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  1. Can you please add my deeds to the map Whispering Mountain @ 1020,7167 and Whispering Mountain Port @ 1117, 7170 ty
  2. I like the line of thought +1 i say Bear
  3. could make it so you gain the skill at a certain animal husbandry level. +1
  4. Tranquill Dale 991, 248
  5. I think it would give wurmians a chance to add color and help individualize deeds if we had blank kingdom banners we could dye. we already have flags and the short banners would be nice to have the tall ones as well. This would allow us to add a splash of color to all those tall buildings.
  6. Wow well thought out and a cool idea indeed +1
  7. To me Wurm is like a big extended family. We meet folks and form lasting bonds. Sure granted we are not related by blood but that alone does not make you Family. To me Family is those you choose to have around you and they choose to be around you. Do we not help each other without asking anything in return? Do we not find joy when one of our fellow Wurmians reaches a goal or completes not only a monumental task but small ones too. Do we not share in a new players development during their time here in Wurm? Do we not mourn the loss of fellow Wurmians and rejoice when one returns from long Hiatus? This is the very things that to me make us a large extended Family. We take the time to help mentor new players to the game. Even when no CA is on in ca chat every question gets answered without thinking about to some degree we take on the roll of mentor or elder sibling so to speak so those just starting can get the most out of the game that we all love. And to Blood I say again thanks, not sure if you remember but you sent me some armor sets a few years ago that all went to new players and a few of those are still around. Not because they received nice armor but because they were shown kindness welcomed to the game and community. They realized no matter where they were in the game world they were never alone. They realized that help or answers was just a short type and or pm away. If they could not quite figure something out someone was always near to shine a bit of light on their problem. Is that not what families do IRL. This is a pixeled world yes but it is no less real than the one we log in from. Our relationships are just as real, our joy and sadness is still felt the same way. Sure we have disagreements and squabbles but we actually seem to work through them better here in my opinion. When IRL has us a wreck we can rely on the bonds we have forged here for some measure of support. Be it comforting words or just silly arse antics they make us smile even when we would rather not. So I ask how can this be just a game when it is stronger than many IRL families. Exactly, it is much more than a game. Well I have added my 2 cents for what it is worth. Happy Wurming
  8. no particular order: TES Daggerfall-> to eso online baldurs gate Harvestmoon series archage terra wow tale in the desert no man sky Nautilus my life in portia
  9. Ritual of the Sun

    Looking forward to it
  10. Looks awesome my friend another project completed. This one was a boon to the whole southern half of Xanadu Thanks again for taking it on.
  11. Todays stream winners were: Majqo 1silver and a hammer williamwierd 1silver and a saw +Archeology statue of a goblin Hummditty 1silver and chisel Bipolarbear Archeology Mask Nozumi 1 silver and a Archeology statuette