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  1. Hey Samurai, can you message me in-game? I'd like to talk to you about some of your wares. Thanks!
  2. The point of coming to the forums is to try and curb these harassing tells that I've been receiving while waiting to see if anything will be done to asist me. I have the utmost faith that the GM team will assist me with this matter, but until then I would like people to know that I'm not a "whiny little *****," as one person so eloquently put it. (And yes, the irony of this thread and that comment isn't lost on me, but I feel that this isn't so much whining as it is a PSA.)
  3. The fact that I'm fairly regularly getting legitimate harassment in-game because of it demonstrates that you're wrong. As far as wasting money on it goes, nah.
  4. That's usually my outlook as well, but there's been enough... simple-minded people falling for this that I didn't want to risk it spreading among people who simply might be out of the loop and listen to their 'friends.' Normally I'd be flattered that they'd consider me worth wasting their time.
  5. When it's clearly an alt only meant to inspire harassment and drama? Yes. At the very minimum it needs renamed, but that would be letting the party involved off far too easily.
  6. EDIT: This thread has fully run its course, if a mod could please lock it. Thank you. Ordinarily I wouldn't belittle myself by wasting my time addressing something like this, nor would I bother clogging up the forums with it, but the steady harassment that this is inviting has left me no choice. I'm posting this here in an effort to reach as many people as possible who would likely never see it otherwise if I were to leave it in the server forums. Apr 22, 2016 8:10:35 PM Delacroiy founded Next Dargon Drama This person is not me, and I'm offended that anyone could think that a person who's too dumb to spell 'dragon' properly could even potentially be me. Fact of the matter is, "delacroiy" was made for the purpose of trolling and needs to be deleted, and the person(s) responsible needs to be held accountable. I do have a good idea of who's involved, but I don't intend on naming them until I'm certain.
  7. Anti-sign. If anything, it should take longer for them to decay since we have plenty of tools to get rid of them ourselves, preferably with some way to possibly embalm corpses such as champions or uniques to keep them around forever.
  8. I feel that this would help to remove a good chunk of the animal-related tedium from the game, particularly for those of us who are into breeding them. None of my animals have the hunger trait, but it seems like despite keeping them alone in 1x2 stalls, the majority of my horses and bison will end up reducing their feed to dirt every day, and sometimes multiple times a day.
  9. -1, terrible idea. Hedges are incredibly quick and simple to get rid of via pruning + bashing.
  10. +1. I just want the ability to make Libila colossi, if nothing else.
  11. I fully support this as well, but the chance certainly shouldn't be as low as "getting a supreme"; It may as well not be a feature at that point.