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  2. That's the route one would assume (hope?) they'd take, given what MM helmets look like.
  3. "muh PvP" is not a legitimate reason to disagree with finishing the job that has already been started--that is, the freedom (re: the ability) to coordinate outfits, especially when weapon statistical differences are as minor as they are now. Furthermore, this also isn't the thread to suggest additions that said "muh pvp" players only want because it lends itself to advantage on that front. We can already paint both armor and shields, and we need to be able to match the set. Finally, that also isn't a good reason to dismiss the entire thread, when part of said thread is a request for the ability to dye wearables such as quivers and backpacks as well. Not that information matters much when current PvP is little more than endless gate-hopping.
  4. Thank you for your hard work with everything. While we are on the subject on dyes and colors though, is it possible that we could add a bit to it before moving on? And perhaps a fix for seryll great helms?
  5. This is a seryll great helm. Unlike other moonmetal helmets, it does not retain its native coloring on any part of the helmet after being dyed. Contrast that with these: (Second screenshot credited to Madnezz.)
  6. Quivers, backpacks and shoulders as well please.
  7. Been hunting and grinding pretty well constantly since the update, yet to gain an affinity. May as well not exist for me.
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  9. Thank you so much!
  10. Retro, check your PMs, please.
  11. To add to this: