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  1. Is this Toth From Xanadu?

  2. New Haven Linton area

    Recently in the past month and a half settled in this area...I have to say...there are a few very disrespectful and all around rude sneaky people in the area...yes I know if it's not deeded is not against the rules...but crashing into someone in the grocery store isn't illegal either but it's rude..You know who you are and your activity isn't gone without notice.
  3. [No Bug] Flowers and FSB

    Recent notes states: Flowers can now be used in some recipes, and therefore will now only go into a food storage bin. This also applies to rose petals, oleander, lavender and camellia. However on live flowers give message when attempting to place in FSB as flowers would be destroyed.
  4. Bison Not Found

    Probably won't believe this but seriously 5 min after making this post I ran into one Bison in a small little area around Darq Tunnel, maybe he got lose from pen, I didn't have rope on me so he is still out there.
  5. Bison Not Found

    Back a couple weeks in the game, noticed my usual spots for Bison have not had any since my return. I have a few alts that I like to run around Xan all areas to find roads that connect areas so I don't have to take my main, I have noticed on all areas of Xan in every desert I go through I have not seen a single bison anywhere. Some one has mentioned that there was a nerf to bison but maybe that nerf bat hit a little too hard?
  6. ql 80 painted white lantern needing refill every few hours, normally stays lit full day. Just started recently doing this