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  1. Let's hear a response to the question of a solution to those of us your trader change is ****ing over.
  2. If you're going through with this bull****, you need to give us a means to move our goddamn traders. Especially when there are those of us who solely use traders to help maintain our deeds, but don't have them on those deeds for various reasons. Either refund the traders themselves, or allow us to move them to separate locations and deeds. @Retrograde @Samool
  3. Because those are such difficult mechanics that are such a struggle to deal with, boo hoo.
  4. So... worthless? This was almost a really great idea.
  5. >implying many people actually carry that garbage on them
  6. Magranon was ###### before the changes and it's ###### after. It needs fixed rather than telling people to go ###### themselves because they don't want to prem a worthless character for what could be argued is a critically important skill for deed creation.
  7. At a minimum, every priest needs PvE Strongwall if player gods are removed.
  8. So much this. By far one of the worst changes this game has ever had, and it's done nothing beyond creating more goddamn busywork. Hugely unfun.
  9. +1, but unfortunately this is Wurm where the name of the game is one step forward and ten steps back.
  10. I'd like an explanation of how "non-edge cases" were able to be fixed, while black is not, because this is pretty shitty.
  11. Yep. And once upon a time it was. For comparison, here's a screenshot from March 2018, after I purchased dye from@Retrogradeand dyed my ship and cart to begin with:
  12. Because wooden objects are no longer dyable in the sense that even high-quality dyes only somewhat tint an item, I suggest that, if this isn't something that can be improved within the current system, we remove wood type affecting an item's appearance again in order to allow for the full functionality of dye to return. Included below is a screenshot of a 13/13/13 dyed large cart to demonstrate just how bad this is:
  13. So, can something be done about this? It's bloody hideous. @Samool
  14. This is on a 13/13/13 Knarr. It is very clearly brown, rather than the black it should be.
  15. -1. Shitty idea that penalizes people far more than the current system.
  16. Personally, I feel that adding sort of an auto-travel solution that adds a hefty speed boost and utilizes the highway system would be a great step forward. It makes use of currently existing in-game systems, doesn't render anything obsolete (contingent on it scaling with things like gear-given speed boosts, perhaps vehicle quality, etc.) and both adds further functionality to the highway system and a reason for the community to put forth the effort that highway development requires. Furthermore, it would alleviate consumer complaints and maintain the sense of community that (and we) you desire.
  17. +1. Mag could definitely use some more love. >"Broken and overpowered" >referring to a forge being lit lol
  18. Just ban RMT already, jesus. It's unhealthy for the game as a whole and needs to go away.
  19. There's no reason to need to rely on an RNG system for something that should've been properly dyable from the beginning. Save the runes for things that are simply impractical to use dye for.