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  1. Honestly no, these recent events have poisoned my gameplay experience, and after 5 years of paying Rolf for wurm ( I never used silver because I wanted to pay Rolf for his work) I think it is time to stop.
  2. LiF Poll

    this is why moderation subsections should be open publicly
  3. You cannot post anything relating directly to the game I guess, such as amazing screenshots and info about skill systems. Just discussion.
  4. The thing that pleases me most about life is fuedal is the amount of dedication and attention the head dev puts into his game going as far as saying he would sell one of his kidneys to keep development going. Not to mention that I have seen the development cover things wurm has, and more. Especially stuff the wurm community has wante forever.
  5. This post was clearly made to distract people from what is really going on in wurm.
  6. gotta not show what people feel.
  7. allow all priests everywhere and we won't have these issues.
  8. You know like, he is not JK chaos right?
  9. oh yeah because people only asked 200 times if disintegration was supposed to destroy reinforcements and the reply "no" came up all 199 times.
  10. Don't worry most of Wurm is not dilluted the know how bad this really is, no amount of propaganda can stop the truth that people from Freedom and Epic can even see and they were not even involved in this.
  11. I cannot for the life of me understand why a game developer would completely side with a faction over another one in what I can assume is just complete favoritism, not to mention the fact the game dev does not even remotely care about the complaints about that decision. MR-Chaos remains to be the most listened to group by Rolf as far as I can tell, because this is not the second time this has happened in Wurm, there was a deed on HOTS-Wild owned by a fellow named Griebo I remember MR could not get inside that deed despite multiple attempts at trying so they asked Rolf to have things changed to benefit them getting in and sure enough he listened. But the worst part in my opinion is that Rolf would change something in game to help the enemy DURING THE SESSION OF PVP AND THEN TELL THEM THE CHANGE BUT NOT THE DEFENDER. That was and is the dumbest thing I have ever seen happen in this game, regardless of my joy that this might be the nail in the coffin for Chaos as a pvp server. I know this opinion may not be popular, but I want to see a more diverse GM team as well. I think there is a heavy lack of JK, JKE, BL, and BLE moderators in the game. Finally I am just shocked at the decision the GAME CREATOR made in this situation, it is disgusting to me.
  12. To be honest I am sure this has been seen by someone by now.
  13. I always saw the whole "ele only" as a drawback to being a champ, and I still feel being a champ should have come penalties this being one of them.