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  1. Elevation Reset Day - LIVE UPDATES

    I think I speak for HotS when I say "All that is shall be mycelium"
  2. Discuss Epic plz

    I think a reset is not going to do much unless you change the Geo politics and make the terraforming events rarer. Without new mechanics it will be fresh, you'll get people and then they'll remember why they left in the first place. I would say removing the curve's impact on skill gain would be better than going half challenge. As it stands the curve makes epic gains really much slower than freedom's at about 50. Thus, the curve becomes a hinderance for catching up to elite players. One thing you could consider is making the valrei missions more engaging. Maybe have a high difficulty mission that lasts a whole campaign and yields a nice reward, along with the easier missions we're used to.
  3. Best Strategic PvP Fighter

    Proph "the summoner of white light" tears I tried to vote Gary but he ran away
  4. Challenge

    The rewards for winning should apply to epic / freedom. That'll give people a reason to participate.
  5. What would you name your PMK?

    The Holy Broman Empire
  6. Less than 24 hours to new Affliction map

    All that is grass shall become mycelium!
  7. Bugged infected trees

    Hey Tich, it seems infected trees are no longer providing food. I just went from 39% from 38%, and like a proper adult, I don't actually know how to feed myself. I'm alarmed. Edit: I went from 38 to 39 on regular myc Edit: I went from 39 to 40 on an infected tree.... wat. I might be losing it.
  8. Update just broke HARVEST

    It also seems BL still can't harvest on infected trees/bushes! (Pls help me have fun in Wurm )
  9. Its due to the roll of casting in combat.
  10. Bugged infected trees

    Further, new tree growth turns it into grass.
  11. New round of PvP Feedback.

    I'll keep these short and sweet Problem: Hate dominates PvP Meditation until Level 11, at which point Insanity dominates Fix: Provide buffs to all paths to create a more even experience. These should be buffs, not nerfs, as meditation should be the end all be all veteran player perk. Since this a larger discussion, I think the greater group should be involved if you're looking for player feedback on this specifically, ala the Karma balance changes Edit: If you doubt the dominance of Shield of the Gone over the other level 11 path abilities, merely look at the number of PvPers on insanity vrs anything else at level 11. Problem: Valrei Missions in general Fix: I propose two major changes. Change 1: A light similar to the black/white light shines on mission targets. If these animals are killed / trees cut down by anyone the mission is completed successfully. I believe this will directly encourage conflict for these smaller missions, by making the target clear to all sides and giving enemies the chance to fortify a tree, or enclose an animal (Traitor animals shouldn't be leadable to prevent bringing them into a well defended deed) Note: The "Sacrifice Valrei Mission Item" / Tower missions should not be included in this imo. Change 2: High difficulty missions should provide heavier rewards. Some suggestions: Ada/Glimmer/Seryyl - The lazy choice God instantly moves - I feel this should be given, regardless of trap tile status God gets a huge boost to STR/VIT temporarily - To further benefit the kingdoms chances for completing a harder mission Single use Sorcery Items if the mission is in an enemy kingdom's influence - If only to get more of these into circulation and to directly reward PvPers with these items Problem: Priest Balance in general Fix: As a general rule I believe, given the set up of champs / priest availability of kingdoms, in the interest of a well balanced game Libila should be stronger than Mag, who should be stronger than Fo and Vynora. Suggestions: Maintain Libila's stronger spells, as we are more susceptible to the resist debuff change than WL Magranon should be able to equip Dominated pets as we can equip zombie trolls. This will be a huge boon to a weak priest choice Adjust heals to affect a total number of damage points across multiple wounds to make balancing these spells easier (This has the added affect of buffing Path of Love's level 11 if you stack them) Vynora doesn't need three AoEs - and Mags should be stronger than hers anyway. WL should have an easier time with saccables. There's enough hindrance on high cast enchants / channeling grinding that this won't change much of the gameplay. Problem: People seem to want armor variety Fix: Add face masks that can protect the face to the other armor sets, and provide people wearing them with CR buffs.
  12. I don't see what's wrong with an in game all kingdom vote on elevation. Might be enlightening
  13. Mailbox Size (!), Spell tweaks, armour bugfix

    Well you have to admit, the balance here needs to be cautiously executed. Tornado, fire pillar, ice pillar, and tentacles are starting to look scary. It does make some sense to have fungus trap be stronger. (At least a little, as we have an easier set up for it). I haven't tested the new numbers yet so I may be blowing smoke.
  14. Mailbox Size (!), Spell tweaks, armour bugfix

    One hopes. I do agree with you, having the numbers would make it easier for us to provide feedback. We're just gonna test anyway.