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  1. i play star stable but i think this would be a good idea for wurm and that wasn't funny.
  2. Horses

    okay thanks sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. i think the developers should add in a few things. First of all i think there should be horse training. What i mean is you can ride a horse at the set level but you have to train your horse in order to be able to control it better. Also, on the training idea, you could enter horse jumping or racing competitions. These competitions would be scattered around the maps and would only last a few days.
  4. i would like all of the horses. also i joined the game because of horses so these horses are an amazing idea. also great job on the models. you should message a developer with these ideas.
  5. I posted a similar suggestion. also they should have many types of breeds not just one more. it goes along with my idea of more horse coats. also pony's are good work hoses. and clydsdales are so majestic.
  6. Horses

    I breed horses with good stats and i need some more room. i am selling the horses and i am willing to negotiate cheap prices for these horses. also if you but two or more you get a 50 percent off discount for one horse. if you are interested, pm me in game (user- Sstar) r send me a message but please don't reply asking for the horses because i will not see the reply.
  7. I think more animals should be added in such as rabbit, bird, frog, koala, panda, monkey, elephant, and so on. I also think there should be different coats. Like koala can be grey and white and brown and so on. Also certain colors should indicate levels and difficulty. Also horses should have more color and markings. they can also add in different horse breeds. this can make the wildlife and animals much more interesting and add more variety. This is just some ideas that i think should be implemented. reply if you agree or disagree.