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  1. Treasure hunt and unique slaying We're going on a little adventure to unearth some treasure maps and slay the odd unique we find on our way. The treasure maps are community contributed, so if you'd like to have your map opened as well, please let me know We'll meet at Rivia on Saturday, 26th November 2022 19:00 UTC, don't forget your tent
  2. Void forces are back and they have adapted! Join us on Sunday, 20. November 2022 at 19:00 UTC to defend against this incursion. An event portal (teleport from any settlement token to the event, and back afterwards) will be available, as well as a local stable master and horses. We highly encourage all players, especially new and/or inexperienced players, to join as there's lots to learn and earn.
  3. Saturday Unique Boss-Raid It is time again to put down the Uniques terrorizing the lands. We will meet at the settlement Pyca [x:970, y:3670] this Saturday, 12. November 19:00 UTC The caravel Beluga will depart from Rivia one hour prior, if you like to join from there instead and have your horse loaded. Bring a tent, some cotton and some refreshments for the evening Order of slaying > Forest Giant > Troll king > Blue Dragon > White Dragon > White dragon hatchling We highly encourage anyone to come and join in, even with low combat experience or skills. We'll explain everything and have a great time again! See you there! o/
  4. The Unbidden - precious metal invasion The Unbidden are storming our lands! Join in battle against molten creatures, their veins filled with liquid metals! The incursion will begin on 5th November 18:00 UTC and last for a few hours. The precise location will be broadcasted soon. An event portal is opening for fast travel. As always, we highly encourage new and inexperienced players to join, as rewards will be split and there's lots to learn!
  5. [Event Update] Boss-battle saturday (including the BIG ones) We're going hunting, and we plan on taking on the big ones as well. This includes the forest giant and troll king! We depart from Rivia at 19:00 UTC this saturday (29th October 2022) by boat towards out first unique. We highly encourage anyone to come and join in, even with low combat experience or skills. We'll explain everything and have a great time again!
  6. Hey there! Sorry for the late response, but yes the server will always stay up. Announcement & Update It's been a bit quiet but there are numerous updates! Raids and major events are coming back, starting tomorrow at with a big unique killing-spree at 19:00 UTC, 21:00 CET. Homepage The homepage has been completely remade. I wasn't sure which path i wanted to go, some might remember it being more Clan-oriented and unsorted. That has changed now! You can visit the homepage under either https://thahenry.de/ or https://thahenry.com/, whichever you prefer. The full feature list can be found at https://thahenry.de/riviera/features/ Have a merry weekend o/
  7. This mod is amazing, thank you so much!
  8. Hey everybody and merry christmas to you and your loved ones! A lot has happened in the past year, and i'm glad to say that we can finally continue where we left off! Before i get into some changes and upcoming stuff, there is a new Discord server that is now for once very actively moderated and used for events all around! Use https://discord.gg/QaZ54NzUAM to join. You can choose the games you're interested in the #rules-n-roles channel to only see content regarding it! Changes and News - All uniques have been made significantly easier to kill and should now be doable with small groups (it used to take 20+ people to slay one, this is a relic from an active past) ; Tough challenges will soon come back however, check the Upcoming section below! - Bounty payouts have been permanently doubled! This should ease the grind for upkeep by a long shot and allow for more economic cash flow. - Happy hours now persist through server restarts (this is a minor thing, but i found worth mentioning) Upcoming event plan This weekend (24th - 26th) there's around 10 happy hours (skill experience boosts) running constantly! Hop on and start leveling up or try something new! On 1st Jan 2022 we'll have the first rift event in over a year! Upcoming changes and features - New website with full game integration - The return of the mages guild - Exploration of Corintha
  9. Happy Valentine's day! Today everyone will receive a little something for simply logging in. Possible rewards: Gift boxes, High QL Tin Tools, Valentine's decoration, Faction guard towers, Faction wagons The rewards will be received automatically when logging in between 14th Feb. 00:00 UTC - 23:59 UTC Have a nice Valentine's day
  10. Void Incursion [Rift Mega-Event] 18th January 2020 The void army has gathered many powerful resources since their last sighting back in 2019. They're coming back stronger and bringing a new arsenal of deadly soldiers with them. Two rift altars will open up a one-way gateway from the void. These can be easily identified by the big red beam above them. Basic mechanics: Each rift will devastate a huge area around them, so avoid placing structures or infrastructure close while the incursion is happening. There will be 5 waves of assault, each bringing all sorts of void creatures to conquer the surrounding area. If they get defeated, the void will send one of their overlords in attempt to secure the area once and for all. Rewards: Each kill or assist will award you score points. To check your current score, use the Riviera Menu -> Rift Overview. There are 13 tiers that can be reached, each tier will grant you an item from the royal treasure (kingdom items, strange bones, sorcery items, shoulder pads, etc.) The rift locations: Rift #1 : X:3340, Y:2637 - opening at 18:00 UTC Rift #2 : X:3411, Y:2326 - opening at 18:30 UTC I encourage all players, especially those who usually don't go fighting to attend. There are great rewards and experiences to get These and other events can be seen on our event calendar https://wu.thahenry.de/index.php/events
  11. Merry Christmas my fellow wurmians! Santa has arrived at Rivia to bring presents and love! Keep on keeping on and have a lovely christmas!
  12. New Mega Event coming this saturday! From the depths below Riviera you hear faint rumblings.. You feel something big is surfacing soon.. Greetings Riviera! For a long time, the earths crust has been tortured by our miners. Magma spouts will soon scatter a big part of our lands and it's unforeseen what will come along with them. The mages guild of Riviera feel a strong presence of silicon based lifeforms and suggest to stay prepared. They suggest a high frequency of moon metal substances within those lifeforms. Ancient tales teach us that this could be a return of the Unbidden!
  13. We had an awesome time on the dragon hunt! 25 players teamed up to fight the green dragon hatchling and the green dragon on sunday 21/07 and took them down in a long but coordinated battle! Everyone on the isles received a share of the hide/scale, the hunters themselves receiving the bigger share. Media from the event Thanks everyone for joining in! Coming soon The high mages of Riviera detect faint traces of strange matter from another dimension. They predict this signature to possibly end in an opal-level rift. This signature will be stronger than anything we have seen before, and will materialize on Riviera this weekend! New features and changes Arrow packs Our take on arrow packs, you can now create hunting/war arrow packs using a quiver and 20 arrows of a type to create an arrow pack of it. They are difficult to craft and require a high fletching skill. Using these packs you can improve all containing arrows at once and enchant them so all containing arrows receive the enchant. Random Spawn Rework The random spawning as we had it until today is gone now, since many new players are confused by it and leave quickly again. This means it was time for a rework and here it is! From now on new spawns will spawn in the capital city Rivia on the plaza. There is now a Random Spawn Portal which anyone can use to get to a random spawn location on the isles. If you don't like the location you end up on, simply you the teleport back to Rivia and try again. Fixes Fixed being unable to neuter branded horses
  14. Many new features and changes throughout this week! Upcoming events below. Den Burning You're be able to smoke out monster dens by using your flint and steel on it! You can find money inside and possibly even treasure! Riviera Bounty System Replaced the old bounty mod with the new Riviera Bounty System! Allowing for precise payouts, group bonus, hooks into our event system and more! Unique Loot System Will automatically distribute unique loot to all players and complete overhaul on the drake/dragon loot mechanics. Leaderboards You can now compare your skills with those of others. This feature is optional, and you are not opted in by default, but can opt in and out whenever you like. To access it, rightclick any skill in the skilltree or rightclick your body in the character menu. Changes Reduced Tree Spreading Added title broadcasts Meditation tile requirements are now simplified Sea serpents are now a bit stronger Dragon and drake stats are increased a bit The area farm actions now use the effective farming skill Logs are no longer combineable (you could dupe woodtypes this way) Fixed an issue with charcoal burning Slightly reduces skillgain on fails Increased unique bounty Upcoming events This weekend on sunday, starting 18:00 UTC we will be hunting the green dragon hatchling! Join the server for guaranteed dragon loot or even better join in on the fight for more! Rumours have it, that strange matter is circulating again over the clouds of Riviera! The high mages of Rivia forsee a greater threat, which could possibly arrive as a an opal-rated energy surge, marking the beginning of a rift invasion! This is likely to happen next weekend! Join Riviera today and be part of the story! You're breathtaking! It's always nice to have you around!
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    In case you don't have it yet, you can use bdew's Action Timers Fix to make actions like pray have the action timer multiplier of your server applied to them. You can specify in the config which actions you want it to fix.