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  1. That doesn't answer the question. You've made it clear that you have a hard-on for imbues and intend to do what you can to get them changed (re: trashed). Where does this fall in the roadmap? Sooner? Later? It's a surprise because to hell with anybody who actually uses them?
  2. So, where does ruining imbues fall in the timeline?
  3. Trolling

    Your choice to be offended over something that is entirely inoffensive doesn't make it "trolling"--it makes you a child that needs to grow up and realize that the world doesn't revolve around your sensibilities. Do people even know the definitions of these words anymore? All I really see is "IM SO OFFENDED BAN DEM DEY TROLE ME!" mentalities and buzzword-filled drivel.
  4. Trolling

    lmfao, are people so thin-skinned that this is seriously what passes for trolling now?
  5. Which directly contradicts what you said in the copied logs.
  6. Log of a conversation an acquaintance had directly with you: "Unintended mechanic, but will not be ninja fixed." Given that it was 'ninja fixed' and there was no prior warning, the theories sort of write themselves.
  7. Not an exploit according to @Retrograde himself when asked about it.
  8. "I'll resort to lame personal attacks in order to defend shitty changes because I'm too ignorant about the game to know any better." Yeah, you can move right on over to Defiance and let the adults enjoy Chaos.
  9. -1. The Steam release PvP changes are mostly garbage and need to stay off Chaos.
  10. The 'new' fishing system is simply too convoluted to bother with. It isn't super difficult, but in terms of effort vs. reward, it's one of the worst skills in the game.
  11. Yes, please. My first bite of one of my meals gives 26 hours. Each bite after that until it wears off only adds another hour. Huge waste.
  12. If you're using a computer that was obsolete in 2012, maybe. Meanwhile, I can build massive structures with maxed settings in Conan and Atlas and average much higher framerates than I can in Wurm. As much as I love the game, it runs like absolute dogshit.