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  1. Nonni tää onki mielenkiintonen, täytyy pitää mieles. Voisin kyl liittyä kun toi mielenkiinto wurmiin loppuu aika äkkiä kun on yksin deedillään.
  2. Amphoras should work like crates, holding liquid bulk. Used for transportation/storage. As they were in real life, thats why they are still found on the mediterranean sea.
  3. Wyvern

    So far the server's been nice, best beach hobo simulator 2015 server. A lot of folk playing too.
  4. Reminds me of the easter egg in old JKH map, which said "wurm sux"
  5. 15S? I'll be there for sure, i live quite closeby.
  6. Amazing work man! Now that is a pictoresque wurm deed! It looks like a real medieval fortress city!
  7. This is crazy they have to fix this! Xanadu will never work if it's kept like this!
  8. As of lately on PvE servers there has been plenty of occations when some player has just come to destroy and steal everything he can. Bashing into horse pens killing everything in them, making shacks around deeds to prevent them from expanding etc. Now i remember the better times even a bit over a year ago when this wasn't so usual. So how about devs or even someone fix the rules or give more power to GM's handle things according to their own sense of justice. This has not happened to me thankfully but i've seen plenty of paying players whom this has happened to. And its pushing not only them but any newcomer who see the same stuff happening away from wurm. Something has to be done to the PvE rules and fast before this whole thing spirals out of control. Since when did PvE mean you can grief people all you want ruining the game for everyone?
  9. Well seeing how that person can't even write so why bother even questioning his intelligence? Oh well there isn't anything we can do about it other than treat Sirlaw really badly from now on. At least i am going to. Please kill him if you see him in chaos PvP'ers.
  10. This is probably the same reason why most animals in xanadu are all in north. They keep migrating there, leaving south almost completely devoid of animals.
  11. We should make a poll about this poll that is about polling, so we can make sure what people want.
  12. What the hell is even going on. Polls coming left and right, you people really think that a single poll is going to change stuff? Well if that is the case then gumbo is surely going to get what he wants.
  13. You want another pve server? Besides this was all tested before with pristine and release. But right now what we do not need is another server to spread people even more.
  14. Hey i went under that with a cog few days back! Very good work from unluckyone and i hope his next bridge project will look as good as this one!
  15. Xanadu is as active as it gets, and i love it. sure there is plenty of empty spaces but it just goes to show how varied it is. I wouldn't even mind if there were good +500 more people.
  16. Very hardcore. (p.s dont get angry at me this is a parody piece)
  17. How did this just now became a problem? And are you even sure this was the cause for it? Boat market has stagnated and now prices are falling because of too many people making boats and not enough people wanting to buy boats. Would your solution be add +100% decay on boats to increase boat prices?
  18. I just realized, that the only way to stop silver/gold sales, is removal of money ingame completely. Which wouldn't work at all in wurm's favor. Think about it, and you cannot just simply change the whole system on the run either. Because a lot of people has bought silvers through the shop. And that would shaft the customers up the ass. And if you remove the silver buying from the shop, it will increase the value of silvers ingame expotentially. Yeah you can dream on of living in a world without money, but it will never happen. If its not money its something else, livestock, metals, fur, and everything with even marginal value can be used as currency.
  19. Of course i would continue to play, i just don't understand what it would help though. Think if a new player buys a gold from older player with real money, what does he do. Buy all kinds of tools and stuff of course, keeping the wheels of wurmeconomy turning. Putting it back to circulation. When you buy money from shop, as far as i know its created. Adding small portion more money to economy. So as far as i am concerned gold sales are not bad thing.
  20. It's all about demand, if there is demand there is someone willing to sell. Right now there is a lot of demand for silvers/gold that is 1s:1e ratio. There is plenty of players who make a lot of silvers by making tools with priest alts. They need real money to pay premium because its more efficient than paying ingame with silver. So in the end unless its a hack, the money will circulate back.
  21. Transaction was smooth and i got my gold, thanks man!
  22. +++111 Fits perfectly in wurm.
  23. Thank you for the business!
  24. I am interested, sent you a pm.
  25. I've taken breaks several times in the years i've played. Usually about 2-4 months long. sometimes shorter. Trying new stuff also works, moving to a new place and etc. Making new friends and such.