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  1. Animals slowing down due to weight is a mechanic. Led animals not, despite carrying huge amounts, is bypassing said mechanic. One could argue that led animals matching your speed in all situations is an oversight.
  2. If we're going out of our way to bypass mechanics, it's less effort, faster and easily transports more to simply use a hellcart. Leading animals is a pain in the ass, especially with how prone they are to get stuck on random buildings.
  3. Alright, explain to the class what use these will have that aren't already easily accomplished by existing means. Go on, we're waiting.
  4. -1. Leave the damn things alone; the age changes were already more than enough ######ery.
  5. -1
  6. +1
  7. Weekly reminder than saddlebag weight is slated to affect the horse's speed, and as such, is another feature that is DoA.
  8. After speaking in depth with Nadroj, I would like to further suggest that, if it is too much work to include the fences which have collision, you please add the fences that do not, e.g. curb, low hedges, woven fences, low rope fences.
  9. I can't be the only one that cares about this.