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  1. not yet, just checking the price for now, but maybe soon
  2. Want to sell 20s for 1 s/euro only payment available to me is skrill and webmoney pm me here on forum if interested also maybe WTS this guy https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Ravenpriest Vynora, but just price checking for now
  3. -1 too op if you put chili pepper inside! countersuggestion - make anything a weapon!
  4. but its just more clicks more clicks is not easier
  5. I think there are several threads about this already. But still... An idea is to add a quick feedback on item in inventory to see whether item is blank or enchanted. Just put an asterisks* to the item name, and the more asterisks*** the more enchants the item has. You can still examine that item to see names and power of enchants. Same idea goes to gem that has been vesseled, so you can quickly find needed gem and drain it. It is simple as is. A tiny sweet addition to make life in wurm a bit less painful. Please. Alternatively, asterisks can resemble power of highest enchant being one * per 20 power, so 100+ enchant will be name*****
  6. I object! That is not true! I AM the only active villager
  7. while you dream of better engine someone is playing dwarf fortress
  8. got prem for my priest, so now sermons can begin! Everyone is welcome to Port Catnip!
  9. thanks for the help) from now on i`ll use skrill