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  1. Thanks for answering That is very unfortunate, it seems like an arbitrary rule. Some of the mechanics are just very annoying in wurm, and there's really no way telling until you try it.
  2. Hello! With a group I started making an underground house in a pit of 150 slope 4x7 with at least 5 floors and we wish to be able to drive wagons up and down. But after finishing the first floor we started wondering if it is even possible to build ramp on top of a building. It would be great to know before we continue any further.
  3. Figured it had something to do with the IDs, but it could be implemented in a way that it checks if you got any logs/lumps in your inventory and uses the highest QL for example. Thanks letting me know that binding "Activate" is possible! I will see if I can bind left click to activate. I still have the issue where I accidentally drag the tools in the toolbelt to an other slot, which removes that item. Locking the window only prevents dragging the toolbelt GUI but as far as I know, there's no way to lock individual items. Edit: Unfortunately it is not possible to bind left mouse button in vanilla wurm, third party program like "xdotool" might be able to do that though. Bind left mouse button something like shift+alt+ctrl+ยง using xdotool so that it doesn't do anything in any other program and then bind that key combination to activate Edit2: Xdotool doesn't seem to be possible either as it will mess up with key up/down, maybe it's possible with some complex chaining system, but not with my scripting skills. It would need to be done within the client code, and it's still against ToS modding it, so only devs could ever implement such. I can live with activate bound to "-" for the time being
  4. It still baffles me that even after 14 years there's no lock for the tools, and some items like logs or lumps get removed from the tool belt if you remove them from your inventory. These are the reasons I don't bother using the tool belt. If the tool belt isn't being worked on anymore by devs, how about having a toggle for single click activate item in inventory?
  5. It sounds possible. You would need to create a list of each successful action key words, like "flattened, dipping, polish, sharpened, improved" and so on. Then compare if Skills log has skill update for the skill at the that time stamp
  6. If nobody else is interested in such system. I might consider creating a plugin for it, I don't have any experience modding or creating plugins for the client if it is possible. ToS doesn't allow client modding, but this would be just a visual plugin that keeps track of skill gain
  7. Hello I always enjoyed XP trackers in Oldschool Runescape in 3rd party client Runelite. I would love to have in game trackers like estimated hourly level gain and be able to set a custom goal, e.g. 70 smithing and see how long it would take to reach that level at current rate. It's more motivating to set tiny goals rather than trying to conquer 100 in a skill all at once and doing manual skill gain estimations gets tiresome. I'd much rather play the game than polish my Wurm excel spread sheets. Here's a link to the Runelite XP Tracker plugin: I am aware of Wurm Assistant and I was able to write bash script that reads skill update logs. But it would be nicer to have these built into the client.
  8. I'm not encouraging rule breaking of course. Just trying to find the most afkable methods within the game rules. The point of limiting repeated actions by holding a key, would discourage from doing that. Afking from couch with foot pedal is fine in oldschool runescape but it appears the wurm rules are quite a bit more complicated.
  9. This isn't a suggestion to allow locking. The point was to make it impossible to do it in the first place to more easily enforce it.
  10. Wurm is very afkable game and I am not alone searching for the most afk method for skilling. Some people go to the extent to get a foot pedal and queue actions from a couch. That's just the nature of highly afk games when certain tasks aren't very engaging. It's more about long term goals and I like when numbers go up hehe. Work smarter not harder.
  11. The game allows to hold button to repeat any action. Oldschool runescape is different game sure, but their rule is "1-button 1-action". How I see it, jamming a key is one action and the game allows repeating the action by holding, so I thought this would be fine as I am not automating anything.
  12. I skipped the tutorial and figured that macroing is against the rules like in many other games. But what I didn't realize was the key locking rule. As it was possible in the game, I fugred it would be allowed but I later found out it's bannable.
  13. I didn't know this yesterday, and neither did my alliance chat so I believe there's bunch of others who don't know this either. The TOS tells you to "abide by the game rules" but doesn't even have a link to the server game rules. Most people aren't going to bother reading rules, so wouldn't it be easier to enforce such rule by making it harder to break the rule unintentionally.
  14. It's not allowed weigh down the key with a physical object, that's considered macroing/key locking according to the rules but it's fine to hold the key yourself.