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  1. Can we get a one way TP to the new island on characters that are already on northern?
  2. So, I'm noticing on defiance, I have a little patch of Mycelium surrounded by dirt, and next to it grass is spawning. I'm told grass can spread to dirt without any other grass nearby, and that's fine, but I've not had any grass spread anywhere other than the Mycelium. I've had dirt here for five days with no grass spread, and two tiles of grass spawn next to Mycelium in under 8 hours. I understand it might not be an issue, but wanted to report it just in case, since I know bugs are sometimes mysterious forces in code.
  3. Sme you're breaking my heart. I thought we were friends?
  4. What's the point of Mycelium if I have to eat anyway lol
  5. Nah dude, that's got MR Starter written all over it. Stone rumbles, you've got a mountain vibe going. PvP Server - Chad PvE Server - Stacy
  6. The time has come and so have I. The JK Coast Guard will sail again. Also definitely make horses grow slower. It'll be more fun to kill them all when we break in. ❤️
  7. I think I speak for HotS when I say "All that is shall be mycelium"
  8. Discuss Epic plz

    I think a reset is not going to do much unless you change the Geo politics and make the terraforming events rarer. Without new mechanics it will be fresh, you'll get people and then they'll remember why they left in the first place. I would say removing the curve's impact on skill gain would be better than going half challenge. As it stands the curve makes epic gains really much slower than freedom's at about 50. Thus, the curve becomes a hinderance for catching up to elite players. One thing you could consider is making the valrei missions more engaging. Maybe have a high difficulty mission that lasts a whole campaign and yields a nice reward, along with the easier missions we're used to.
  9. Proph "the summoner of white light" tears I tried to vote Gary but he ran away
  10. The rewards for winning should apply to epic / freedom. That'll give people a reason to participate.
  11. All that is grass shall become mycelium!
  12. Hey Tich, it seems infected trees are no longer providing food. I just went from 39% from 38%, and like a proper adult, I don't actually know how to feed myself. I'm alarmed. Edit: I went from 38 to 39 on regular myc Edit: I went from 39 to 40 on an infected tree.... wat. I might be losing it.
  13. It also seems BL still can't harvest on infected trees/bushes! (Pls help me have fun in Wurm )