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  1. Loooove that long distance rendering! Keep up the great work!
  2. So, while shooting the breeze with my deed mates today we came up with some novel ideas for guard towers. Idea: Allow 'sacrificing' high ql or high ccfp food & drink to guard towers to give the guards a buff, or perhaps increase guard count. Something akin to a deed bonus, but for guard towers. Subsequent idea: Feeding the guards too much booze when sacrificing has a small chance to cause a randomly timed, scripted fight amongst the guards at some point in the hours/days after the sacrifice happens. Something like how the wagoners burp and fart or whatever they do, but there's a chance that a guard randomly dies after the scripted fight ends. Could be fun?
  3. Still looking to work some kind of trade. Bump.
  4. This really points to the fact that someone "in the know" feels like some shady business is happening behind the scenes, and meanwhile nothing has been announced or discussed with the player base. I get that not all decisions at the GM level will get public airing, that just wouldn't work, but today apparently a bunch of bans are apparently happening without anyone being told why. That seems pretty shady, and I can't help but feel this is directly connected to Sindusk's decision today. Please keep in mind that all information I have is second or third hand, but if something about these things was announced/discussed, potentially flawed secondary sources would die in the light. So yeah, bring on the transparency.
  5. Seems like a great toon to get a head start with. 50e does not seem unreasonable at all.
  6. I'm really curious to know wth is going on at the GM level that causes one of the most active devs to wash their hands of the game entirely. Don't go Sindusk!
  7. If interested, pm here or Fearil in game. Thanks!
  8. 4k Blue Grapes for 9s. Message me here, or PM Fearil in game. Thanks!
  9. Please Close

    I've known this guy a long time. 100% trustworthy seller.
  10. Allow players to tend to or clean bee hives for a source of Animal Husbandry skill, and/or a temporary output boost for the tended hive (something like tending fields & farming). Allow players with a certain level of AH (50-70+) to forego using a smoker to access hives.
  11. Updated information regarding their current passives and spell lists can be found in this spreadsheet on the second sheet (Deity Information).  Was that supposed to link somewhere? Awesome work, can't wait to play it!
  12. Fearil, Middleweight, Longsword & Large shield, if theres a choice.
  13. Sounds like the current Java versions will remain free. "Java Runtime Environment (JRE) use for embedded devices or use of commercial features may require a license fee from Oracle." This to me sounds a device using Java for it's operating system may become subject to a fee, but my first thought is that something like Wurm would not fall under that umbrella. Many pieces of hardware use java for software purposes; the easiest example I can think of might be something like an ATM or proprietary diagnostic tool, like for cars - something like an arduino build, with it's own lightweight operating system. As such I wouldn't consider wurm to fall under the embedded device classification. This of course would be something for the CodeClub / Wurm team to investigate, but I'm not panicking about it.
  14. It's a sad day when we lose a pillar of our community. My condolences to Tich's friends and family here and everywhere.
  15. I did the same thing when I did night stocking a bunch of years ago. After a long shift I was dopey as... you get what I'm saying. Also great to see you've mastered the basics Sklo.
  16. Quickfire sales made. Thanks @IkaDemandred! They're not dyed, if that's what you mean, but they're the common blue sack with the question mark. Thanks for the inquiry!
  17. Hello Wurmians, ? I've had some of this stuff for WAY too long taking up space. Send a reasonable offer and I'll CoD. Send an unreasonable offer and I'll probably negotiate. Send an insulting offer and Libila kills a kitten*. Rare 7x Rare Rock Shards (1 @30 damage, 1@40 Damage) 5c Each Rare Clay Brick 5c 3x Rare Clay Shingle (all 40 damage, low ql) 5c Each Rare Slate Shards, 20kg (30 damage) 5c 4x Rare Slate Brick (1@70 damage, @60 damage) 5c Each 3x Rare Pottery Bowl, 2ql & 11ql & 11ql (@16.69 damage) (SOLD 20c each) Rare Bowl, copper, 31ql, (25.76 damage) (for a chance at a rare altar?) (SOLD 20c) Rare Square Piece of Cloth, 29ql, .90kg (SOLD 45c) Rare Fence Bars, Iron (Sold 20c) 2x Rare Arrow Shaft, Maplewood, 16 & 18ql (SOLD 10c each) 2x Rare Log, lindenwood, 66ql, 24kg (SOLD 15c Each) Rare War Arrow, cedarwood, 26.95ql (SOLD 10c) Supreme Rock Shards, 44ql, 20kg (SOLD 20c) Wait, there's more... stuff... 4x Black Opals, 60ql, 44ql, 30ql, 23ql 3x Wool Knapsack (those special ones: [18:19:24] A knapsack for keeping 10 years of Wurm, wogic and memories. Make sure not to burn it up!) 3x Champagne, 20ql (The kind that comes in those ^... All: This champagne is at least 10 years old. The bottle has something like 10 drinks left.) 1x Mask of Rebirth, 90ql (You can almost feel the mask is alive with little shoots among the leaves. It is made from oakenwood.) 1x Small Tortoise Shell, 77.36ql (I've never gotten a good shield out of one yet, maybe you want to try? 2c for my 2cents?) 4x Soft Cap (The christmas-y/non-denominational-winter-holiday-solstice-y kind), 99.66 & 92.44 & 97.27 & 97.99qls 2x Picnic Baskets (Eh Booboo?)(A wicker basket with containers for storing a bit of food and drink for travelling. 'Christmas 2016' has been engraved under the lid.) (SOLD 1.5s each) 3x Fireworks, 80ql (SOLD 1s each) 1x Batch of 138 Yellow Potions (and counting... please just offer for all of them and I'll bring them to you... just not on Chaos. I don't want a tattoo saying 'Dadd's boy' on me. anywhere. ever.) 5x Pottery Valentines (5x100ql, 1x99ql, 1x92ql) Enjoy, and if you buy something from this list, consider liking the post so I can get some rep going. ? Also, consider buying the no-longer-craft-able Dreadnought Dynasty PMK Gear sets I have at https://goo.gl/WNzJYT ... I'm kinda partial to them since I designed the graphics for them, but pappa needs premium! Thanks! * And/Or Puppy... Some people just aren't cat people.