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  1. Patch Notes: 20/SEPT/18

  2. This sounds terrible. Why on Earth would you suggest it?
  3. Please significantly increase pick up ranges

    Except, as I described in one of my later posts in that thread, it is absolutely an issue with height, when the same distance without the height difference works.
  4. Please significantly increase pick up ranges

    Plenty of people would beg to differ:
  5. Shatter protection at 99ql

    -1. Math.
  6. Judging by this topic, it seems you've got a bad habit of speaking out-of-turn on things you clearly know nothing about, tbh.
  7. Just because it sucks so much

    Any word on this,@Sindusk?
  8. Valrei International. 066

    Interesting changes. I do have a question, though: with the changed deity demise enchants, you point out bonuses to elements--will Vynora's enchant give a bonus to Frostbrand-cast weapons, as an example? And I'm still waiting for truly dyable weapons, Retro.