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  1. A bin specifically for sand and dirt

    The point is not needing to create 30 crates and a rack several times over.
  2. Something along the lines of a BSB/FSB that can hold up to several thousand each. Crates are simply too cumbersome for anybody who does any real amount of terraforming.
  3. Do you have +75 WS?

    Fair enough. I thought you were implying I was his alt or something for some reason.
  4. Do you have +75 WS?

    I'm not sure why you quoted me and mentioned Jake, when he's nowhere to be found in this thread (that I see, anyway).
  5. Do you have +75 WS?

    Everybody else has grinded this the hard way, and so can you.
  6. Large Backpack

  7. Animals trampling fresh fields

    Is this actually possible? I don't believe I've ever seen grass propagate from enchanted tiles.
  8. WTB rare or higher right basic shoulder pad

    Still need this.
  9. Real cave living pls?

    It's a small chance that doesn't matter until you lose 1g+ worth of items.
  10. [WTS] Lots of things and stuff :)

    Did you have any sort of price in mind for the supreme LMS?