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  1. So Nutmeg, Nettles and Sassafras are the only 3 herbs that are not replantable. Just curious why the decision is to have these singled out and none plantable.
  2. Looking forward to all these updates! *whispers* slip in there bookshelves having container space i want to store my almanacs and written documents in a proper place
  3. Just a friendly reminder request... lets add storage space to both the bookshelves. Especially now that we have almanacs (which hopefully will be the start to creating bound books of all kinds) Easy Easy Easy implementation
  4. Seems like the small and very small skins links are not found. Is there an updated download for these by chance?
  5. Updated Info These are for hotkeys only. RaKtaktak when targeting right doesnt work. Raktaktak targeting left does work. Back Breaker targeting left doesnt work.
  6. May want to check all the freedom Isles Slashing. Backbreaker isnt working either.
  7. I was able to test this out with CM Explora. Raktaktak works if you click the icon in the fight window, but it will not work with any of the Special Moves hotkeys.
  8. Been away from WO for a while now but with all the amazing work the Devs have done recently I've been drawn back again What saddened me upon returning was the near non existent population on my old stomping grounds of Epic. I am guessing the same issues are what is killing these servers so here I go again on my suggestions on what I truly believe is needed to make Epic a living realm again. There are more advanced areas i think that need attention... but one major one that I know a lot of the community has been asking for for years is Combat and its mechanics. So that is what I am going to focus on in this post. Combat I understand there are limits with what can be done with the game on this subject... but to be honest the base mechanics are there already. They are just not playable because of a few missing features. Right now... you can target specific areas on your target as well as defend certain areas on yourself. As well there is different levels of focus you can have to enhance your combat effectiveness. The problem is as far as defending, there is no way to know what your opponent is targeting on you without trying to catch the combat msg in a flying wall of combat text. There needs to be a visual either in the current combat window that informs you of where you need to set your defence directions... or a visual somewhere on the hud that indicates this. As for the focus... make the eye change to a different graphic with the different levels of focus you gain throughout combat. Right now... hovering your mouse over the eye or F1 and commanding a msg to indicate your current level does not flow nicely when your in the heat of combat. Special moves. These are a great mechanic that needs to be expanded on in my opinion. This combined with combat focus and targeting would make combat not only in PVP but in PVE much more engaging and fun. The current target your opponent and auto attack until the battle is over (for the most part) was fine when the game was in Alpha... but we are at a point now where the game has advanced enough that this aspect of the game needs some much needed attention. With these basic and I think fairly easily made changes... a step in the right direction on accomplishing this would be taken. I would love to hear your thoughts. Perryn
  9. Ive just redownloaded this on my new laptop. Anyone have links to the wood skin or any other skins made for this great app?
  10. I know its been suggested a few times... but wouldnt an easy solution be simply have 2 graphics for each. The first simply being the one we have now... and the second being the one we have now with the top cut off just low enough to fit inside a building without poking through the upper floor. Maybe even use a tool... say chisle... to change between the graphics. Like the way you use pliers to change between Stone Walls and Plain Stone Walls.
  11. not sure i ever remember it being that way over the past 10+ yrs of playing.. but ok. Even if that is the case... olives are not in the +- 1 week of this week in wurm...
  12. currently in week 1 of Raven. Should be grape season.. but I am able to harvest both grapes and olives. Have the harvest seasons been altered with the new cooking system as well?
  13. ya mine is doing the same thing. as well as some messed up graphics on specific items ... like obelisk etc
  14. Small Anvil

    Ild like to see small anvils act the same as large anvils. must be on the ground to use... Also does not auto pile of items when other things are on the ground... Again similar to large anvils.
  15. Love this! Would definitely use on my server. Only suggestion ild make is to make the stick stand an updown L so when pushed into a wall the stand hides in the wall and will look like the mounting plaque is hanging on the wall.