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  1. The map is developing really well and many new deeds are popping up daily! Thanks to everyone so far for helping build this awesome community Now for the updates and changes over the past week Event Portals Added event portals. They allow you to use your deed token to teleport to the event and back to your deed when the event is finished. Treasure Maps Treasure Maps are now a little bit easier to get while doing activities like mining, woodcutting and foraging. When hunting, they can now drop from: Trolls, Brown Bears, Large Rats, Goblins, Huge Spiders, Anacondas, Black Bears, Cave Bugs, Lava Spiders, Lava Fiends, Crocodiles, Scorpions, Hell Hounds, Hell Scorpius Treasure Chests (Default Spawns) The (re)spawning of these has been disabled a few weeks back to ensure a smooth transition to the Treasure Map system. These chests have been disabled because they are mainly found by players using Scanner / ESP mods. Needing a mod to participate in the treasure hunting should not be mandatory, so i'm happy to say the last of the old chests is now gone Smaller changes and fixes Added inbreed warnings when breeding related animals Rivia Trader now has it's prices fixed (buy and sell prices should be much saner now) You can now combine Leather and Logs The bounty on burn has been slightly decreased
  2. Problem with Thorns and Bushes!

    I've updated the tool, i hope it works better now I've updated the above post to point to the tool topic so it's more consistent, v1.1 should perform alot better for you
  3. Updated it, it should now no longer mess around with your cave tiles It was closing cave entrances as well, this should now also be fixed. ALSO added a replacement id to the config, where you can specify with what to replace the tiles
  4. Made a little tool that will replace any tiles you specify with grass. Useful for when you want to reduce trees or bushes by say 30 or 50 percent or any way you like. Always make a backup of your map files before using a tool like this! One wrong id or a percentage too high could lead to bad results! Download (v1.1): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Na5LoNQj7SYv5Ty0fA0WQ2gL8FpDM5Gh Source code: https://github.com/ThaHenry/regulator/ Provided config will replace exactly 50% of each id Pre configured are all bushes (normal, enchanted, infected) Will replace tiles with grass by default, can be changed in the config Config preview You can edit the bat file in the zip or create your own Basically use: regulator.jar -map="C:/Wurm/MyMap" -config="C:/Tools/Regulator/regulator.config" To get the id of tiles you can use the ebony wand, rightclick ground, special, change terrain. Id will be displayed in brackets.
  5. Problem with Thorns and Bushes!

    That looks nasty, you could leave that almost as a feature. The dangerous jungle map lol Made a little tool that you can use for this, simply specify the ids you want to replace in the config and by what percentage you want to reduce the appearance of those ids.
  6. Economy opinion

    Ah, yes you won't trap people with replacing cave walls with resources, even though that process will be alot of work. I was thinking of maybe running a script that restores the cave layer, or maybe have something like a "Cave wipe" date, where you simply replace the cave layer with the original one, or maybe a new and randomized one, so players have to search for the good ores again. Keep in mind, that you should never expect to know how many players are going to play and especially how they will behave. They will do the same if the prices are higher. IMO the best way to go with bulk buyers is to have them as a way out for excess resources, and not for a main source of income. One of the main "goals" i see from players is getting enough silver to afford either a big deed for months to come or they save up for magical chest, transmutation rods, merchant contracts or even wagoner contracts. Of course you can add them with your own price to merchants and regulate the market this way. I'm not sure if there's a mod for this yet. But if you're planning on selling special items only and they're quite costly, you can expect to not refill it that often Also, have you thought of adding a bounty mod so players earn money for killing stuff?
  7. Economy opinion

    It is important to consider what people really spend the money on, so you can tweak their income better. From my experience, most players tend to rather craft and imp things themselves, rather than buying them. Unless the price for said things are really cheap and easy to get to, like you said having a starter city. When it comes to bulk goods like rock shards, sand, lumps, etc. keep in mind there's going to be players running macros or bots all night long if you have an infinite demand for such things. Usually the way to go with bulk goods is, make a buyer npc that buys each of those items for insanely low prices, like 1-2i per item. This way you encourage players to trade the resources for a better margin. Another great benefit of having bulk goods this cheap is, that players can literally dump all their excess items (kindlings, seeds, etc) into the trader, helping with a slightly cleaner database. Are you going to use traders as well? If yes, keep in mind that traders can and probably will fill up with insane amounts of silver over time or after restarts, which players can easily drain with some 'easy to get' high value items. Possibly spilling 50+ silver into a players pocket. This way you could possibly trap players in caves. You should consider setting the mining hits for walls to a higher number like 50 if you want to encourage more mining. You can also consider creating your map in a way, that veins already contain increased amounts of resources, like 15k-30k per vein.
  8. Seeing this happen from time to time and not seen a solution for this yet. Basically what happens is: - new player connects - player has to disconnect, likely because something in the spawning went wrong - lost link triggers to 300 seconds instead of the 60 second logout timer - player stays connected, GM TOOL status Online, etc. - When i teleport to the player, there's no body, nothing. All the logs give me is this [05:40:28 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.LoginHandler: /,Playername was created successfully. [05:40:33 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.steam.SteamHandler: Client was NOT Authenticated [05:40:34 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.players.Player: Playername lost link 300 secstologout.
  9. Emerald Expanse (New! 10/25) 8x8 PVE map

    You can't sort for that in the forums. Brash was likely talking about using the WU launcher and sort by Players in the Internet tab As Brash stated before
  10. Many new features and changes over the past few days! Here's the changelog New Livemap-Feature: Hostile Heatmap Can be toggled with the "Show Hostile Heatmap"-Setting Areas colored in perfect green have no hostile creatures in them. More red means more hostiles on that tile area. Unique creatures are NOT displayed in the heatmap. Bulk Sorting and Improvements You can toggle sorting on bulk containers (BSB, FSB, Large crate, small crate) Sorted items will only stack with items of same QL Unsorted containers will behave like vanilla merging You can transfer max. items at once while bulk transferring Body checks have been removed, allowing fast transfer of heavy items Bounty on Burn Changes Increased the burn corpse range Allow movement while burning a corpse Passive Income Increase Passive income has increased to 10i per minute Unleashing Hell As some of you have noticed, there were no hell creatures roaming the lands. This will change now! Today we will be unleashing all hell creatures, including hell horses and lava fiends. There are two custom built dungeons now for you to find and conquer as well, with a treasure deep inside it. I don't expect anyone to find them soon, but if you do, be prepared to fight. Spellcraft We're adding a modified version of the Spellcraft mod. This brings huge changes to the faith/favor system and religion in general. Max Faith is now 200 You need only 20 Faith to become a priest Favor Regeneration will be faster and smoother You can pray once per hour instead of once every 20 minutes, but also receive 3x the faith for it Faith gained from prayer scales to the new maximum of 200, meaning you will see much higher gain ticks now Statuette QL increases spellcasting and channeling efficiency All priests can link each other e.g. Libila can link Magranon, Vynora can link Fo, etc. Genesis favor cost increased to 70 Rites need only 5 active players to be cast Reduced Strongwall cast time to 60 seconds New Spells Harden: Enchant applicable to most items. Reduces the damage taken by the enchanted item; 50 power grants 15% reduction; 100 power granting 30% reduction. Phasing: Weapon enchant that increases the opponent's shield skill check difficulty. In laymans terms, it makes it so shields block attacks from a Phasing weapon less. Summon Soul: Summons a player to the location of the caster. Replenish: Automatically refills a liquid container with water. Expand: Increases the capacity of containers Efficiency: Reduce difficulty of skill checks with enchanted items. Prowess: Ring enchant that increases CR Industry: Ring enchant that reduces difficulty checks Endurance: Ring enchant that reduces stamina usage Acuity: Ring enchant that reduces favor usage Titanforged: Increases speed, efficiency, and skill gain.
  11. Happy to annouce that our homepage and forums are now LIVE! You can visit it now on https://wu.thahenry.de/
  12. We're currently looking for players who would like to apply for being Community Assistant (CA) on the server. Please message me on our discord or ingame if you're interested! These are some changes over the last few days Bounty Bounty payouts have seen a big increase, making solo and group hunting alot more profitable! Bounty on burn now pays 1 copper and 50 karma per corpse burned and only takes 3 seconds to do instead of 5 Trading Personal Merchants can now hold up to 500 items Treasure Hunting Chances for randomly finding a treasure map have been reduced Treasure maps will now be easier to get with higher QL (meaning less 1ql maps) Treasures now require the ambush to be killed for the chest to unlock Treasure maps with 80+ QL can spawn a unique Treasure loot has been improved and increased by alot Breeding Foals will now require to age 2 stages instead of previous, where the foal stage would be skipped entirely After getting feedback on this change, the mod increases creatures growth speed has been removed completely. Foals now require their regular growth time to grow, as well as any other creature. For more info on growth times check the Wiki
  13. Many new features and fixes! Simple Concrete You can now craft Concrete using clay and rock shards Sleeping in Tents You can now sleep in your tent to gain sleep bonus just like you would in a bed! Also allows dropping tents on deeds now. Better Surface Mining You can now Surface mine without needing to uncover all 4 tile corners. As soon as you hit rock in a corner, you can start mining the rock. The success chance for surface mining is now also 100%, meaning you'll dig down and get a rock shard every time Bounty on Burn Adding the ability to use any lit item or flint and steel to burn a corpse to receive some karma and coin for it! Rare Bones for Sacrificing You can now receive a rare bone for sacrificing rare/supreme/fantastic items Fixes and changes Fix for the epic curve where some skills are not projected the right way Removed the ability to surface/cave mine to vehicle. This is due to a bug causing glitched shards dropped to the floor. Will be re-enabled at some point in the future. Increased slots from 100 to 250 If you didn't already, make sure to join the discord server for all the funs and joys
  14. Added a fix for repairing guard towers with no fighting skill Also added the spyglass to the default starting gear. Those that did not spawn with one, can buy it at the trader in Rivia fairly cheap.