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  1. Close

    Bump for a friend.
  2. +1 to just removing the new system and bringing back the old one.
  3. Or, follow along with me here, there are a lot of alts and casuals amongst the crowd that you mentioned. We'll see which it is soon.
  4. Wasn't referring to you, which should have been obvious. I was referring strictly to the influx of forum accounts with <50 posts that I've never heard of praising these changes. Meanwhile, just about everybody who has any real presence within the community, game, etc. seems to be ready to pack up and go. By all means though, continue to play. Maybe somehow the population will go up despite at least 50 people (that I'm simply aware of (which is just shy of half the current active population of the game)) pulling out with this change.
  5. Anybody notice that the majority of the same people praising this change are the same people who have some paltry numbers of posts and no presence within the community?
  6. It isn't my argument nor circumstance--there are people who have a minuscule entertainment budget, where those singular dollar differences do make a difference.
  7. This just in: if you're a part of a large community the deed is free. Because obviously that money doesn't need to come from anywhere.
  8. Alright, so $9 to have a massive chunk of the game locked out rather than simply a 'large' part. You're brilliant.
  9. Because math is hard: ~$9 for a single character, on which you are locked out of a large part of the game ~$1.15 for a small deed, on up to roughly $5 for a deed that one would consider reasonably-sized Final Fantasy XIV: $13 World of Warcraft: $15 Elder Scrolls Online: F2P with an option to pay a $15 sub to get the expansions + extra content for free each month Tera: F2P with optional (not required whatsoever) sub of $15 So, with Wurm you pay a subscription each month of between ~$10 and $14 just to be locked out a large segment of the game, compared to other games in the genre that are $13-15 But HERPDERP WURM SO CHEEP LOLOL
  10. Let's hear a response to the question of a solution to those of us your trader change is ****ing over.
  11. If you're going through with this bull****, you need to give us a means to move our goddamn traders. Especially when there are those of us who solely use traders to help maintain our deeds, but don't have them on those deeds for various reasons. Either refund the traders themselves, or allow us to move them to separate locations and deeds. @Retrograde @Samool
  12. Because those are such difficult mechanics that are such a struggle to deal with, boo hoo.
  13. So... worthless? This was almost a really great idea.
  14. >implying many people actually carry that garbage on them