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  1. Or shape the terrain without friends on the old cluster
  2. If people are relying on a GAME to pay their BILLS they need to complain to their government, not the developers of a game. If you can get onto a computer to play video games enough to make a living, you can get any old office computer job. Lame ######.
  3. Honestly that should be a discord emoji Now combine 64 of them!
  5. no but make uniques drop it so I can have it
  6. You better pacer yourself.. don't get too excited yet!
  7. re-add complete destruction of items upon failure to create make shipbuilding great again!
  8. maybe instead of distance based, accomodate the 5 "faith ticks" prayers to give a much larger tick in praying skill than usual. Gives a reason to get your daily 5 in also after hitting 100 faith.
  9. Riding a pink (or green) unicorn with a passenger is one of my favorite pastimes. Buggers are fast, too! A tiny goblin with a funny hat will lay waste to a burning, 30 foot tall, spiked champion hell scorpion, in mere seconds. Be wary of befriending the gods, or they may come to haunt you; You will hurt your legs jumping down a 30 slope on the road, but underground, not even a 500 slope even touches your toes.
  10. Why not? It's and end goal. Something for priests that have been playing for a long time. People are always complaining that there is no endgame, and when they add it, ###### that it takes too long. I have no issues with a personal journal goal with a massive reward to take years of work. It's not hard, and if you WANT to get it faster, you can!
  11. just show both dig and dig to pile on the right click menu, just like it shows both drop and drop to pile. That makes the quickbinding easier.
  12. I already had 50 on Aly just from playing a priest before the journal came out, without ever sitting down and thinking "let's grind praying skill" It's something that comes when you play as a main priest for a long time and do priesty things, of course, if you sermon your way from 30 to 100 faith you'll be missing out on a lot of that skill
  13. I looked up some of the images used on the artwork. I would be very careful with what you wish for as the licensure on these images is not in your favor. If you were to look up the usage terms of said images you'd realise that you have no claim over these images to begin with, and actually violated THEIR terms of use.
  14. Ability to pick up nearby furniture pieces such as chairs and stools and do supreme damage with them to your opponent - yes
  15. Myself, Xallo, and oddly enough our next door neighbour Asidecay, all have horses that share the same name; Dreamlightning. I'm not sure how that happened!
  16. Honestly it's the only reason us elitist old-timers are still here. We're shackled and nobody would want to buy an old, wasted away slave...
  17. So.. mend

    Sunder with a good skill priest does 20 damage. Mend when casted on a 20 damage item repair exactly 2 points of quality. Sunder does exactly what it is supposed to do, and so does mend - the main "problem" is that you need a higher skilled priest to get those 20 dmg sunder casts (I know, big problem, actually needing to get a skill up instead of just relying on an easy "click and go" mechanic). But mend is so very linear, there is no randomness involved or calculations. All casts work precisely as they should, as opposed to before, where a utility spell was used against it's exact purpose - that utility spell is now used for it's intended purpose and the spell designed to damage object is useful. I wouldn't call that dumb.
  18. So.. mend

    No, losing 2 points of ql to repair .1 dmg is not mending. That's making it worse. It quite literally drops the effective quality which is the opposite of mending something.
  19. So.. mend

    No I mean I love having to wait till my whetstone hits 20 dmg before I mend it to minimize quality loss, just so you have an easier way to lower the ql on your knife when several other ways of doing so exists
  20. So.. mend

    Are you saying mend is supposed to be used for MENDING things? damn