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  1. 4 hours ago, Retrograde said:

    General balances and bug fixes will be ongoing and occur regularly throughout each update. 


    That doesn't answer the question. You've made it clear that you have a hard-on for imbues and intend to do what you can to get them changed (re: trashed). Where does this fall in the roadmap? Sooner? Later? It's a surprise because to hell with anybody who actually uses them?

  2. On 8/25/2020 at 3:12 AM, Andru said:

    Yeah it is trolling.

    You kind of acknowledge that by saying he has thin skin.. his sensitivity is now what you're using to insult him.


    You don't know what people are dealing with irl, you've got people dealing with serious mental stuff like schizophrenia and paranoia.. It's pretty easy to set people like that off and it can cause them a lot of grief.


    Yeah not cool, and the comments in this thread show exactly what I kind of feel already, there's a good chunk of insensitive people and griefers in game.


    Your choice to be offended over something that is entirely inoffensive doesn't make it "trolling"--it makes you a child that needs to grow up and realize that the world doesn't revolve around your sensibilities.


    Do people even know the definitions of these words anymore? All I really see is "IM SO OFFENDED BAN DEM DEY TROLE ME!" mentalities and buzzword-filled drivel.

  3. On 8/22/2020 at 6:22 PM, Thraxexus said:

    intentional troll names


    On 8/22/2020 at 6:22 PM, Thraxexus said:

    such as Holyjuicebox


    lmfao, are people so thin-skinned that this is seriously what passes for trolling now?

  4. 1 minute ago, Retrograde said:

    Well prior warning would definitely not be a thing. Exploits tend to be addressed quietly, I had discussed multiple options with that very person, but given the nature of the fix it was decided to be done quietly.


    Which directly contradicts what you said in the copied logs.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Retrograde said:

    Actually I stopping doing much with black dye after the exploit was found. I worked too hard to get my ns too high and go through too many thousands of acorns grinding botanising to 90 to compete. 


    Please don't throw around baseless accusations 


    Log of a conversation an acquaintance had directly with you:



    Logging started 2019-08-09
    [23:57:14] <Archaed> I do that, but 200 kgs is a lot
    [23:57:25] <Archaed> I usually charge 5s a small barrel
    [23:59:23] <Felinas> for waste product?
    [23:59:40] <Archaed> 3/3/3 is not waste product
    [00:00:19] <Felinas> maybe take a bit of a close look at how the system works then, but it definitely is
    [00:00:31] <Archaed> it works from 155
    [00:00:42] <Archaed> It all shifts towards grey
    [00:00:50] <Archaed> not down to black
    [00:01:13] <Felinas> Not sure what to tell you, I can make ~200 KG's of this crap in like 5 minutes
    [00:01:21] <Archaed> then why not?
    [00:01:33] <Archaed> and how?
    [00:06:08] <Felinas> Seeing as I'm talking to a GM I don't necessarily want to be responsible for getting something ninja fixed, plenty of people happy with how it works
    [00:06:16] <Felinas> But, it sounds like you know the method and are just denying that it works..
    [00:06:21] <Archaed> I'm not a GM
    [00:06:31] <Archaed> And I'm curious
    [00:06:32] <Felinas> Well you are staff*
    [00:06:40] <Felinas> And can pass things along
    [00:06:40] <Archaed> Because I busted my balls making a crapton of black dye
    [00:07:04] <Archaed> so im curious about it
    [00:07:10] <Archaed> and it now sounds like you suspect it to be unintended
    [00:07:27] <Felinas> You never know with this game do you
    [00:07:47] <Archaed> Well I'd be happy to clarify, and can guarantee no ninja fixes to it
    [00:08:39] <Felinas> Ehhh at least let me stock up on the stuff first loool
    [00:09:04] <Archaed> I think I know of the method you're using, it is unintended, and zero ninja fixes
    [00:09:08] <Archaed> any fix will be in patch notes
    [00:09:30] <Archaed> Rather see black easier to make than exploitable
    [00:09:53] <Archaed> Or change iron/zinc to adjust rgb as a whole
    [00:09:57] <Felinas> Ahh the truth comes out, you do know what I'm talking about
    [00:10:01] <Archaed> stupid that they cant
    [00:10:26] <Archaed> Course I do, it's already been reported
    [00:11:31] <Archaed> I used the fact it didnt lose rgb when it decayed to make it en masse before bulk storage
    [00:12:31] <Felinas> Hmm, so I take it a fix is planned eventually
    [00:12:41] <Archaed> I'd like there to be
    [00:12:52] <Archaed> It's hard to argue it;s intended mechanics
    [00:13:14] <Felinas> Sad - But yeah black dye should be a lot easier to make if it is fixed, especially since black is basically the starting point for good custom colors
    [00:13:25] <Archaed> No way, black sucks for it
    [00:14:03] <Archaed> I start with high ql mats
    [00:15:15] <Felinas> Depends how you prefer to arrive at the same conclusion I guess
    [00:15:33] <Felinas> can't say I've ever made a TON of dyes in my time
    [00:15:57] <Archaed> Starting with that black means any skill can mix up I guess, just requires knowledge of how mixing works
    [00:16:03] <Archaed> But the larger amounts you mix the worse off you are
    [00:16:17] <Archaed> i wouldnt want to mix more than 15kgs at once
    [00:16:31] <Felinas> I do 40-50 on average and it really isn't that bad
    [00:18:59] <Archaed> jola charges something like 5c per kg?
    [00:19:02] <Archaed> maybe thats how
    [00:19:38] <Felinas> Aye that seems like a much more reasonable price, but still I'd have suspected closer to like, 1c or 50i per kg since you can literally use waste dye
    [00:19:58] <Archaed> Given thats technically an exploit, I doubt it's a good going rate
    [00:21:07] <Felinas> Well sadly it's the mechanics that dictate that
    [00:21:21] <Archaed> well thats what a bug is
    [00:21:25] <Archaed> unintended mechanics
    [00:21:33] <Archaed> and taking advantage of that is exploiting a bug
    [00:21:46] <Archaed> im not saying "rar you're an exploiter you're gonna get banned"
    [00:21:51] <Felinas> Well what is not fixing a bug you know exists?
    [00:21:55] <Archaed> im saying its something that needs addressing
    [00:22:17] <Felinas> Well see that's my point, as long as you leave it in the game people are going to get used to its presence
    [00:22:41] <Archaed> But that suggests that every bug can instantly be fixed and each update should have no bugs
    [00:23:36] <Felinas> In a more professional environment I'd have a pretty compelling argument to back that up, but not applicable here
    [00:23:49] <Felinas> You also can't expect players to not-use a function they dont even know is unintended
    [00:23:52] <Archaed> I would completely disagree
    [00:24:02] <Archaed> Because every development environment has bugs
    [00:24:06] <Archaed> it's why bug trackers asa whole exist
    [00:24:13] <Felinas> Yes but a production environment does not
    [00:24:25] <Felinas> Bugs are for test and development, exactly as you said
    [00:24:53] <Archaed> I mean, sure on paper
    [00:25:08] <Archaed> But the reality of any live environment is that bugs happen
    [00:25:16] <Archaed> some are able to be fixed faster than others
    [00:26:55] <Felinas> Sure, I'm not here to argue programming habits, y'all will do as you please
    [00:27:20] <Archaed> dont get me wrong, its the nature of the beast, I think the best resolution would be lowering the difficulty or making it easier to make high quality black
    [00:27:31] <Archaed> which would render pre-existing stock moot
    [00:27:37] <Archaed> and also be a huge boon in dyemaking in general
    [00:28:24] <Felinas> Sounds good to me :) thanks for the clarification



    "Unintended mechanic, but will not be ninja fixed."


    Given that it was 'ninja fixed' and there was no prior warning, the theories sort of write themselves.

  6. On 8/10/2020 at 8:52 AM, user said:

    The changes are all to make new players be able to try pvp without having to do stupid stuff like meditate for 6 months. Current state of Chaos allows vets to bully new players to the point where they will not be able to experience that half of the game. If you were bullied in middle school I can understand why you would think they're garbage.


    "I'll resort to lame personal attacks in order to defend shitty changes because I'm too ignorant about the game to know any better."


    Yeah, you can move right on over to Defiance and let the adults enjoy Chaos.

  7. 1 hour ago, kochinac said:

    would be nice just to have nimble option on meal that you can use to get one bite no mather if you're full or not and that would  fill timer to max capacity... forcing as to use esc is not fun at all expecially with lag


    Yes, please. My first bite of one of my meals gives 26 hours. Each bite after that until it wears off only adds another hour. Huge waste.

  8. 9 hours ago, Razorblade said:

    Games with player-made buildings tend to run much worse. Have you ever played Conan Exiles, Rust, or Atlas? Those games lag to hell anytime you get within draw distance of something larger than a wooden hut.


    If you're using a computer that was obsolete in 2012, maybe. Meanwhile, I can build massive structures with maxed settings in Conan and Atlas and average much higher framerates than I can in Wurm.


    As much as I love the game, it runs like absolute dogshit.

  9. 1 hour ago, Sputnix said:

    Prayer skill effects:

    • Base favour regain should be effected by prayer skill
    • 20% at skill level 1.00 to 100% at skill level 100.00
      Same curve as "Effective quality" from Weapon/Armour
      (1/20%, 10/34.7%, 20/43.6%, 30/50.4%, 40/56.1%, 50/61.2%, 60/65.8%, 70/70%, 80/80%, 90/90%, 100/100%)
    • The old static base favour regain should meet the new regain between 50-70 prayer skill