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  1. Deed: Zephyr's Rest [1210, 426] Not sure how to figure an accurate location but I know I am close to the lake/bay on that side. Thanks for the community map
  2. I dislike how I have to constantly increase the size of windows when I open them in order to see information like how many are in a stack. I can see how the larger font may suit some people better, I feel like I don't need to lean in so much for sure, but I wish at least the box would default to a size that is appropriate for the font. And seeing how many people would like to reduce it, it would be good to have the choice, especially for people who need a lot of windows open at once. +1 Otherwise I do quite like the new UI, the no target on the target window is quite handy, and I agree with default f repeat r being rather useful.
  3. +1 I like to play in third too, would be nice to lock the setting.
  4. I eventually went with Diligence [PVE] & Reckoning [PVP] assuming someone hasn't picked them already Love some of the suggestions so far!
  5. Hi there, So I logged into Wurm today for the first time in a while and have been having minor glitching of textures, like cobble appearing on rock and blown out of proportion, but dissapearing when I walk towards it. Then after I exited a tunnel I had a bad case of leaves on my screen, but when I turned to face sideways/backwards in the same direction on my cart they were gone. but if I faced forwards they were there. I was asked to report the bug so I took a screenshot at the time of some glitched camelia texture. I relogged and it was gone though I am still seeing some minor glitches occasionally. https://imgur.com/a/XT7DXlP
  6. West Chester fell some time ago, Q12.
  7. I also am curious to see what happens with your project, I happen to have fun ambling around on another mountain on Xan and am interested in how you bring the Elven style to Wurm! Good luck!
  8. +1 And while the animal is hitched to the post it uses your rope, so you can't just reuse it constantly, after all it is 'tied' to the post. Perhaps the hitching post needs to have a certain QL to be used as do boats/carts, after all an animal could break away if you hitched it to something weak.
  9. If you can make a frying pan from iron then you can drop a fish and a foraged/farmed veggie in and make a meal, as you make more they will fill you up better
  10. It looks gorgeous, and very different from the normal cobble+sand roads, blends in much better with a more country feel. I look forward to checking it out sometime
  11. +111111111111111111111111111
  12. Hi all, The error message I'm getting is <Unable to load texture data from graphics.jar:gui/testMaps/freedom.png> Console Log:
  13. Hello, I've become aware of this bug today, for me it happened when I mounted a horse. Camera became fixed, I couldn't see the floor to dismount so I re-logged and the client placed me off the horse nearby. A. Is this as commander only or passenger as well? -> N/A for horse. B. Is this all the time or only sometimes? -> It has only happened once to me. C. Where is the vehicle when this happens? ie. close to a fence, close to a tree, in a house, in a mine -> I was in a mine. horse was parked near-ish a wall and torch but not clipping inside it. D. Is this only after you've been online for a long period of time? -> I was online perhaps an hour or slightly more before it happened. E. Does it happen after you've disconnected and reconnected? -> I reloaded the client a few times during the session due to another bug with the screen white-ing out when I tab away but not close to the time of this bug occuring. F. Were you on another vehicle or mount (boat, wagon, horse, crocodile) within the same gaming session? -> A small sailing boat prior to the horse. G. Did you have multiple clients logged in on the same computer at the time? -> No H. Stable or unstable client or both? - if unstable, please add the version number. -> Stable Client. Hope this is helpful to you