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  1. Everybody else has grinded this the hard way, and so can you.
  2. Is this actually possible? I don't believe I've ever seen grass propagate from enchanted tiles.
  3. It's a small chance that doesn't matter until you lose 1g+ worth of items.
  4. Did you have any sort of price in mind for the supreme LMS?
  5. I think cash-only premium makes sense; in fact, it's the only way I buy mine. As far as a sub goes for an MMO, it's one of the cheaper games on that front. However, the moment deeds become cash-only is the moment the game actually dies. Deeds are also what propels the sub fee to ridiculous amounts if you want anything other than a single small deed, assuming you want to support the game by paying for it out-of-pocket.
  6. I agree with all of this. Fishing is really awful to force on people, and some of the numbers required definitely need tweaked. That cape, though. Holy ###### that thing is a monstrosity. Absolutely hideous.
  7. "The Cake is a Lie" or bust.
  8. -1, marshland is cancer.
  9. >comparing consistent sample sizes of thousands of actions to a handful dice rolls
  10. There's something wonky going on when I can, over the course of thousands of actions, consistently see a failure rate of over 10% with a listed success chance of 97%.
  11. It's really jarring that there is such a massive difference in color:
  12. There seems to be little, if any, reason for a maximum of 10 slots on a toolbelt existing. Please raise the toolbelt cap to the (theoretical) maximum of 13 (10 from 100ql + 3 from rarity). Thanks!
  13. 1s each for red dragon and forest giant? CoD to Delacroix if you accept. Thanks!