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  1. Just ban RMT already, jesus. It's unhealthy for the game as a whole and needs to go away.
  2. There's no reason to need to rely on an RNG system for something that should've been properly dyable from the beginning. Save the runes for things that are simply impractical to use dye for.
  3. 2.5s for the rare right basic shoulder pad and 4s for the rare range pole? COD to Delacroix if so.
  4. +1 to fixing one of the many issues with priests and casting. We see this literally every time you post--leave the big boys to talk.
  5. I thought the suggestion was for an alternative to Jackal and Epic, where'd changing it come from?
  6. Jackal is 'Epic' reskinned with a few new mobs, no PvP, and a few super generic skins to spend points on; it really isn't anything different than what we had prior to its release.
  7. Sure is a lot of "if I can't have it, nobody can!"-ism going on in here.
  8. No skills and no items? Meh. Tepidly awaiting more information.
  9. -1--The game is a sandbox with the motto of 'deed it or lose it'; mechanics like this have absolutely no place.