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  1. 2.5s for the rare right basic shoulder pad and 4s for the rare range pole? COD to Delacroix if so.
  2. +1 to fixing one of the many issues with priests and casting. We see this literally every time you post--leave the big boys to talk.
  3. I thought the suggestion was for an alternative to Jackal and Epic, where'd changing it come from?
  4. Jackal is 'Epic' reskinned with a few new mobs, no PvP, and a few super generic skins to spend points on; it really isn't anything different than what we had prior to its release.
  5. Sure is a lot of "if I can't have it, nobody can!"-ism going on in here.
  6. No skills and no items? Meh. Tepidly awaiting more information.
  7. -1--The game is a sandbox with the motto of 'deed it or lose it'; mechanics like this have absolutely no place.
  8. According to a post in another thread, the person in question who did it actually asked people if they wanted in on it, and were basically told to piss off.
  9. As an uninvolved third-party, the audacity of this request is positively hilarious to me.
  10. 1: If you were as smart as you think you are, that'd have been more obvious. 2: Speaking of things that would be clear "if you were as smart as you think you are...", I was referring to the means of creation and absolutely nothing else, "genius". 3: And yet, somehow all that is coming across is your ignorance and lack of vision.
  11. New: You can now grow woad in pottery planters. Per patch notes. We did it!
  12. 1: Because this would totally be the only instance of wogic. 2: Closer to a BCU or similar. 3: Point out where I said 50k. Thanks.
  13. The point is not needing to create 30 crates and a rack several times over.
  14. Something along the lines of a BSB/FSB that can hold up to several thousand each. Crates are simply too cumbersome for anybody who does any real amount of terraforming.
  15. Fair enough. I thought you were implying I was his alt or something for some reason.
  16. I'm not sure why you quoted me and mentioned Jake, when he's nowhere to be found in this thread (that I see, anyway).