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  1. I would like to know what the going price is for blood of the angels per charge.
  2. +1 and don't forget barding as well! ?
  3. ++++++1 for #2! I would love to put a well in my workshop!
  4. or how about if libila could cast mycelium on the garden box for growing mushrooms?
  5. I think longer growth time and less yield would be completely reasonable for underground and I also like the idea of the lamps.
  6. What if we could have garden boxes? You could plant any crop in them and be able to place them above or below ground. It would also be nice if you could plant grass and maybe even enchant the grass in the garden box, depending on whether or not animals would be able to graze on them. This would be nice for the underground deeds and would make it less dreary for the cave dwellers. They would be about the size of a tile and would require dirt, planks and nails to create them.
  7. cod rare sickle and rare fruit press to Katherine please =)
  8. Scratch that name, I've changed it to "Turtle Island" and same coords. Thanks so much!
  9. I don't think the mentor would need to have bonuses. People in wurm are always willing to be helpful without receiving anything in return. It's what makes wurm such a great community! What it might do is enourage new players to become more involved in the community earlier than they might normally do. New players tend to feel intimidated by the high skills of veteran players and this might actually make them more likely to ask for help. They would learn to play much faster with someone next to them answering their questions while they work and more likely to stay in the game.