yeah, Rolf should just turn the lag switch off. Why he ever installed it in the first place is beyond me. After that he can drop by your house and remove the fps-limiter from your computer.
  12. It really sucks that somebody stole your gnomes. If you want to replace them I have 12 extras I could sell you.
  13. Mark me down. I have lots of junk to dump on people.
  14. maltababy

    I heard those Maltese women don't shave their beards. Go for it, bro.
  15. Are the wagons going to somehow be articulated, or be one giant object? Turning that thing with four horses is going to look really awkward if it's the latter.